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  • Holland, MI 616-392-3161

    Our temperature chambers perform from -100° F to 350° F with temperature controls up to 65,000 ft. We strive for the best innovation technologies and our chambers have a better flow capacity than competitive models which generates the desired temperature faster with better uniformity. Our G-Series Elite portable chambers come in a variety of size to meet your needs. Our engineers will also custom design a chamber to make your exact specifications. Find out more on our website or call us today!

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  • Cincinnati, OH 800-989-7373

    We are the temperature chamber experts. We offer a full selection of test chambers that will meet the needs of any test application. Our test chambers and humidity chambers can simulate any type of environmental testing need. These chambers utilize steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction and that our custom chambers will meet your needs. Visit our website to learn more!

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  • San Jose, CA 408-945-7861

    Searching for temperature chambers? Hastest Solutions has multiple configurations which may be just what you are looking for. Our table top temperature chamber has a temperature range of -40°F to +284°F, while our medium size chamber has a temperature range of -40°F to +302°F. Our engineers will also work with you to design a temperature chamber to meet your company’s needs. Our units use unique airflow systems which promote energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Grand Rapids, MI 800-368-4768

    Are you in search of a quality temperature chamber? Envirotronics offers temperature chambers which are designed to give you lasting value, performance, and reliability for all your testing applications. Our chambers can reach temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 180°C. We are eager to give to you the highest quality customer support. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more!

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  • New Columbia, PA 570-538-7200

    Innovative design, robust construction, and superior performance make the Tenney line of environmental test chambers and rooms ideal for all of your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, thermal shock, constant climate, and vacuum testing applications. From stability and shelf life testing to the thermal shock process necessary to see how products and components will perform under grueling conditions, Tenney chambers offer the simulated, real life environment you need.

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  • Black Mountain, NC 800-438-5494

    All Parameter Generation & Control temperature chambers feature our unique temperature and humidity control system that enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity. Our test chambers are designed to accurately produce the Temperature control constancy of ±0.2°C. Applications include: stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission. Our full line of rooms, chambers and equipment is available at

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Hastest Solutions Releases Latest Trademarked Product Line Nviro Solutions

SAN JOSE, California January 20, 2014 - Hastest Solutions Inc. is proud to release their latest line of products, under the trademark, Nviro Solutions.  “This new product line builds on the existing manufacturing strengths of Hastest Solutions furthering the customized experience of innovative products for customers.  “The products are the best in the industry due to the engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities. This new trademarked product line is paralleled with the initiative of Hastest Solutions’ expansion to a bigger facility to manufacture in the US and create employment opportunities for... Read More

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Temperature Chambers

Temperature chambers are a common type of environmental test chamber that are used widely in industries like food processing, automotives, construction, medical services and consumer goods and services. Other types of common environmental test chambers include altitude chambers, salt spray chambers, pressure chambers, vacuum chambers, humidity chambers and universal testing machines. Generally, temperature chambers exist to simulate any number of temperature changes and extremes, such as a rapid temperature drop, that a product could encounter in its intended environment and gauge and evaluate its response to these. In doing so, manufacturers can test and/or verify the lifespan and stability of a product during the early stages of production, thereby ensuring that a product is functioning at the highest quality possible before it reaches its targeted consumer market. Temperature chambers may also be used as storage containers for materials that are highly sensitive to temperature changes. This practice is especially common in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

As we know, the goal of test chambers, in general, is to accurately predict the response of a product to an environment and allow the manufacturer, if potential malfunctions or flaws are discovered, to correct its response. For this reason, the environment created in a temperature chamber must be as close to a product’s true intended environment as possible. Every aspect of chamber construction, the test(s) conducted and the testing environment must be thoughtfully considered. This necessity has lead to the opening up of a wide variety of options regarding the sizes, designs and exact temperature variations of temperature chambers. For instance, existing temperature is closely related to relative humidity. Therefore, many temperature chambers create environments that combine the effects of both temperature and humidity. One such temperature chamber is the well-known AGREE chamber. Originally designed for the testing of military equipment, AGREE chambers are named after the acronym that stands for the Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, a US Department of Defense organization. Today, AGREE chambers serve a variety of industries. They have removable floors and combine temperature and humidity testing with vibration testing. They are capable of producing very fast extreme temperature changes of approximately 5 to 40? (41 to 104?) per minute, even with large loads.

A manufacturer must carefully consider the impact of air distribution and the addition interior chamber lighting will have on an enclosed environment. For example, how air is moved within the sealed chamber will impact whether or not the chamber establishes a uniform temperature pattern; whether or not a temperature chamber establishes a uniform temperature pattern will determine whether or not it is an accurate tester. One type of temperature chamber that focuses on air circulation is the thermal cycling chamber, also called a stress screening chamber. Thermal cycling chambers subject a product to extreme temperature changes within a single chamber, wherein these chambers are cyclic; the temperature alternates between hot and cold for a predetermined number of cycles. Operators must also account for the existing climate. Some temperature chambers replicate climates and environments with extremely low temperatures. This is the case with cryogenic chambers, which produce temperatures as low from -150? (-238?) to absolute zero. In addition, the addition of interior chamber lighting will create extra heat for which operators must account. A correct calculation of and adjustment to accommodate the temperature change created by the heat of lighting is, again, essential for accuracy. To give you an idea of the size range of temperature chambers, note that some chambers contain only a compact desktop, while others are large enough to drive in. In between these are mid-sized temperature chambers, like walk-in chambers. Another variable aspect of test chambers is the method by which test results are processed and recorded. Usually, they use gather readings using electronic sensors, which generally collect and relay the most accurate readings.

There are only two constants of temperature chambers. The first is their temperature range, which usually spans from below freezing to 210? (410?); the second is the fact that, no matter the specifics of testing and the processes undertaken, temperature chambers almost always provide an improved product. The purchase and use of temperature chambers may prove to be time-consuming and somewhat costly, but rest assured that the investment is well worth the cost; their long-term expenditures and future benefits will quickly outweigh their initial expense. Temperature chambers catch problems before they start, reducing the likelihood of costly recalls and repairs, and they help create credibility by ensuring a manufacturer’s or company’s product can be trusted.

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Temperature Chamber - Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.
Temperature Chamber - Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.

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