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A testing chamber, regardless of its size, is a very precise and delicate piece of equipment that needs to be maintained in order to provide accurate and complete data. A purchase agreement for most testing chambers includes a schedule for regular maintenance and upkeep. During each cycle, a trained technician does a full assessment of the chamber as well as an evaluation of its components and readings. These timed repairs enable the technician to assess the need for upgrades or replacement of components.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance plan is designed to keep the testing chamber operating its highest level of performance. Most programs include regular system inspections, technical adjustments, and lubrication of key moving components. The overall benefit of the checkups leads to smooth operation of the testing process avoiding delays and interruptions.

An essential part of the repair process is a calibration. Since testing chambers provide data regarding temperature and pressure variances, it is the first place that the calibration process begins. In the best possible scenario, a manufacturer's technician will complete the process using instrumentation specifically designed to bring the testing chamber up to National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements. High quality repairs are completed by ISO 17025 certified technicians ensuring the accuracy of the work performed.

Since many testing chambers perform temperature tests, this function of the equipment needs to be carefully checked. During the process the equipment will be evaluated for appropriate airflow and distribution of heat. When testing the endurance of a product, slight variations in temperature can taint the data leading to misinformation.

Low temperatures in a testing chamber are created using a refrigeration system that significantly lowers temperatures well below freezing. Refrigerating systems that reach the required temperatures have to be checked using specially designed gages on regular involves. The key, as with temperature checks, is examining airflow over the cooling coils and the condition of the thermostat.

One of the major factors in a testing chamber is its water supply that can get contaminated by chemicals or hazardous materials that may be part of the testing process. Serious complications can arise if the water flow is not checked regularly. During normal maintenance, water is given an acid or pH level test as well as being examined for chemical pollutants. In most cases, a detailed report is provided advising the equipment users of solutions to preventing such contamination.

When handled correctly, testing chamber repairs can be completed easily with little difficulty. It is unwise to wait until the chamber shuts down or is inoperative. This can lead to unnecessary complications and a major expense. As with any asset, an investment in a testing chamber requires the establishment of a regular maintenance schedule performed by a highly trained technician with proper credentials.