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  • Cleveland, OH

    We offer every tube you can possibly imagine! We have shipping tubes, composite cans and containers, specialty tubing paper tubes, and much more for your convenience! Our engineers are dedicated to providing the fastest lead times in the industry in order to better serve you! We will work side by side with you in order to come up with a custom tube that is sure to fit your needs. Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Greeneville, TN

    When you get to the heart of the matter, oftentimes it’s paper! We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products for individual needs. Our paper cores are strong and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking soon after purchase. Visit us online to learn more about the cardboard industry.

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  • Beloit, WI

    Western Container partners with the world`s top spiral tube equipment designers & paperboard manufacturers, to bring our customers the very best paper tubing and precision cores. We can custom design your cores and specialty tubes with one color in-line printing, two color off-line printing & four color process labeling. Our large inventory allows for fast shipping. We’re “wound-up” to serve you!

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  • Chicago, IL

    Our teams utilize the most cutting edge technology to create our paper cores. These outstanding products can be customized for a number of different industries including textile, film, flexible packaging, roofing felt, nonwovens, gift wrap, display cores, table cover rolls and much more. We quality control all of our products which results in high levels of custom satisfaction.

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  • Dallas, TX

    We manufacture caulking tubes in a wide range of configurations. Our teams can create tubes in lengths from 1/4" to 53" and we take all of your special requests very seriously. Here at Paper Tubes and Sales we provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that are very affordable. If you would like more information then please visit our website or give us a call!

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Paper Cores Industry Information

Paper Cores

Paper cores are strong cardboard tubes or cylinders used in fabric, adhesive, electrical, paper products, and converting industries as a sturdy base around which to wind materials for storage or distribution. Depending on the intended use of the tubes, paper cores can be made from heavy duty thick cardboard for such industries as fabric and electrical, whereas for toilet paper or paper towels, the cores can be made from thinner, less durable cardboard or paper.

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Applications of Paper Cores

Products such as tape, paper, plastic, or metal foil are wound tightly around the core. Paper cores are essential in the process of space saving, as they are able to be used for electrical wires and similar materials that would take up more space in other methods of storage. Furthermore, they are necessary for keeping materials in good condition by preventing knotting, crinkling, and tearing. Many consumer product manufacturers use paper cores to store and hold materials.

A few consumer applications of paper cores include:

  • Fabric
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Film
  • Electrical and Packing Tape
  • Disposable Paper Products
  • Foam
  • Ribbon
  • Labels and Stickers

Industrial manufacturers use cores in specialized converting, slitting, and die-cutting applications, often rolling materials around longer lengths of cores and slitting the rolled product into distributable portions. Although plastic cores are available for many such applications, paper proves consistently to be the more cost-effective, practical, and environmentally sustainable solution. Paper is easier for manufacturers to cut, purchase, and recycle than most other materials.

Paper Core Design and Customization

Made from wood pulp fiber, paper cores can be combined with a variety of adhesives and laminates that give the core properties, such as strength, water resistance, or heat resistance. Made for a wide range of applications, paper cores come in virtually limitless combinations of diameter, thickness, and length. Cores are manufactured to provide stable structure from the inside of a product roll. As opposed to many other paper tubes, such as shipping tubes or postal tubes, which are fabricated to be an outer protective layer to objects, paper cores provide support from their exterior. As such, a core has to be able to withstand the pressure of the material which is to be wound around it.

For distribution purposes, paper cores are hollow tubes that can be fed onto a horizontal pole and then rotated, releasing a desired amount of the rolled material at a time. This is a time efficient method of retrieving products from a paper core, although it is possible to use paper cores without attaching them to a holder.

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