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  • Santa Fe Springs, CA

    We have the spray washers you need at the prices you want! Since our founding in 1981, we have always worked to bring our customers top value for less. We do this by creating proven designs using high quality materials and eliminating unnecessary steps, parts, and customizations. Find out how we work for you by visiting our website today!

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  • Oklahoma City, OK

    We pride ourselves on unsurpassed customer service. We are always available to answer a call for help. We advise you on how to operate and maintain your washers or how to quickly effect repairs and find parts in your local area. If I don`t return your call within the hour, you can be assured I am probably dead! This is how serious we are about our client service. Client satisfaction is TEMCO`s number-one priority!

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  • Perry, OH

    Our team of dedicated engineers have the training and the experience to design a parts washing machine that can uniformly and thoroughly clean a broad range of components—from aircraft parts to pieces of fine jewelry. From conceptual design to installation to inspection and operation training, you can count on Niagara to be your number one source for all of your parts washing needs! To learn more, call us or visit our website.

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    Cleaning Technologies Group/Ransohoff is a proven quality choice as an experienced manufacturer with an installed base of over 15,000 machines worldwide. Taking parts washing to the next level, Ransohoff is stiff competition for other companies in the same field. Ransohoff spray washers and related models serve applications including medical, hydraulics and surface finishing.

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  • St. Louis, MO

    Need help with a parts washer to clean your dirty parts? Contact StingRay to get a quote for an engineered parts washer. StingRay Parts Washer offers a complete solution to your cleaning needs which includes fixturing of your parts, industry approved detergent, engineered parts washer, and the most complete customer service in the industry.

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  • York, PA

    We sell finishing equipment, deburring machines, air blasting, wheel blasting and foundry blasting. Ask about our 110 Bowl Series and Portaburr 110 Series for deburring. Finishing Systems has been in business 40+ years as a job shop and a distributor of finishing and deburring machinery.

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Start Your Engines: Ultrasonic Parts Washing and the Quest for Cleanliness

There are numerous uses for parts washers, both in business and recreation, and there are also a couple of different kinds of parts washers. We see an interesting application of one kind of parts washer, the ultrasonic washer, among motor sports aficionados. This video demonstrates of how an ultrasonic parts washer works on an assortment of engine parts; very simply, it employs sound waves and some kind of conductive liquid, such as water or a solvent, to amplify the sound waves and clean whatever metal parts you place in the... Read More

The Line of Sight Spray Washers

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High Pressure Parts Washers

Spray washers come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different industrial uses. Some spray washers are used to clean the floor or walls of a factory, some are used to clean industrial parts, and some are used to clean the machines themselves. Most washers use a low pressure spray to prevent damage to the piece, but some uses require a higher pressure spray. This is where high pressure sprays come in. The toughest cleaning jobs require a high pressure spray combined with a high water temperature. Using hot... Read More

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Cleaning Technologies Group, L.L.C.

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Cleaning Technologies Group, L.L.C. is more than a quality manufacturer of aqueous parts washers, though it is in fact an industry leader in that capacity. More than this, however, CTG is a pioneer of innovative product development in parts cleaning equipment. Comprised of three unique industry powerhouses, the group is founded on the expectation of exceeding expectations. A highly skilled corps of professionals does just that by working closely with clients to anticipate and prevent any potential challenges to productivity and identify the best suited... Read More

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Spray Washers

Spray washers are a type of parts cleaning system that moves medium to large sized parts through a water-spraying industrial washer. It is one of the most common types of washers, and employs high pressure nozzles that shoot warm water and aqueous cleaning solution. The nozzles are able to clean away heavy or difficult to remove soils, grease, oil, coolants, buffing compounds, abrasive dust, blast debris, paint, chips and other contaminants that do not come off easily.

Spray washers are composed of a conveyor system that flows through a cabinet. The cabinet houses a cleaning tank and several nozzles that are angled at different positions in order to clean the whole surface of every part. These cleaning systems are designed to wash newly machined products in medium to large volumes, such as industrial drums, appliances and automotive parts. They are batch or inline systems, often integrated with other industrial processes like metal stamping ( and CNC machining. They are powered by gas or electricity, and the nozzle sprays water at the parts by high pressure water pumps.

Spray washers are almost always fully automated and operate by a CNC system (computer numeric controlled) or PC software. Loading is often done by pick-and-place robotic arms or a conveyor that transfers the parts from a manufacturing operation to the spray washer, which is usually one of the last steps in inline processing. After the parts have been loaded, they are taken through a wash, rinse, blow and dry cycle. The nozzles spray warm water and water-based solutions, never flammable mineral spirits, which may start a fire or explosion if shot out of a nozzle. The solution is usually set at a temperature of 130º to 190º F, and the spray pressure reaches anywhere from 40 to 60 PSI in order to ensure all grime and contaminants are cleaned from the part surface. The drying system can consist of either heated air or a simple air blower gun or process dryer, which doesn't use heat. There are many specifications and options when it comes to spray washers, including spray pressure, flow rate, heater power, wash tank capacity, power source type and loading method. Loading methods include front, top or continuous (conveyor belt); spray washers can be built to allow any of the three loading configurations.

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Spray Washer - Equipment Manufacturing Corporation
Spray Washer - Equipment Manufacturing Corporation

Fixed Turntable or Retractable Washer—which one to Buy?

The most popular metal parts washers these days are the cabinet-style washers. Its operation is smoother than other options, such as rotary drum parts washers, immersion parts washers, and agitating parts washers.

Their cleaning action involves heated, aqueous spray from high-speed jets that disburse and remove metals parts within an enclosed cabinet; primarily they are aqueous parts washers. Cabinet-style washers’ unique design allows users to handle and clean heavy and large contaminated objects easily. An operator can access the cabinet interiors through a hinged door, and then load the parts onto the turntable directly and efficiently. The turntable grips the metal pieces at one place, while rotating during the cleaning process.

Cabinet-style industrial parts washers are commonly installed with fixed or retractable turntables. It is this further division that confuses buyers. In this blog, we discuss advantages and disadvantages of each design, giving you insight that will help to make a decision when purchasing this type of parts washer.

Fixed Turntable Design

In fixed turntable designs, a stationary—hence the name fixed—turntable is installed at the center of the wash cabinet. Specially designed V-Notched door, also known as clamshell style, expedites placement of metal parts on the table that is fixed with overhead cranes and jib booms to facilitate smoother loading.

Retracting Turntable Design

In retracting turntable parts washers, also called as swing-out turntables, a turntable is installed into the door. When you open the cabinet or door, the turntable swings outwards with the door, making it easy for operator to load and unload.

Capacity of Each Design

The retractable turntable design can manage load up to 20,000 pounds, starting from 10,000 pounds. Whereas the fixed turntable designs can wash loads up to 65,000 pounds, giving it the upper hand over retractable designs.

Other Design Features

In the retractable turntable washers, the retractable door supports the entire weight of the table and the hinges manage all loads, and that is why it cannot wash heavier loads. Moreover, operators must be cautious, as heavy parts move with the opening and closing of the door.

The fixed turntable design provides better operational safety. The turntable holds all the weight of the metal parts, promoting safety and precision while loading and unloading. The door moves freely, without the extra weight and resistance, which prevents possible injury to operator.