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  • Holland, MI

    Vacuum chamber features come as a standard for some of our chambers. Since we strive for customer satisfaction we will work with you to design a chamber featuring the vacuum system. Our vacuum systems use a heavy duty pump with gas ballast and it utilizes an oil mist eliminator. With 40 years in this industry we will manufacture a product that fits your needs. Visit our website for more information!

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    We are the experts in vacuum chambers. Our chambers utilize rapid decompression which mimics the conditions for testing aircraft avionics. Our chambers can also be custom designed to match any application. The chambers use a large vacuum pump along with a variety of control values. These mechanisms insure minimal overshoot and tight control for stabilization. We offer a wide variety of chambers that can utilized to perform your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you today!

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  • San Jose, CA

    Is your company searching for a reliable vacuum chamber? Our chambers offer the highest quality environmental control for testing applications. We ensure our engineers can custom build a chamber that would fit your exact needs and specifications. We have a reputation of manufacturing a wide variety of chambers. Call us or visit our website for more information!

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    Let one of our engineer’s help you decide which model is best for your business. Our vacuum chambers are designed for the highest quality and tested for long lasting reliability. We have an assortment of features that can meet the needs of your company and we offer the best after sales support. We are eager to design a chamber that is best for you. Visit our website for more information!

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  • New Columbia, PA

    Innovative design, robust construction, and superior performance make the Tenney line of environmental test chambers and rooms ideal for all of your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, thermal shock, constant climate, and vacuum testing applications. From stability and shelf life testing to the thermal shock process necessary to see how products and components will perform under grueling conditions, Tenney chambers offer the simulated, real life environment you need.

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  • Black Mountain, NC

    Parameter Generation & Control’s chambers feature our unique humidity control system, which enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity. Our chambers are designed to accurately produce the temperature and humidity conditions required for applications including stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission. Our full line of rooms, chambers and equipment is available at

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  • Raleigh, NC

    Bahnson Environmental Specialties designs and manufactures environmental chambers for research and development. We offer a complete line of temperature and humidity control solutions for today's demanding research needs. These units combine reliable performance with a range of advanced features that make them a superior choice for a diverse array of applications. Call us today for more information.

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Vacuum Projects From High Schools to Industry

Upon hearing the term vacuum chamber' I immediately revert back to high school science classes. While I do not believe I ever used one of them, we did spend a good deal of time learning about many of these objects and the potential they could provide the scientific community. We probably even created some small models, which while not as beneficial as the industrial versions, could provide some small experimental benefits. A small glass model of a vacuum chamber such as these are often found in homes and schools. Vacuum... Read More

Vacuum Chambers Through the Ages

In 1610, German scientist Otto von Guericke went before Frederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia, with 24 horses, two metal hemispheres and a pump. He pressed the two hemispheres against each other, and using his new invention, the vacuum pump, he pumped the air out of the enclosure created by the joined hemispheres. He then harnessed 12 horses to each hemisphere and made them pull in opposite directions. But the horses couldn't pull the hemispheres apart, and Guericke demonstrated the power of vacuums with the world's... Read More

World's Largest Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum test chambers come in a variety of sizes and are used in a number of industries for very specific applications. These can be very small chambers used to remove air bubbles in silicone or very large chambers used to test space-craft components as well as standard aviation equipment. The largest vacuum test chamber in the world is NASA's Space Power Facility, which stands at 122 feet tall with a diameter of 100 feet. The massive chamber is a huge silo made of Type 5083 Aluminum plates encompassed by a... Read More

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Vacuum Chambers: Essential Testing Chambers for Some Applications

Manufacturers will often utilize vacuum chambers when performing certain phases of the development process of their products. These chambers are found in a diverse amount of industries and the size of the chamber typically is based on the application. Extremely large chambers are used in the aerospace industry due to the nature of the structures. Smaller vacuum chambers can be found in labs or workshops for applications such as de-airing products for rubber molds or resins. Vacuum chambers like these are essential when removing micro-bubbles. These chambers can be equipped with heating elements which effectively assists in drying the product and removing the absorbed water.

Vacuum chambers are typically made from materials such as: acrylic, glass, ceramic, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. These chambers are also designed to test for leaks in finished products. Proper vacuum testing can take a significant amount of time but these procedures are paramount for long-lasting investments. Some manufacturers who ship products globally will also submit their products through vacuum testing because it will ensure the quality of the item throughout transport.

Many chambers on the market are designed for versatility. Chambers can be built for multiple purposes such as simultaneous testing for temperature, humidity and altitude. These high performance chambers have set a standard for environmental test chambers. However some chambers can also be constructed for single testing purposes. Vacuum chambers are just another solution that guarantees the reliability of products which customers receive.

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers use a vacuum pump to remove air and pressure from within a sealed compartment for the purpose of evaluating the effects of a vacuum on objects, materials or components. Environmental test chambers such as vacuum chambers are used by manufacturers to test a product for flaws and malfunctions before it is released to the public. Having a well tested product ensures less cost in terms of warranty and guarantee reimbursements.

Vacuum chambers have the capability to withstand the pressure caused by creating a vacuum, and are usually made from metals such as aluminum and mu-metal. As vacuum testing is used across a wide range of industries, it is possible that the chambers are designed and constructed with the capability of replicating certain environmental conditions of temperature and altitude in addition to creating a vacuum environment. Environmental testing simulates the actual conditions a product is likely to face during its useful lifespan, and therefore more than one environmental effect is necessary to get an accurate idea of how a product will respond. In order for the engineer to watch the results of a vacuum upon an object, there is typically a viewing port or window sealed with rubber. Sizes of vacuum chambers can vary greatly, from smaller benchtop chambers used to test miniature components and objects, to larger chambers able to encompass objects of a much larger nature.

Several industries rely on vacuum packaging to help produce the best quality product possible. Aerospace engineers use vacuum testing for all the components of space travel equipment, which have to be able to withstand the effects of a vacuum and low pressure environment for extended periods of time. Vacuum testing can be undertaken on spacecraft electronics and circuits, lenses and filters and coatings and structural materials. Vacuum molding plastic manufacturers use vacuum chambers when mixing resins and silicone rubbers to ensure a bubble-free mold replica. The material to be inserted into the mold is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove all existing air bubbles, and to make it ready to pour into the mold without leaving blemishes. Vacuum chambers are also used for testing the sealing in packaging and the potential for leaks and possible malfunctions under pressure. This is useful especially for export packaging where goods will be subjected to high altitudes during transportation by air and in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where it is necessary for medicines to remain sealed until use. Vacuum testing can take many hours and can be a costly procedure, and yet it is a wise manufacturing choice to undergo environmental testing, especially in terms of long-term expenditure.

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