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  • World Class Test Chambers From Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

    Pressure Chambers For over 75 years Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc. has been providing world-class temperature management solutions to our customers the first time around. Our vision is to create an environment that will allow our team to successfully grow, while developing solutions to meet and/or exceed all of our customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality of products that are cost-effective and comply with standards and regulatory requirements. Our chambers are built with value, reliability, and performance in mind, and we are always placing our...

  • Testing Products of All Sizes

    Environmental test chambers have proved to be useful in all sorts of testing projects. They are able to test the long term effects that might occur on different objects if they are submitted to specific changes. These changes could be various environmental and other conditions such as altitude, temperature, thermal shock and more. And when it comes to testing, the products can be of all kinds of shapes and sizes. For this reason there are many models available including drive in chambers, walk in chambers, portable chambers, softwall chambers and...

  • Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturers Have a Great Responsibility

    Successful environmental test chamber manufacturers have to demonstrate manufacturing aptitude in a variety of ways. Considering this fact, companies that are in the test chamber manufacturing business operate under some of the most demanding conditions in industry. Especially in the case of companies that manufacture entire test chamber systems, there's no room for error. Companies that make faulty test chambers can pose a risk to the success of their clients' operations and even to their safety. For this reason, an intense focus on quality is at the center of every...

  • Understanding Environmental Test Chambers

    At a given moment, all manner of fascinating and bizarre experiments could be under way at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The Space Center, which has been the seat of the United States' manned space program since 1961, celebrates its golden anniversary this year. JSC occupies itself with many tasks, and among those tasks is the conduction of experiments that test the performance of equipment in artificially created environments that are designed to mimic some or all of the environmental conditions of space. Many of these experiments are...

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Pressure Chambers

Pressure chambers are one of many types of environmental test chambers, which are spaces or rooms designed to test products of all kinds, to gauge how they weather certain environmental conditions. Sometimes, though less frequently, environmental test chambers are also referred to as climatic chambers or climate chambers. Generally, manufacturers use environmental test chambers to uncover potential points of weakness within their products, so that they can modify them before releasing or releasing them to the public. They also use them informationally, to test the limits of their products. Pressure chambers specifically are, of course, used to see how a certain products responds to, withstands and performs under a variety of different temperatures.

Because the applications of pressure chambers are fairly wide, they may come in a proportionally diverse number of shapes and sizes. They may, for example, be as small and simple as an enclosed benchtop, or they may be large, walk-in or drive-in chambers large enough to accommodate aircrafts. Additionally, pressure testing may be conducted in a universal testing chamber (UTM), which is a highly versatile test chamber that may be used for multiple, dissimilar tests. The events occurring inside pressure chambers are accessible via some type of viewpoint or video feed. Reach-in pressure chambers usually come equipped with an opening that technicians can use to physically handle test samples. Note that, if a chamber has an interior lighting system, operators must account for the environmental changes the system generates, and adjust their results accordingly. Pressure chambers are also equipped with one or more pressure gauges that read out interior pressures. These, too, vary in size and style. Some rely on simple analogue meters and needles, some offer digital readouts, while still others use video and graphical displays. Additionally, some may be programmed to sound alarms or turn on signal lights.

Pressure chambers are a great asset in the pursuit of quality control, wherein they typically test products under a set of varying forms of extreme pressure to make sure that the products will operate at normal levels. Because pressure testing is so important, the quality of the pressure chamber is equally important. Pressure chambers must be able to withstand the extreme pressures enacted inside them without losing any functionality. While pressure chambers are almost always built to tolerate the forces associated with low and high pressure levels, the possibility for malfunction always exists. For this reason, human operators must closely monitor pressure to stop the occurrence of any avoidable catastrophic events, such as an explosion. How do they do that? As mentioned, the pressure sent into the chamber is usually displayed on pressure gauges. The operator uses these readings to adjust to interior pressure, based on what he or she sees displayed.

Who uses pressure chambers? Operators in the service of great many industries and applications use them, including those engaged in construction, the marine and aerospace industries, high terrestrial altitude research and other scientific research. Construction applications of pressure chambers include those related to elements of a structure or building, such as the exterior windows, skylights, curtain walls and doors. Pressure chambers can simulate static and changing air pressure to see if these components will become compromised in any way in the face of it. In the marine industry, pressure chambers may be used to test equipment that is designed to be submerged at great ocean depths, such as diving chamber equipment like cables and umbilicals and submarine components, as well as non-diving applications like hyperbaric medicine. Pressure chambers are extremely important for use with applications in this industry, because the deeper in the ocean an object or person goes, the more extreme and potentially volatile and/or dangerous the pressure they experience becomes. To ensure the accurate testing of products exposed to these extremes, some pressure chambers can simulate up to 60,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, as well as reduce pressure to create vacuums. Pressure chambers called altitude chambers are essential during research for aerospace vessel building and/or training of astronauts, as well as for mission planning for professionals planning on embarking treks that involve extreme pressure changes, like those encountered during some mountain climbing.

Serious purchasers of pressure chambers will know what type of pressure ranges under which they would like to test their products or processes, as well as the dimensions with which they will working. For the most beneficial and accurate results of pressure testing, interested parties will take these specifications and application requirements to a knowledgeable pressure chamber manufacturer, who will produce an appropriately-sized, trustworthy and safe chamber. Also note that pressure chambers are or can be made to meet any number of local, national or industrial standards, such as ISO standards or ASTM International standards.

Pressure Chambers
Pressure Chambers
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Pressure Chambers - Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.

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