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  • Greeneville, TN

    We have our research teams working constantly to ensure that our vacuum packaging is at the leading forefront of innovation at all times. We are also able to provide you with material forecasting, planning and scheduling of your products, as well as procurement and direct shipping services that ensure that your product will be there on time every time. Call our customer service representatives for more information or visit our website today!

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  • Lake Bluff, IL

    Trusted by OEMs for thermoformed components, Profile Plastics has the dedication and expertise to really deliver! High quality and consistency are ensured at every crucial step, from part design and in-house tooling to complete trimming, finishing, and flexible delivery. We specialize in thermoformed medical devices & parts for a wide variety of applications, including telecom, transportation, and industrial.

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  • New Milford, CT

    For over 40 years, Conlet Plastics has been a leader in vacuum packaging. They serve a wide variety of industries including medical, airline, automotive and signage, with high-quality products that are reasonably priced & delivered on time. They are fully equipped for prototypes or production of many kinds of blister packs. They also offer in house tooling capabilities.

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  • Hendersonville, NC

    Our vacuum packaging is second to none! We have made it our goal to provide high quality American made vacuum packaged products to the United States at a cost that is low and competitive. Our packaging capabilities include vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal, multi-walled bagging and a wide variety of others in order to better serve you. To learn more visit our website today, or get in touch with our staff via phone or email!

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  • Westminster, CA

    Leader since 1956 in full service plastic molding & machining from design to delivery. Our many capabilities include an expertise in vacuum thermoforming. Precision custom thermoforming of parts from 1” up to 7’x10’; thin to heavy gauge; small to large runs. Excellent tooling & close tolerance on common & exotic molded plastic. Dedicated to short lead times on competitively priced, quality parts.

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  • Stirling, NJ

    When it comes to vacuum packaging excellence come standard. We are able to work with a broad spectrum of materials including but not limited to halar, kydex, FEP, ultem, polycarbonate and many more. Our associates are well trained in order to provide only the highest levels of customer service. Fill out our easy form on our website to send general questions and concerns or even to request for a quote to get started! Call our staff today!

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  • Coleman, MI

    Our vacuum packaging is number one! We will provide your products with the utmost care while providing the shortest turnaround times for your convenience. With us being an ISO certified company you know that you are getting only the highest in quality products and customer service. To learn more about what we may do for you visit our website or email one of our team members with your questions or concerns today!

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  • West Chester, PA

    The products and services that are provided at Packateers, Incorporated are impressive in both their superior quality and their affordability. The Packateers’ daily mission is to satisfy its customers with excellent service and product quality at an affordable price. If you’re in need of a first-class vacuum packaging solution, contact the friendly and experienced Packateers team now!

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Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging can refer to both those items held or displayed in reduced oxygen containers and any and all packaging materials produced through vacuum forming. Blister packs and clamshells are the most ubiquitous example of vacuum formed packaging materials and are commonly used in a number of industries. The food industry, however, is the most prevalent application of vacuum packaging as a process rather than product.

Food products are commonly maintained and stored through the use of vacuum packaging as the reduction of oxygen in the container improves product longevity while also increasing visibility, making it a perfect model for the vacuum packaging spokes-product. Food manufacturers package products such as meat, cheese and more in this manner. The trend is gaining momentum in domestic applications as well where small vacuum packaging systems can be used to store anything from food to blankets and clothing in secure protective plastic packaging. The same principals of freshness, efficiency that enable food to be packaged in this manner apply to other items as vacuum packaging offers protection from moisture and other environmental contaminants such as dust and air while decreasing the amount of space needed for storage. Although most vacuum packaging causes entails large amounts of pressure being applied to a product when the air is removed, gas flushes may be used for the packaging of even fragile materials without risk of harm.

Products contained and protected through vacuum packaging are sealed in thermoplastic material through a four step process, though additional steps may be required for specialized materials. In industrial and commercial applications items are fed into a heavy duty chamber sealer. These machines place the item into an opened plastic bag or a preformed mold, such as the blister pack or clamshell mentioned before. The chamber is then closed and a high-speed vacuum pump extracts air from the entire chamber. The open portion of the plastic is positioned on a heat strip, which seals edges creating an anaerobic environment. The chamber can then be opened and air is allowed to flow freely as the sealed package is airtight. Domestic vacuum packaging applications employ smaller, simpler models where items are placed in a plastic bag with a specialized valve to which a vacuum or small vacuum pump is attached for the reduction of contained air. The production of vacuum packaging forms is very dissimilar from the act of packaging, but still requires the removal of air. A sheet of plastic is heated to a soft pliable state and then fed into a form station. A vacuum removes air, pulling the plastic up against a pre-made mold. The plastic is then cooled in place before reverse air flow ejects the packaging. Vacuum formed parts are often used to vacuum package other parts as they are rigid, durable and product specific.

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