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  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies

    Chocolate fountains are incredible, but I recently learned about chocolate molds. Chocolate molds are a great idea, and I've always loved the different shapes and animals arriving at Easter. However, I did not know that there is a way to create molds at home, which would enable anyone to make any mold they liked. The process of vacuum forming is a simple concept to grasp. Essentially the point of this plastic forming project is to create a mold. The main parts are the oven, where the plastic for the mold...

  • Vacuum Molding Manufacturers: Selling Your Best Qualities

    Every manufacturing company has two major concerns, to produce high quality products for as little money as possible so they can make a premium profit and to figure out how to draw customers through their doors instead of the doors of the competition. So how does one do this? For vacuum molding manufacturers, who are selling a service that is in and of itself beneficial for companies who need the products produced by vacuum forming, a couple vital aspects must always retain the focus; maintaining a clean workspace that employees...

  • Vacuum Molding Products and Packaging

    Plastic surrounds our daily lives, from our houses and transportation, to the workplace and leisure. Have you ever wondered how some plastic products are formed? There are a number of ways to mold plastic parts, but vacuum molding is one of the most cost effective avenues to use. The process is simple and easy to set up. Vacuum molding is popular from household hobbyists to large industrial establishments producing large outputs daily. This type of molding has many benefits with only a few downsides in the process. Some common names...

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Vacuum Molding

Vacuum molding is a type of manufacturing method that takes thermoplastics and forms them through a molding process into a wide variety of plastic products. It offers low tooling costs, quick start-up and cost efficiency for small to medium production runs. The food and beverage, sporting goods, electronics, medical, appliance, automotive, cosmetics, telecommunications and commercial goods industries all use vacuum forming processes that heat a sheet of plastic material and shape it through a mold, adhering it by use of a vacuum pump system that rids the molding area of air.

The most common products made from vacuum forming processes are plastic packaging. The three different types include blister packs, clamshells and plastic trays, all of which are used to protect, transport and display many different commercial products for sale. Many different plastics are used, including polyester (PET), used for packaging, high density polyethylene (HDPE), which makes bottles and bags, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), used for food wrap, vegetable oil bottles and blister packaging, polypropylene (PP) food containers and caps, high grades of polystyrene (PS) which are best for products like disposable plastic silverware, CD cases and cartons. Other materials that may be used in plastic forming services include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acrylics, polycarbonate and Kydex, which is a PVC-based thermoplastic.

There are different methods of plastic forming, the most popular of which is vacuum forming. Vacuum forming, also called thermoforming, is one of the oldest plastic forming techniques. The process begins when a plastic sheet is fed into an extruder, heated in an electric, infrared or natural gas heater and then transferred to a forming station where two mating molds made of aluminum enclose the sheet. A vacuum removes all the air from the molding environment, forcing the sheet of plastic to adhere with the two molds. After the newly formed part has dried and cured, it is ejected from the mold and trimmed if necessary. Pressure forming and twin sheet thermoforming are slightly different techniques. Pressure forming uses the vacuum environment and additional air pressure to increase the tightness of the sheet to the mold to create more detailed products. Twin sheet thermoforming takes 2 separate sheets of plastic, forms mirror images of each other, and then welds them together, forming a hollow product with a small seam running down the middle. Most plastic parts formed through all of these processes must have a shallow depth and are 3 dimensional.

Vacuum Molding
Vacuum Molding
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