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  • Freeport, PA

    Our deluxe waterjet cutting machinery comes with worry-free operation. We keep your production goals in mind which is why we offer fast turnaround on all requests. It is our objective to provide outstanding solutions for the most demanding applications. Our engineers are well-versed in waterjet cutting and they are great at anticipating the needs of our customers. If you have any specific requests then do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

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  • Milwaukee, WI

    The daily goal of Jonco Industries is to provide complete marketing projects and solutions that are innovative, practical, well-designed and economical to produce. Jonco treats every assignment as if it were their own by offering outstanding client support, meeting the tightest of deadlines and maintaining superior quality control. For dependable water jet metal cutting, you can count on Jonco!

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  • South Holland, IL

    Ability Engineering Technology (AET) began in 1947 and provides water jet cutting services, design, and testing services. Using reliable abrasive water jet cutting technology and water jet machining, we cut materials from simple to complex and provide the product, prototype to production.

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  • Atlanta, GA

    Atlantis Waterjet Cutting Services provides Nationwide Water Jet Cutting Services to cut standard and prototype parts from CAD files or dimensional drawings. Water jet cutting is an established method of producing parts for numerous applications including architectural, aerospace, automotive, marine, military, textile and manufacturing. Give us a call today to find out more about our company!

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  • Pequot Lakes, MN

    If you want a company to manufacture your products without compromising quality, then you should look into Precision Waterjet Concepts Inc. We use waterjet cutting machinery to create accurate products with minimal waste. We are a company who cares about our customers needs. Give us a call today for more information about what we can do for you!

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Advantages and Applications

Waterjet technology has been around for a few decades now and is being utilized more and more in the construction industry. Companies are beginning to see the many advantages and applications of the technique and are employing it to improve their processes in many ways. There are several advantages that water cutting has over other conventional tooling. One such advantage is that the process generates a minimal amount of dust because the water carries away the kerf material as well as the abrasive particles utilized in the process. There is... Read More

CNC Water Jet Cutting: The Precise Design

Anyone who knows about water jet cutting knows that it is a system esteemed for its soft edges and precision. The soft edges are due to the high speed water corrosion that is taking place when a water jet cutter is in action. The precision is due to the immense control asserted on the system by a CNC program. CNC water jet cutting is the automated way to ensure that the design on paper, which is inputted into the CNC program, is as close a match to the final product... Read More

Waterjet Cutting Machinery VS Wire EDM Machinery

Production machinery comes in many shapes, sizes and styles, each with its own specific method of creation. When it comes to machinery that shapes, forms and cuts material as the first step of fabrication, there are a few that rise above the rest. Waterjet cutting machinery and wire EDM machinery are two incredibly precise machines that pride themselves on getting a job done quickly while ensuring the quality of the completed product is as near perfection as possible. They are also both known as CNC run machines, which is partly... Read More

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Waterjet Cutting Machinery

Water jet cutting machinery uses water under high pressure and velocity to precisely cut through material. Many kinds of metal, some kinds of glass, a few kinds a ceramics and a variety of other materials can be cut by water jet cutters. A water jet cutter creates metal shapes by spraying a concentrated stream of water at a work piece.

Most water jet cutting work pieces are thin sheets out of which flat shapes are cut, though gears and other complex shapes can also be cut by water jets. Depending on the equipment, a water jet cutter can deliver water streams at pressures anywhere between 30,000 and 90,000 PSI. The higher-pressure models are used in high pressure water jet cutting, which is used in the cutting of very strong work pieces. Water jet cutting engineers choose water pressures depending on the qualities of the work pieces. Brittle or shatter-prone materials like glass, for example, are cut with lower-pressure streams to prevent breakage. Very strong metals like titanium or steel are more likely to be cut with streams at much higher pressures, and abrasive media may be added to the water stream to improve cutting efficiency. Because almost every water jet cutting process is managed by computer numerical control (CNC), products emerging from water jet processing are sure to bear a near-perfect resemblance to their technical drawings.

In addition to producing products with extreme precision, water jet cutting machinery systems are highly efficient and safe alternatives to other cutting processes. Laser cutting, another popular cutting process, is also very precise and can be fully automated. However, it generates heat, sparks and fumes that can pose health and safety hazards to workers. It can also be extremely energy-intensive and inefficient. Water jet cutting’s efficiency is due in large part to its reclamation system; all of the water and abrasive media expelled during the process can be collected and recycled, greatly reducing the consumption of water and abrasives. Also, compared to other cutting processes that involve heat, blades or other potentially hazardous equipment or conditions, water jet cutting is safe and requires few accommodations for worker safety, as no workers are near the water jet during its operation. The major occupational hazard to consider in water jet cutting processes is noise, as the process can be very loud; a combination of personal ear protection and soundproofing can easily reduce that risk to workers.

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