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  • Plastic vs Cardboard Shipping Tubes

    When it comes to shipping paper, there is typically two options. First of all, you can ship the paper flat, which is often dangerous as paper can easily bend and tear during shipment. You can also use rounded shipping tubes, which are better able to ship paper products without damaging the paper itself. In the world of shipping tubes, there are two choices. You can choose plastic or cardboard tubes to use for mailing papers around the world. Each kind of tubing has its own unique sets of benefits and...

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Increase Your Customer Base with Eye-Catching Shipping Tubes

When it comes to shipping tubes, plain brown tubing can get boring. Since so many packages are white or brown, an eye-catching design is a simple way to get a company’s brand name and products into the public eye. Some companies try a variety of different methods to make their packaging more interesting, such as:

Logo tubes: Some companies place labels with their logos on their packaging tubes to display the brand name during shipping. When anyone who comes into contact with the package sees the logo, they know what company mailed the box. Some companies choose to use printed tape rather than printing the logo on the box.

Colorful tubes: Other companies make their packages noticeable by using a box colored with a distinct color or design, such as a bright red box, a deep black box, or a patterned box. Just like the logo, if you use the same pattern for each box, your brand will eventually become instantly recognizable from the packages that you mail.

Distinctive shapes: There is not a whole lot of variety in cardboard tubes, but you can make your packages distinctive by always using tubes to ship your products, no matter what is inside the box. Anything that helps your products stand out from the competition will help further your brand. It is not difficult to use tubes to ship products, and rounded designs do not cost much more than square boxes.

For just a little extra money and effort, you can transform your shipping devices into inexpensive and effective advertising for your brand.

Shipping Tubes

Shipping tubes are manufactured from wood pulp fibers and used, among many other applications, for shipping and mailing a variety of items that are able to be rolled or to fit into a cylindrical shaped container. Ribbons of cardboard are spiral-wound with adhesives to give added strength and dried around a mandrel according to the desired diameter and length of the tube. Paper tubes are manufactured in such as way as to provide structural support across the cross section and the length of the tube.

Most shipping tubes offer superior protection from the denting, bumping and dropping that often occurs during shipping, since shipping tubes are more difficult to dent than cardboard boxes. Shipping tubes or postal tubes are usually denser, thicker and stronger than cardboard walls and in the cases where a strengthening adhesive or bonding material is used, the cylindrical shape offers more strength than a square box. Items which are commonly shipped in mailing tubes are posters, blueprints, signs, banners, paintings, artwork, pencils and small fragile items. Valuable or sensitive items such as paintings or artwork, medical supplies or confidential information may also be shipped in specially designed secure tubing. Cardboard tubes intended to ship industry-specific items, such as medical specimens, hazardous chemicals or other sensitive materials, are often coated with aluminum interiors both for the protection of the contents and in order to comply with US Postal regulations.

These tubes are manufactured to wide ranges of diameter, length and thickness according to the item being mailed. Measurements used are taken from the interior of the tube in order to provide the closest possible fit between article and tube and to prevent potential damage in transit due to shifting. Some shipping tubes have multiple layers for added strength and protection. These heavy-duty tubes may be used more than once and when damaged or no longer being used are able to be recycled in the same way as other cardboard products. Many manufacturers offer decorative coating, papering and printing options for the tube's outer layer. Typical tubes are cardboard brown, but their exteriors can be kraft papered in almost any color, pattern, or print. Bright colors and prints on tubes are popular for mailing birthday, anniversary, wedding or Christmas presents. Depending on the item being shipped, tubes may be closed at both ends with glued or removable metal plugs, plastic caps, wooden plugs or by simply crimping the ends of the paper tube. Industries often use paper mailing tubes for sending and receiving parts to and from manufacturers as well as for packaging and distribution.

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