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  • EMI Coating: Spread it!

    EMI coating can be a lifesaver for industrial professionals and amateur hobbyists alike when it comes to inexpensively safeguarding sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic interference. While it is possible to engineer integral EMI shields into an electronic device's assembly, it can be simpler and less expensive to take advantage of a surface EMI coating that does the job just as well. A lot of factors contribute to EMI coating's favorability over other EMI shielding options. Chief among these advantages is the versatility of EMI coating compared to alternatives. One of...

  • EMI Shielding Distributors

    EMI Coating EMI shielding distributors serve a vital purpose within industry. If you consider the fact that all electronic devices are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, it should be clear that companies that make electromagnetic shielding products available serve a very important purpose for industry. Basically, there are two types of EMI shielding distributors: those that distribute finished EMI shielding products to customers and those who send EMI shielding products to customers that will integrate the shielding into their own products. Both kinds of products are very important to industry. Stop...

  • Help with Choosing an EMI Shielding Manufacturer

    EMI Coating EMI shielding is an important part of many factory applications. EMI shielding can keep the noise, vibrations, magnetic frequency, and other electronic emissions from reaching the other equipment in a factory. EMI shielding is used on cables, machines, vehicles, and many other pieces of equipment used in a factory. Because the shielding is so important, the choice of an EMI shielding manufacturer is also important. Look for the following criteria in your manufacturer to ensure you receive the best products for your needs: Quality: Quality is a must...

  • An Analogy for EMI Shielding

    EMI Coating Analogy is one of the best ways to demonstrate or explain an abstraction. Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, is not necessarily an abstraction, but it can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for people without backgrounds in electrical engineering or physical sciences generally. One of the analogies that I've come to use to help myself understand the concept comes from American football. One of the most frustrating penalties in football is defensive pass interference, which is called when a player commits disruptive contact with a pass receiver before...

  • Innovation in EMI Shielding Manufacturing

    EMI Coating Innovation is an important variable in the equation for success in industry. This is true in every industrial sector. But the truth of that statement is especially evident in the case of the EMI shielding products industry. EMI shielding manufacturers who fail to adapt to the changing winds of their industry will find themselves swept away. And because the winds in the industrial, commercial and consumer electronics industries change so frequently and so forcefully, only the most adept professionals are capable of predicting them and even keeping up...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Compac Development Corporation

    By Andrea Mustine, IQS Editor In an industry where perfection in protection is vital, Compac Development Corporation has built a business that does just that. Since 1976, Compac has been developing EMI/RFI shielded enclosures that fit the needs of each customer like a glove. Because EMI shielding and RFI shielding protect sensitive electronic devices from the damaging interference of other electronic devices, they must be built to the specific dimensions of the object they are protecting. If such dimensions can not be found among the five hundred or so standard...

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EMI Coating

EMI coating is sprayed on the interior of electronic device housings in order to protect sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference. EMI, or electromagnetic interference, is the magnetic field which is created by electrical currents; EMI can travel along wires, electrical circuits and conductors, while radio frequency interference (RFI) is radiated electromagnetic “noise,” which travels through the air as radio waves.

Shielding sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (and shielding high EMI-emitting equipment from contaminating other equipment) can be achieved by blocking the EMI with a conductive by coating equipment or equipment enclosures with EMI coating. EMI coating allows for more flexible applications than EMI enclosures, as it may be spray-coated to any number of enclosures, areas and insulators.

Various types of EMI coatings are often spray coated to the inside of plastic enclosures, surrounding the equipment which needs to be shielded in order to absorb harmful EMI and RFI. “Metal inks” containing copper, nickel or chromium alloys are EMI coatings which may be sprayed on to virtually any housing or material to create the effect of EMI shielding. Electronic equipment manufacturers and suppliers use EMI enclosures in applications such as circuit board housings, central processing units, laptops and mobile phone housings. With circuit boards, CPUs, laptops and similar devices, most problematic EMI comes from electromagnetic cross-talk within the device. Different components on the same board cause EMI to travel across wires and conductive materials, interfering with one another. EMI coatings may be sprayed onto wire insulation, circuit boards and onto the interior of small enclosures of integrated circuits, diminishing electromagnetic “cross-talk” within devices.

EMI Coating
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