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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of paper tube manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top paper tube manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any paper tube company can design, engineer, and manufacture paper tubes to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach paper tube companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of cardboard tubing, paper caps, and spiral wound tubes.

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  • Heartland Products Group LLC: Midwest Leader of Manufactured Cores, Tubes and Composite Cans

    Paper Tubes Heartland Products Group is the leading manufacturer of custom paper tubes, cores and composite cans in the Midwest. We offer our customers a high-quality, dependable product and pride ourselves in using 100% recycled paperboard. Customers will be satisfied with our fast turnaround, low minimums and exceptional customer services. Read more......

  • Ace Paper Tube: Serving You for Over 40 Years

    Paper Tubes Ace Paper Tube has been a leading manufacturer of paper tubes, cores, mailing tubes and cans for over 40 years. We are a family owned business that is committed to not only providing premium products but also having outstanding customer service in every aspect of our business. You can count on us to deliver the best possible products at the lowest cost. Read More......

  • Paper: The Building Material of the Future

    Paper Tubes With the recent trend of environmentally-friendly building and products, many companies are looking for new ways to create innovative and environmentally friendly products that customers will love and use. One of the most environmentally-friendly products that has been around for ages is paper. Even though paper does consume trees, it is easy to recycle and reuse, and as long as enough new trees are planted, the cycle can continue without end. One recent trend is to incorporate the use of more paper products into non-traditional products, like lighting,...

  • The Benefits of Telescope Tubes for Packaging

    Paper Tubes A telescope tube is a type of cardboard tube that has two pieces. The bottom piece is actually the tube container, while the second piece fits over the first and acts as the lid. Some telescope tubes have smaller tubes that act as the lid, while other cardboard tubes have lids that are nearly the same length as the original tube. Telescope tubes are often used as packaging tubes for delicate materials, including documents, artwork, light bulbs, cosmetics, and many other use. Many manufacturers choose to use these...

  • 6 Unusual Uses for Paper Tubes

    Cardboard shipping tubes are ideal for mailing documents and other paper goods from one place to another. You can easily mail maps, papers, artwork, and anything else that you don't want creased and wrinkled in the mail. However, what do you do with the tubes once your package arrives? Try some of these 6 unusual uses for cardboard shipping tubes to eliminate paper waste in your home: Knife sheath: Cut the tube to a length just slightly longer than the length of your knife blade. Collapse the tube in half...

  • The Bathroom was an Uncomfortable Place before Cardboard Tubes

    by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor Toilet paper may be the most dispensable item in your home, as well as the most essential. I pity the poor bathroom user who's run out at a bad time. You might be surprised to know that toilet paper, the kind we use today, is a rather recent invention. Before the mid 1800s, people used sponges, wool, silk and lace. I should clarify only the French royalty used silk and lace, not everyday people. Commoners and farmers had the pleasure of employing leaves, corn husks,...

Industry Information

Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are defined as cylindrical containers made from cardboard that vary in thickness and size. These containers are used by a multitude of industries for countless applications because of their versatility and cost-effectiveness. For items that can either be rolled into a cylindrical shape or folded up to fit into a cylindrical container, paper tubes are useful containers for distributing, manufacturing, and shipping. Industries that use paper and cardboard for their applications include food, electronics, and automotive. They can be used in any department from distribution, insulation, parts protection, or storage.

Paper and cardboard tubes come in a variety of types to suit numerous applications. Some of the wood pulp bases that make up paper or cardboard tubes include kraft paper, paperboard, fiberboard, and paper-adhesive composites. The more rigid types of material can be classified as cardboard. The first step in making a paper and cardboard tubes is forming the wood pulp material into ribbons and spiral winding them in order to add layers and increase their tensile strength. Manufacturers may improve the tube’s structural strength further by mixing the material with an adhesive solution which dries hard and adds a rigid coating to the cardboard. Other coatings that can be added include foil or kraft paper on the exterior for decoration or labeling; or wax, which helps protect the tubes from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures. Tubes that are made to preserve food feature a foil covering to prevent contamination, and paper tubes that are used in military applications have a wax coating to make them resistant to heat. Paper tubes that are used as an insulator for electrical connector wires are made to resist moisture. For holidays and other special occasions, paper tubes can be covered with patterned or colored paper for gifting purposes.

The packaging industry has recently made the use of telescope tubes. A telescope tube consists of two pieces: the container itself, and a second piece that fits tightly over the first, acting as the lid. Telescope tubes are often used to package sensitive materials such as delicate items, important documents, cosmetic items, and artwork. The retail industry uses these tubes extensively in packaging some of their items for sale. Telescope tubes are highly recommended for their beneficial properties. They are user-friendly, environmentally-friendly, waterproof, and insulated and cushioned on the inside for extra protection.

Other industries and applications that utilize paper tubes include:

  • Fireworks, for rocket bodies, canisters, and other items that have been pre-packaged with a fuse
  • Posters, for print containers
  • Consumer, for point of purchase displays
  • Coin banks, for purposes such as nonprofit fundraising
  • Paper cores, for winding paper, adhesive, fabric, and electrical products
  • Contractor and construction, who use the exceptionally strong Sonotubes® to construct concrete pillars and supports. You can find companies who make Sonotubes here on IQS Directory.

Regardless of the intended application, the length, diameter, and the wall thickness can vary. The flexibility of paper and cardboard enables manufactures to easily modify the fabrication processes.

Numerous industries recognize the wide range of uses for paper and cardboard tubes. Paper tubes have many advantageous properties, such as their strength, evaporation potential, non-toxicity, energy efficiency, cost efficiency, recycling potential cold resistance, water resistance, and simple storage capabilities. It would benefit the industry even further if more consumers were just as aware of all of these beneficial properties. Thanks to extensive research, uses for paper and cardboard tubes have expanded. Today, they are used as a material for children’s toys, for the protection of pipes, the storage of frozen items, protection of sensitive items as they are shipped from place to place. As new uses for paper products are being discovered, it is highly recommended for manufacturers of paper tubes to educate consumers and inform them of the variety of ways in which paper tubes can be used. For instance, cardboard tubes can be used to make molds for the fabrication of numerous products. The construction industry forms concrete tubes using cardboard. Therefore, many other industries could benefit from applying the same concept to their own applications. There are several ways to recycle and reuse paper tubes right at home. Aside from using it to mail and package materials, cardboard can be wrapped in an adhesive material and used as fly paper. A tube can be cut in half and placed in boots when not in use to help them retain their shape. Educating the public on new ways to use cardboard and paper tubes can save time, money, and energy for customers and boost sales and improve the reputation of a business.

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