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Leading Companies:

  • San Fernando, CA 818-764-8222

    Spira Manufacturing Corp. is a supplier of the most effective EMC products for Environmental & EMI / RF shielding, such as groove mounted EMI gaskets, surface mounted EMI gaskets, die-cut EMI gaskets, shielded honeycomb filters for fans & air vents, Spira-Seal & Flexi Shield o-rings, as well as our very own ZT test fixtures for testing the shielding quality of EMI gaskets & gasketed joints.

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  • Lancaster, NY 716-684-7600

    Our MU metal products are the best in the industry. We have decades of experience offering products to customers on the East Coast, in the United States, and the entire globe. Our products stand out because we have stuck to our principles and goals since our opening in 1963. We believe in creating the very best for the best customers in the world. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Tipp City, OH 937-667-8484

    Established in 1965, Captor Corporation has been an industry leader offering high quality custom EMI filters. Our services use "off the shelf" parts, are faster and more affordable than our competitors. We also specialize in manufacturing low to medium volume jobs of circuit boards and cable harnesses. Contact us today for EMI/RMI filter solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements!

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  • Bethlehem, PA 800-576-7325

    Seal Science, Inc. (SSI) is an industry leader in design engineering and precision manufacturing of materials and components for critical sealing applications and advanced technology systems. SSI provides cutting edge technological solutions for mechanical and electrical systems; including structural subsystem design, signature management and electromechanical interference (EMI) shielding products. Contact us for more information!

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  • Hackettstown, NJ 908-227-6857

    East Coast Shielding manufactures and distributes EMI/RFI shielding materials. We offer conductive elastomers, wire, shield strips, wire mesh, air ventilated panels, EMI gaskets and more. Call us today so we can talk one-on-one to ensure that your EMI shielding needs are met.

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MuMETAL® Industry Information


MuMETAL® is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation, high initial permeability and high shielding efficiency are desired. Available as stress annealed (partially annealed for ease of machinability) sheet stock is used for fabricated shields such as enclosures, cylinders, cans, channels or 3D boxes. Typically, atmospherically controlled annealing is required after stamping, machining, bending, rolling or welding to provide maximum shielding performance. MuMETAL® Stress Annealed alloy is available in many forms, but most shields are fabricated from our sheet stock in gauges from .014" to .062" thickness [0,36mm to 1,57mm]. MuMETAL® Foil is fully annealed and available in stock gauges from .002" to .010" thickness [0,05mm to 0,25mm].

MuMETAL® is typically stocked in a stress annealed state to allow further fabrication, stamping, severe forming or welding. During fabrication, a material’s grain structure is weakened. After final fabrication processes are completed, grain structure is then modified by controlled atmospheric annealing to relieve stress in the material, resulting in larger grain structure, softer temper, and ultimate shielding performance. Although MuMETAL® is available in many forms, most shields are fabricated from foil or sheet stock.

When your shield design requires severe forming, stamping and/or welding, specifying MuMETAL® on your drawings insures you will receive the highest level of initial permeability and shielding efficiency available. And, MuMETAL® is formulated and manufactured to exacting standards which allow consistent fabrication and final anneal. Not only does Magnetic Shield Corporation offer MuMETAL® alloy, we can provide a full range of manufacturing services. From your drawing or sketch, we can waterjet, laser, EDM, shear, slit, punch, blank, stamp, chemical etch, form, bend, roll, spot-weld, heliarc weld, and/or laser weld. Using MuMETAL® alloy, we can produce complete magnetic shields, to your drawings or specifications.

Chemical Composition:

MuMETAL® Chemical Composition % In Weight*

Nickel (Ni) 80-81% 
Molybdenum (Mo) 4.5-6%   

Silicon (Si) 0.05-0.4%

Manganese (Mn) 0-0.5%

Carbon (C) 0.01%

Iron (Fe) Balance

*Composition may vary by production lot.

Material Properties:


0.2% Yield Strength 49ksi (338 MPa)
Density 0.316 lb/in³ (8.7 g/cm³)  

Tensile Strength 99 ksi (682 MPa)

Electrical Resistivity 60 micro-ohm cm

Elongation 32% in 2" (51 mm)

Grain Size ASTM 7 or finer

Hardness 15T 85



DC µ @ 40 gauss 80,000

DC µ @ 100 gauss 105,000

DC µ maximum 350,000

DC Hc 0.0005 Oe

DC Br (gauss) 4,000

AC 60Hz @ 40 gauss 65,000

*Data are typical of .014" [0.36mm] annealed sample and should be not be construed as maximum or minimum values for specification or final design. Data for each material thickness and/or lot may vary.

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