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  • Quality Built, Economically Priced

    Parts Cleaning Systems, a division of Alliance Manufacturing, was created in response to the need for off the shelf parts cleaning systems. Our company focuses on providing cost-effective solutions for industrial parts cleaning needs while maintaining industry leading quality. We offer a diverse selection of standard and custom cleaning systems, and we utilize proven designs and incorporate unique and exclusive features. Read More......

  • Problems with Automatic Parts Washers

    An automated parts washer is a highly useful tool. A parts washer can quickly clean small and awkwardly-shaped parts by spraying and soaking them in a cleaning liquid, then agitating the mixture to remove any unwanted particles. An automated parts washer can also be used to polish or grease mechanical parts so they perform at maximum capacity every time. Although parts washers provide many benefits to individuals and factories alike, they also can cause a few problems with how they clean the parts. Just like any other machine, things can...

  • Tumbling Parts Washers: The Variations of Motion

    For an average consumer, the only things that they can associate with parts washers are their clothes washing machines and their dishwashers. These two residential machines, which are also used in commercial settings such as restaurants and laundry mats as well as on industrial scales, are actually fair models for the more large and intense systems. The variations in motion and variations in immersion levels amongst parts washers can pretty easily be compared to the most common cleaning machines on the market. Clothes washing machines are similar to tumbling parts...

  • Parts Cleaning Systems: The Conveyor Belt

    Without the conveyor belt, what would manufacturing companies do? It is what enables mass production to take place with such speed and efficiency. The conveyor belt must also conform to a few different machining environments as it takes products for a ride. One such conformity involves being water-proof when a parts cleaning system is involved in the manufacturing process, as it usually is. A conveyor belt may move a piece of metal or plastic through an injection molding or metal shaping process through to a cutting or etching machine. After...

  • JRI Finds Solution for Customer with Challenging Application


Industry Information

Parts Cleaning Systems

Parts cleaning systems are machines that act as one of the last steps in parts manufacturing. They are designed to clean, degrease and dry mass quantities of small or large parts before they are surface treated and shipped for distribution. Newly machined, forged or fabricated products are usually coated in oils, chemicals, burs, abrasive dust, debris, paint and other residue left over from the fabrication process. Finishing coatings such as zinc and electroplating are not effective if they are applied on a dirty surface.

Parts cleaning systems may stand alone, work in conjunction with loading and exit conveyors, or are connected to other forming and processing machinery in an inline, continuous conveying system. They may be manual, semi-automatic, or most commonly, fully automated and controlled by CNC machinery or PC software. They are able to wash several different kinds of parts, from small hardware and fasteners to large industrial drums and automotive parts. Aside from industrial manufacturing, the electronics, automotive and medical industries use parts cleaning systems and equipment to sanitize or prepare parts for finishing or recycling. There are four main types of parts cleaning systems, each aqueous and designed for different products. Spray washers, rotary washers, agitating parts washer systems and immersion cleaners all effectively clean grime and contaminants off parts via several different processes.

The most common parts washing system is a spray washer, which is built with an enclosed conveyer belt. The conveyor belt moves parts through a water tank equipped with high pressure water nozzles that shoot out hot water and aqueous cleaning solution. Agitating cleaners are immersion washers, meaning they submerge the parts underwater. After the parts are underwater and coated in solvent, mechanical energy caused by propellers and paddles creates a vibrating and mixing action. Immersion methods are effective in cleaning parts ranging from small to large. Rotary washers are neither immersion nor spray washers. Instead, they tumble smaller parts in high volumes through a rotating drum that washes, rinses and dries the parts. They have a spiral conveyer on the inner wall that moves parts in a circling motion in order to clean all sides. Some washers are designed specifically around the product they are washing. Automotive parts washers clean vehicle engines, transmissions, pneumatic parts and hydraulic parts in hot water solutions and ultrasonic cleaning tubs. Drum washers are used to clean larger drums, pails and barrels in industrial settings that hold and store different chemicals and materials such as paint, inks, grease and adhesives. Each time they are emptied or change the chemical, material or product they are housing, drums must be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, small parts cleaning systems, either rotary or immersion washers, are designed specifically to handle large amounts of small parts such as bolts and screws.

Parts Cleaning Systems
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