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Leading Companies:

  • Greeneville, TN 423-638-1284

    Our success and reputation at Valk Industries is due to our dedicated employees, with our primary goal of providing quality workmanship, materials and services at a competitive cost. You won’t find a better price for our caulking tubes anywhere else. Let us know if there is a specific product you don’t see, we will help meet your exact needs. Get in touch with our team.

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  • Beloit, WI 800-393-7917

    Western Container partners with the world`s top spiral tube equipment designers & paperboard manufacturers, to bring our customers the very best paper tubing and precision cores. We can custom design your cores and specialty tubes with one color in-line printing, two color off-line printing & four color process labeling. Our large inventory allows for fast shipping. We’re “wound-up” to serve you!

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  • Chicago, IL 312-243-6050

    Chicago Mailing Tube is a premier manufacturer of custom paper tubes, containers, and cores, providing products that are both high quality and economical. CMT has been meeting custom size and design requirements for its customers since 1902. We make our products from quality recycled materials that are fully recyclable. We assure you that your order will be shipped on time and delivered right.

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  • Dallas, TX 800-422-5108

    We manufacture caulking tubes in a wide range of configurations. Our teams can create tubes in lengths from 1/4" to 53" and we take all of your special requests very seriously. Here at Paper Tubes and Sales we provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that are very affordable. If you would like more information then please visit our website or give us a call!

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  • Milwaukee, WI 414-988-7141

    We are a leading manufacturer of a variety of recyclable paper tubes including caulking tubes. The cornerstone of our business is sustainability. That is why we use 100% recycled paperboard, and our cores, as well as most of our tubes are 100% recyclable. We offer low minimums, competitive pricing, fast turnaround, JIT programs, and excellent customer service. Discover the difference for yourself. Call or visit us online today and let us know how we can serve you!

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  • Belvidere, IL 815-547-1700

    At Wes-Pac, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers are having their needs and expectations met, and to turn first time customers into lifelong connections. We offer white tubes, kraft tubes, Snap-Loc tubes, telescopic tubes, and more. All of our tubes are 100% recyclable. For more information on how we may be of service, get in touch with our customer service representatives today!

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Caulking Tubes Industry Information

Caulking Tubes

Caulking tubes made of cardboard are used to dispense caulking material, which seals joints and seams in construction applications. The caulking tubes are often lined with aluminum foil or kraft paper and spiral wound to increase the holding strength of the tube. The tube is typically inserted into a caulking gun and equipped with a plastic nozzle or spout and a plastic cap at the end.

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Applications of Caulking Tubes

Calking tubes are used in caulking guns for the administration of industrial adhesives and sealants. When pressure is applied to a caulking gun’s trigger-like handle, a plunger forces the caulking out of the end of the tube in a controlled fashion. Some caulking tubes are already pressurized and do not require the assistance of a gun to apply caulk. Caulking tubes are mainly used in the construction industry to aid in sealing appliances in kitchens and bathrooms, tiling and cracks in window and door frames, and along the joining of walls. Sealing any openings in walls, floors, and ceilings increases the energy efficiency of a room or house and creates a watertight seal. Kraft tubes are also used to apply caulk to cracks and seams in boilers, piping, and water vessels. As an alternative to plastic, paper tubes are not recyclable because their interior is hard to clean when it has been contaminated with the caulking epoxy material.

Caulking Tube Design and Manufacturing Process

During fabrication, cardboard ribbons are coated with adhesives and wrapped at an angle around a mandrel. Many are also fiber-wound. Most caulking tubes made of cardboard are spiral-wound with a thick core to ensure they can safely handle the pressure applied by caulking guns. These tubes have an interior lining of a non-permeable material and are filled with caulk, an epoxy paste material made of acrylic latex, butyl rubber, silicon, polyurethane, or polysulfide. Caulk is usually white, but may come in different colors like black or beige for aesthetic purposes. After it has left the inside of the tube and is exposed to air, the caulk quickly cures and hardens. Caulking tubes are sometimes refillable as long as they are being continuously used and the caulk has not dried out. They must be disposed of after the caulk has cured. If used with a plunger, it should be large enough to scrape the tube interior walls, creating better friction fit so all the caulk comes out. Self-burping caulking tubes, however, are able to keep all air from coming out of the spout by creating a very small gap between the side wall of the tube and plunger, forcing any air to the side. Caulking tubes come in standard sizes to fit securely into a caulking gun's holster and ensure proper operation of the equipment.

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