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  • Cincinnati, OH 513-793-7774

    At Weiss Technik Testing Services, we offer a wide range of services including, temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, HALT & HASS, drop impact, thermal shock, salt spray/corrosion, radiator testing and more. We work directly with our customers to provide reliable, accurate, and responsive testing solutions that help ensure product quality and reliability.

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  • Holland, MI 616-393-4580

    A pioneer since 1962, Thermotron has been building the most recognizable environmental test equipment in the industry. Every chamber and shaker sold is handcrafted in West Michigan and comes with an intuitive controller. From automotive and defense, to electronics and medical industries, Thermotron has helped companies small and large create more reliable products. When you need to know whether your product(s) will stand the test of time, rely on proven test chamber from Thermotron.

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  • Hatfield, PA 800-314-3332

    Isotech specializes in state-of-the-art environmental test chambers. With our standard and custom test chambers we strive to offer our clients products that are specifically designed to fit their needs. Isotech offers technical specifications like copper screen enclosures, RF signals, and USC-26 and USC-44 series panels.

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Cold Rooms Industry Information

Cold Rooms

A cold room maintains a temperature below room temperature but slightly above or near freezing. They are insulated and sealed to be able to remain at a constant temperature for an extended period of time. Cold rooms have a temperature range that is between room temperature and the temperature of a high capacity freezer. They are designed to stay cooler longer and serve as protection for perishable items.

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Applications of Cold Rooms

The most common place that cold rooms are used is in the food industry where large amounts of prepared food needs to be stored. Food can be purchased or prepared in bulk and kept fresh until it is served or used.

Though food storage is a primary use for cold rooms, other scientific and manufacturing industries make use of them for testing products or storage. Chemicals that have to be maintained at a certain temperature to prevent a chemical reaction are stored in cold rooms.

Characteristics of Cold Rooms

The biggest difference between a cold room and a freezer is the temperature. Since freezers and cold rooms look the same, many people get confused. Freezers have to maintain frozen conditions with temperatures below freezing. Cold rooms, on the other hand, are not designed to freeze food but to preserve it at a constant temperature, which can vary depending on the food and other conditions.

Another difference between cold rooms and freezers is time. Freezers are designed to store products below freezing for long periods of time. Cold rooms store food and other items for a limited time to keep them fresh.

Notable Types of Cold Rooms

The type of cold room a company chooses depends a great deal on what they need to store. Different versions of cold rooms are available to meet any situation.

These are the most common types of cold rooms:

Modular Cold Rooms
Designed for the food industry. They have panels and insulation with the proper hygiene. Walls, ceilings, and floors are easy to access and clean. They come in several sizes and flat pack form for easy installation.
Combination Cold Rooms
Have different zones with different temperatures. One area of the room can be well below freezing while another area is slightly above freezing. They are designed to store products that require different conditions.
Walk-In Cold Rooms
Come in several forms and sizes. They are larger and more spacious and can have shelving or other storage areas. Most walk-in cold rooms are designed to store bulk food orders for access during preparation.
Industrial Chillers
The largest type of cold room. They are large enough for vehicles to drive in and can store huge amounts of food. Forklifts and handcarts can also enter an industrial chiller to remove stored items or unload trucks.