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  • The Commonplace Mixers in Laboratories

    In the late 1950s, the Kraft brothers invented a new kind of mixer that is now commonplace in many laboratories. Also known as a vortex shaker, the vortex mixer is a chemical mixer used to create a vortex inside test tubes. The device is relatively simple, consisting of a motor, a cupped rubber piece and a vertically oriented driveshaft. As the device turns on, the cupped rubber piece oscillates in a circular motion. A test tube is pressed on the rubber piece by a science as the motion of the...

  • Industrial Mixers Influence Much of Industry and Commerce

    There's a huge need for mixers within industry, and if you take a moment to look around you, you can easily and quickly see why. I, for example, am sitting at a cubicle, surrounded by office furniture, plastic products and a stainless steel hot pot. The office furniture includes woven synthetic fibers, composite wood desk slabs, fabric cubicle upholstery and plastic trim. Industrial mixers could have been involved in the production of each of those products. Let's start with the plastic trim. It's likely that the plastic trim lining my...

  • Mixers are Important Innovations

    The mobile cement mixer is a metaphor for innovation. Construction companies had a problem. Their clients needed structures built out of cement, but cement is heavy and difficult to transport. Also, when it becomes dry, it becomes impossible to work with. How could the companies economically and efficiently transport cement and use it to build structures for their clients? Put it in a big, continuously spinning mixer that keeps the cement workable and mount the mixer to a big truck. Problem solved. That's what mixers do for industry. They find...

  • KADY International: Providing High Performance Industrial Mixers Across the Globe

    Industrial Mixers KADY International is a leading manufacturer of industrial mixers with experiences dating back to 1949. Originally our mixers were designed for the paint industry but over the years we have expanded our customer base to include a wide range of industries. KADY International maintains four facilities across the world to supply customers with engineering services and reliable industrial mixers. Read More......

  • How Industrial Mixer Suppliers Assist Industry

    In terms of importance to all of the food-related tasks I need performed in my kitchen, my food processor would be beaten only by my stove and my refrigerator. My food processor has saved me countless hours of mashing, dicing, kneading and all manner of what would have been labor-intensive food preparations. The food processor can cut the time it takes to prepare something by 90%. I can then use that 90% that I saved on cooking other things. If my food processor is so important to me, I can...

  • 7 Common Types of Industrial Mixers

    by Marjorie Steele, Editor for IQS The fact that my Kitchenaid Mixer has three different mixing attachments is a mystery to my husband, who never bakes. To him they are strange - possibly tortuous. When I got tired of taking the dough hook (which I use least often) off each time he did the dishes, we had a brief lesson in mixing viscosities and how different blades perform best for different substances. In my own house, I am the mixing expert. In the process manufacturing community, the mixing experts are...

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Continuous Innovations: Industrial Mixers

The terms industrial mixer and industrial blender are often interchanged but there are subtle differences between the two terms. Mixing is commonly referred to putting items together while blending is used when referring to a product that is uniformly processed. A good example would be trail mix is a mixture whereas yogurt is a blended product.  Industrial mixers are not only utilized in the food industry but also in a wide variety of industries. Scientists will often use industrial mixers to create new chemical combinations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will also use these high powered industrial mixers to develop medicines.

Industrial mixers come in many configurations such as: ribbon, V blender, continuous processer, cone screw blender, double planetary, high viscosity, counter-rotating, vacuum mixer, high shear rotor stator, dispersion, paddle, jet, drum, banbury and more. With so many different options to pick from customers may often feel overwhelmed when attempting to select a mixer. Fortunately manufacturers will work with clients to determine the best product for the particular application, workload and budget. The type of mixer is typically designed for a particular process. For example, in the food industry there are mixers that are ideal for adding preservatives into the products.  These newer innovations have been a catalyst in the changes of our food products and medicines on a molecular level. Manufacturers have implemented these technologies into production lines which result in higher levels of uniformity in products. The precision and durability of these products are improved with each new advancement in technology.

Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers are machines that blend, homogenize, emulsify or mix components into a homogenous substance. Industrial mixers are used to thoroughly combine any type of liquid or solid during the manufacturing process. They are usually large tanks or vats with motorized blades or paddles that rotate on a stationary shaft or remain stationary themselves.

Depending on the application of an Industrial Mixer, some models may have sharp blades while others may have large flat paddles. The attachments or heads are generally removable to maximize the mixer’s effectiveness with different materials. Stainless steel is most commonly used, especially within the food and beverage industry because of the metal’s sanitary and hygienic properties. Other possible materials include aluminum, steel or cast iron. Industrial mixers are used across many industries to manufacture and process a wide variety of materials and substances. Mixers are widely used across many industries including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, pulp and paper, automotive, water treatment, adhesive and sealant industries. These mixers are equipped to handle toothpaste, glue, petroleum products, cement, biodiesel, dry and wet chemicals, medicines, food coloring, syrups, beverages such as milk, medical ointment, lotions, creams, vitamins, shampoos, detergents, toothpaste, hair dye, petroleum products, silicone, adhesives, polyurethane and many other products or ingredients.

Within the single category of industrial mixers, there are many kinds and varieties of these machines that have been specialized. Blenders are very similar if not identical to mixers; some prefer to differentiate between the two because blenders sometimes have sharper blades that move at faster speeds. In terms of processing speed and style, there are two modes. Batch mixers are the more common of the two kinds. Mixing begins after a substance is poured into the industrial mixer. Once mixing is complete, the substance is poured out of the mixer for further processing and the mixer is then cleaned before being refilled. Continuous-feed mixers can handle a steady flow of material. Static mixers are inline and continuous feed mixers because they do not move. The materials are mixed as they flow around the strategically-placed blades and paddles. Another kind of industrial mixer is a drum mixer which consists of a rotating drum on the frame. There are multiple mixers used to accomplish a solution or substance that is the same throughout. High shear mixers offer shorter mixing times than standard mixers. The speed of the product at the tip of the rotor is higher than the speed at the center which emulsifies immiscible materials. Similarly, homogenizers and emulsifiers achieve the same results by forcing substances to pass through a screen. Agitators are industrial mixers that typically mix substances with low viscosities in low-shear applications.

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