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  • Holland, MI 616-392-3161

    Russells Technical Products has designed, engineered, and manufactured walk-in environmental test chambers for more than 40 years. Combining more than 150 years of experience, our industry experts are ready to tackle your product testing project, and we will work closely with you to create a walk-in test chamber that perfectly matches your application requirements. Talk with our application engineers to get started on your solution today!

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  • Cincinnati, OH 800-989-7373

    As the premier source for test chamber solutions, Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products has the walk-in and drive-in chambers you need! We offer our test chambers in a huge range of sizes, so we can meet essentially any requirement and test application. Our test chambers can be custom designed for your unique specifications, and we can provide you with modular, welded, and stability walk-in chambers along with freezer rooms and much more. Give us a call for more information!

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  • San Jose, CA 408-945-7861

    Hastest Solutions is a leading manufacturer of product testing products and environment test chambers. Our walk-in chambers are equipped to simulate a broad range of environmental conditions, including a range of temperatures, humidity levels, and vibrations. We are committed to utilizing our unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities to bring you high quality, reliable, sophisticated, and safe product testing solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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  • Grand Rapids, MI 800-368-4768

    At Weiss Technik, we have a climate chamber and product testing solution for all of your requirements. We offer both walk-in and drive-in test chambers for your larger scale testing applications. Our test chambers can accommodate anything from high volume pharmaceutical testing to automotive and aircraft testing, so we can tackle your product testing challenges regardless of the specifications. Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

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  • New Columbia, PA 570-538-7200

    Offering one of the most comprehensive lines of environmental test chambers in the industry, Thermal Product Solutions designs and manufactures custom and standard walk-in test chambers and rooms for a broad range of applications. Our standard chambers come in a variety of sizes up to 1350 cubic feet and accommodate temperatures between -73°C and 85°C and humidity between 20% and 95% RH. Visit us online to see our complete offering, or contact us to develop a custom test chamber solution!

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  • Black Mountain, NC 800-438-5494

    Parameter Generation & Control is an internationally recognized and respected manufacturer and innovator of environmental test chambers and humidity control systems. All of our environmental testing rooms are custom designed and fabricated to each customer’s unique specifications. At Parameter, we deliver exactly what you need, and we guarantee precision, quality, and reliability! Call us or check out our website to learn more!

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  • Raleigh, NC 800-688-5859

    Bahnson Environmental Specialties is a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers and we have experiences dating back to 1972. We aim to be your single-source for all of your environmental test chamber needs. Our chambers can test a wide range of items and our experts will work with you to determine the best chamber for your application. Please give us a call today to learn more information.

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Walk In Test Chambers

A walk-in test chamber is a type of environmental test chamber that is designed for testing or storing products that require a larger capacity space. These chambers were given this name simply because they are large enough for a person to walk inside. These chambers can vary significantly in size, ranging from the size of a small closet to entire rooms. However, other than being larger than other chambers walk-in test chambers are essentially the same as any other environmental test chamber, and they can be designed and constructed to replicate the same kinds of conditions as other chambers.

Environmental test chamber manufacturers typically fabricate a diverse range of walk-in chambers to accommodate the requirements of many different industries and applications. As with smaller test chambers, the most common walk-in test chambers are designed to test the effects of temperature extremes and a variety of humidity and moisture levels. Stability chambers are another common type which are used to test shelf life, determine expiration dates, and to accelerate the process of aging in many types of products. Other walk-in test chambers include: salt spray chambers, altitude chambers, vibration test chambers, and thermal shock chambers. Walk-in test chambers provide manufacturers with the benefit of being able to test larger products and components, and they can also be used to test multiple smaller products at the same time. Some test chamber manufacturers even take this one step further by manufacturing drive-in test chambers. Like the name suggests, these test chambers are constructed to allow a variety of vehicles to drive into the chamber. These chambers vary in size even more significantly than the walk-in variety, accommodating anything from a small forklift to military vehicles and even aircraft.

Regardless of the type or size of the test chamber, it is important to carefully consider the chamber design and construction to ensure that it can accommodate the desired conditions and meets accuracy requirements. However, due to the increased size of walk-in and drive-in chambers, it is even more important to make sure that the chamber is equipped to control and maintain the appropriate conditions without interference. Carefully controlled air flow must be achieved to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level throughout the entire chamber space. External influences should also be minimized, as these can significantly affect the results of environmental tests. The atmospheric temperature, moisture levels, pressure, and even small contaminants in the air can compromise the accuracy of environmental tests. For this reason, manufacturers must ensure that the chamber is properly sealed to eliminate these factors. While all these factors and many others can cause interference, it is important to know how much a given application depends on these factors. For some, these factors may prove incredibly important, while for others they may not contribute any significant impact. By working with test chamber manufacturers, you can determine which factors are most important to your applications and discuss the best methods and designs for controlling or eliminating them.

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