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  • Freeport, PA

    Our hydro cutting services are ideal for a number of industries including: aerospace, military, architectural and more. These fantastic processes are integrated with value-added benefits and our teams only manufacture the most robust products. We aim to exceed your expectations and our engineers offer quick turnaround on all orders. You can count on us to offer the best lead times. Just let us know your specifications and we can handle the rest!

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  • Milwaukee, WI

    Fabrication is essential to what we offer. We have a wide range of precision cutting devices, including hydro cutting machines, to provide you with the best custom products in the industry. We can make straight or curved pieces. We can quickly produce nearly every shape imaginable, which means we can better serve our customers day after day. If you need a custom design fast, you’ve come to the right place!

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  • South Holland, IL

    Ability Engineering Technology (AET) began in 1947 and provides water jet cutting services, design, and testing services. Using reliable abrasive water jet cutting technology and water jet machining, we cut materials from simple to complex and provide the product, prototype to production.

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  • Atlanta, GA

    Atlantis Waterjet Cutting Services provides Nationwide Water Jet Cutting Services to cut standard and prototype parts from CAD files or dimensional drawings. Water jet cutting is an established method of producing parts for numerous applications including architectural, aerospace, automotive, marine, military, textile and manufacturing. Give us a call today to find out more about our company!

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  • Pequot Lakes, MN

    Our hydro cutting services can be tailored to your exact needs. These solutions are designed to produce very limited waste. You can count on us to provide you affordable water jet cut solutions. These satisfactory items are made from top of the line materials. Please contact one of our representatives today for more information!

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A Brief History on Water Jet Cutting

While the extent and possibilities of water jet cutting are incredibly advanced now, the general process has been around for ages. It began as hydraulic mining, and this process was first used by the Roman Empire. When it first began, it was redirecting water streams to erode sections of ground for development. This idea can be seen naturally in events such as the creation of the Grand Canyon and other mammoth sized natural landforms. Later, as the process of hydraulic mining began to become more technical, it was used to... Read More

Not You Typical Power Washer Pressure

With Fourth of July festivities quickly approaching, many have decided to give the outdoors a complete and thorough clean. For my family, this means perfect walkways, porches and the sides of the home. To accomplish this, the power washer is employed. The model we have is able to get incredibly strong, easily getting off any and all sidewalk chalk, dirt that had been in the gutters for years and stinging like you were hit with a baseball if you got in its path. To think, this is nothing compared to... Read More

Avoiding Industrial Machine Dangers

Most industrial machines are very large and powerful mechanisms equipped with a variety of dangerous tools, since only heavy duty tools are able to pierce through metals and other incredibly strong materials. Also, because they are often run automatically, stopping a machine if an accident occurs could be quite a fete. That is why safety procedures are always developed, out into place and practiced by the management and employees of industrial companies. An example of a machine that is powerful, impressive and efficient, but could also be very dangerous, is... Read More

Safety In the Workplace

Hydro cutting is the perfect method for reducing the volume of products to create new shapes and machine existing shapes. These machines can cut precise and intricate shapes from metals and plastics, they can even cut many glass and ceramic materials. Hydro cutting is able to offer a wide range of benefits over the traditional machining and other cutting methods, but as with any industrial machining method, it can have its risks. So before operating a type of machinery such as this it is important to know all the potential... Read More

Water Jet Cutting: The Applications and Their Advantages

For the last few decades, water jet technology has become more and more prevalent in the construction industry. More manufacturers are beginning to see the applications and advantages of water cutting and are implementing the tactic to improve their processes. Water cutting has a plethora more advantages than other conventional tooling.  One of the many advantages is that the water cutting process generates a minimal amount of dust. The water carries away the kerf material along with the abrasive particles that are used in the process. Sharpening ceases to exist... Read More

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Hydro Cutting

Hydro cutting is a cold working manufacturing process that uses high pressure water jets to cut a wide variety of materials and shape them into many designs. Flat or semi-flat materials like metal, glass, plastic, foam, marble, stone and wood are cut using either pure water or, in the case of abrasive water jet cutting, water mixed with abrasive particles like garnet or diamond for added strength; abrasive media are usually added for use on tougher materials.

Products cut using hydro cutting have clean, smooth cuts without any burrs. Since no heat treatment is used during the cutting process, the material properties like temperature resistance and color are not altered. Depending on the strength of the material being cut and the desired rate of production, hydro cutter jets spray water at pressures between 30,000 and 90,000 PSI. The automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, lumber, architectural, construction and electronic industries all use products that go through the hydro cutting process during fabrication. Machinery components like gears, tiles, mirrors, car, train and plane components and stone flooring can all be shaped by the water jet cutting process.

Most modern water jet cutting machines are fully automated and use CNC (computer numerical controlled) software to determine and control the route of the water stream. Therefore, labor costs are low since the only manual work involved in water jet cutting relates to setup, repairs and computer operation. A drawing of the desired shape or design is downloaded into CAD/CAM software, and the water nozzles follow its path. Close precision reduces waste and the need for secondary machining processes. Hydro cutting doesn't create any harmful dust or particles that workers could inhale, and produces high volumes of products with minimal scrap material. Also, unlike many other cutting processes, hydro cutting does not involve the use or generation of heat, which reduces risks to workplace safety. The hydro cutters are mostly made of stainless steel and contain a water reservoir, abrasive containers and a high pressure water pump with a nozzle attached. Both the water and any abrasives used are recycled many times through the machine. They are combined in a mixing tube, shot through a nozzle at high pressure and then re-circulated back into their separate storage areas.

Hydro Cutting
Hydro Cutting
Hydro Cutting - Jonco Industries, Inc.
Hydro Cutting - Jonco Industries, Inc.