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  • Edge Quality and Your Budget

    Edge quality is probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to waterjet cutting, and this is directly related to the speed of the cut. That is why quotes between waterjet cutting companies may vary drastically among one another and specifying cut quality is necessary to get an accurate quote and to ensure you are getting the quality/finish you need for your applications. These machines can cut a variety of materials of varying hardness, and this needs to be considered as well. There five levels of edge quality....

  • Artistry and Water Jet Machining

    When people think of water jet cutting, they typically think of the industrial aspects and advantages of the process. One thing many do not always think of is art. Yet, for a few artists, water jet machining has proven to be a great medium for expression and design. The Herald Business Journal recently published an article on this very topic. A new Cabela's is opening in Tulalip and they have decided to let local artists and tribe member's help with the decorating of the store. One of these artists chooses...

  • Portable Water Jet Cutting Services: How We Move

    Mobility is a big deal in some industrial contexts, much like exercise has become a priority in our society. The benefits of movement are vast. For human beings, it improves circulation and general health, leading to longer lives that are lived better. In an industrial setting, products or services that are mobile, such as portable water jet cutting services, enable the company to do more with their equipment and sometimes to do it faster. A variety of industrial machines have portable models that can be moved from one location to...

  • A Brief History on Water Jet Machining

    While the extent and possibilities of water jet maching are incredibly advanced now, the general process has been around for ages. It began as hydraulic mining, and this process was first used by the Roman Empire. When it first began, it was redirecting water streams to erode sections of ground for development. This idea can be seen naturally in events such as the creation of the Grand Canyon and other mammoth sized natural landforms. Later, as the process of hydraulic mining began to become more technical, it was used to...

Industry Information

Water Jet Machining

Water jet machining is a process in which a high-pressure, concentrated stream of water is directed at a material to erode, abrade or otherwise reduce its volume. Any machining process, whether performed by blades, lasers or water jets, is a volume reduction process. Usually, volume reduction processes are applied to materials in order to shape them.

Water jet cutting can be considered a machining process because it removes pieces from a material in order to change the shape of the material. Water jets can be used to drill, bore, cut and shape a variety of metals and plastics as well as some glass and ceramic materials. Water jet machining processes are generally limited to the processing of thin materials; metal sheets as well as plate glass and thin ceramics are among the most commonly water jet-machined products. There are some exceptions to this, as some thicker, more complex products like mechanical gears are sometimes machined using water jets. The stronger and thicker the material, the more powerful the water jet must be in order to cut through it. Water jet machining equipment can produce water jets with pressures between 30,000 and 90,000 PSI, and some models can produce up to 120,000 PSI jets. Such high pressure water jet cutting systems are limited to use on very strong materials.

The strongest materials can sometimes require the use of abrasive media mixed into the water stream to make cutting easier. Because many machining processes involve precise abrasion or erosion, abrasive media are often used in machining processes to wear down surfaces effectively and precisely. Computer numerical control (CNC) systems are used to control almost every water jet cutting system, which ensures the precise machining of every part. In addition to being more precise than many other machining methods, water jet cutting is a very efficient process. Once water and abrasives have been expelled from a water jet cutting system’s nozzle, they can be collected by a reclamation system and re-circulated. This greatly reduces the amount of water and abrasive materials necessary for machining. Also, because water jet machining is an automated, cold-working process, it presents fewer occupational hazards to workers, who are usually a safe distance from the water jet while it operates. No hazardous fumes, sparks or dangerous flying debris that could threaten worker safety are produced during water jet machining, making it a safe and effective process.

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