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Plant and facility equipment refers to a broad range of equipment or machines used in manufacturing, assembly, material handling and processing applications. Also designated as being within an industry structure, this category includes plant equipment, facility equipment and warehouse equipment which can include the same type of equipment or those that are more specifically suited for the structure’s purpose. Typically referring to industrial plant equipment or industrial facility equipment, other industries besides industrial manufacturing utilize plant and facility equipment such as chemical plant equipment, bottling plant equipment and food plant equipment. As an example, although automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are commonly utilized in the industrial manufacturing industry, they are also commonly used in industries such as military and aerospace. Common types of machinery that warehouse equipment suppliers typically provide include automation equipment, packaging equipment, forklifts, conveyors, air conditioners and more. In addition to the industries aforementioned, plant and facility equipment is also utilized in industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, automotive, semiconductor, electronics, telecommunications and marine.

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