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IQS Directory marketing services make your product information searchable and easily available for qualified customers and prospects. IQS suite of services such as SEO, pay-per-click advertising management, and responsive web design ensures that clients have an internet presence that is optimized for search engine exposure‚ ensuring competitive differentiation and, ultimately, qualified sales leads. User experience is enhanced with seamless searchability of your product and service offerings.

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How IQS Works

IQS Directory connects professional buyers with industrial manufacturing suppliers across North America.

IQS connects professional buyers with industrial manufacturing suppliers across North America and Canada. Engineers and buyers use IQS Directory to find manufacturers to source their needs-quickly and efficiently using patented search technology. Here's how it works. Search Google for Baler Manufacturers. We have three ways to be found: Adwords, organic IQS, and organic microsites. Since IQS Directory focuses on top rankings within manufacturing keyword searches, multiple industrial directory websites will appear in the search results list. IQS targets all your important industry keywords. We spend on average 40% of each site's revenue on Pay Per Click. Our Baler categories have a total of 6139 related search terms. Out top 100 terms for each industry represent only 1/3 of our visitors since we target many long tail keywords. Ben Gomes, a engineer with Google states, "16 to 20% of queries that get asked every day have never been asked before. Google has answered 450 billion unique queries since 2003". It is all about long tail keywords!!! Click an industrial website name to view premium advertiser results. Premium supplier names will appear within a manufacturing category page. Explore premium supplier capabilities by hovering over company names and previewing their websites to the right of the screen. And click to visit their website. To submit your request for quotation to a specific supplier displayed, click the Request for Quote buttin next to a supplier name and view the RFQ entry screen. Check one or Check All. Click view company profile to read company news, view video or obtain reviews. Users can also access an alphabetical listing of over 100 qualified suppliers. Our search tool allows searches by products, services and company names. Search all suppliers by state and surrounding states. View information about industry associations and upcoming tradeshows. Access current news on specific industries and on companies listed in IQS Directory from the IQS Newsroom. Since the year 2000, IQS Directory has supported a wealth of industry-specific microsites that expand on the capabilities of an industry and its manufacturing vendors. These microsites enjoy high rankings on Google and other search engines and provide manufacturers with additional opportunities to showcase their products. IQS Directory advertisers use Google Analytics and other web traffic tracking tools to view the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. IQS Directory leads are reflected in the Referrer metrics portions of these tracking tools. Enbaling informed buying decisions. IQS Directory connects industrial buyers with a vast network of OEM manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. View IQS Directory customer reviews on Google and testimonials on our website for more information on our services and commitment to customer support. Contact IQS Directory today for more information and to put the power of IQS Directory to work for your manufacturing organization.

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Promote your recent company news, press releases and case studies in our IQSNewsroom. Read about industrial website promotion and website maintenance to enhance the user experience for your customers and prospects. Utilize our vast list of industrial and manufacturing asssociations and trade shows with full descriptions and dates.