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  • Fond du Lac, WI

    Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aqueous parts washers and wastewater evaporator systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed wastewater evaporators with the purpose of creating a safe and efficient way to reduce the volume of waste. Our machines are designed to meet our customers' production and cleanliness requirements.

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  • Joppa, MD

    Nobody knows aqueous parts washers as we do! At Better Engineering, we manufacture sustainable Cabinet/turntable parts washers, Inline cleaning systems, conveyor parts washers, ultrasonic parts cleaner, Dunnage wash systems, Drum washers, Carousel washers, Tunnel, and Monorail Parts Washers in the United States using only quality metal. Our systems are built to high-quality standards; we offer maximum customization with lean, eco-friendly processes to help you meet your strict standards.

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  • Mentor, OH

    Niagara Systems LLC has offered turnkey custom parts washing systems for over 80 years. With our customization capabilities, our parts washing systems stand out from the competition. Applications that have benefitted from our custom parts washers include hazardous waste containers, aluminum castings, and jet engine turbine blades. We also offer installation services in order to relieve you of further hassle. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    We are industry leaders and innovators in the world of parts washers. We offer an extensive list of parts washing equipment, from automotive washers to precision washers for medical industries. We work with our customers to create customized designs just for them. Trust our 90 years of experience to handle your cleaning jobs today!

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  • South Elgin, IL

    Great Lakes Finishing Equipment, Inc. specializes in supplying parts washers for even the most demanding cleaning jobs. Equipment includes table washers, drum washers, aqueous rotary baskets, aqueous belt washing systems, & more. Let our parts washing specialists assist you with your specific washing applications. Contact us today for all of your parts washer needs.

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  • Portsmouth, NH

    At EZ Industrial Equipment, we understand that our customers have unique requirements and challenges. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our wastewater evaporators are designed to efficiently and effectively evaporate water from wastewater streams, leaving behind clean, concentrated solids for easy disposal. Our products are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

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Small Parts Washers Industry Information

Small Parts Washers

Small parts washers are industrial cleaning systems. They are designed to remove contaminants from large volumes of small products that have recently been formed or put through secondary operations, which leave grease, oil, paint, coolant, burrs, and abrasive dust on the part surfaces. There are two types of parts washers that are made to clean small parts: rotary washers, which tumble the parts in a circular motion, and immersion cleaners, which submerge the parts in water and cleaning solution and expose them to cavitation.

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Applications of Small Parts Washers

Many different products are cleaned by way of small parts washers, including fasteners (e.g., screws, nuts, and bolts), hardware, bullets, plumbing equipment (e.g., pipe fittings), scrap metal, fittings, chain links, stampings, castings, cold headed parts, and appliance components. The shapes may have a complex design, deep blind holes, and interior or exterior threading.

Small parts washers are usually found in automotive factories, as well as in tool manufacturing facilities. They are used to clean parts after they have been stamped, cold headed, die cast, or ground. The parts may be fed manually into the washer in batches, but, most often, they are the last stop in a continuous, inline processing conveyor system that works in conjunction with forming and secondary processing machinery.

Types of Small Parts Washers

There are two main types of small parts washers: rotary and immersion. They operate in different ways, but both are effective in cleaning large amounts of small products, usually made of metal or plastic. Rotary washers tumble the products through a rotating, spiral conveyor inside the system casing that moves parts in a circular motion to clean all surface area. They use high pressure water sprayers that shoot warm water and aqueous solution to clean away grime and contaminants. They are also usually equipped with a drying system that uses a heater or air guns.

Immersion parts washers submerge parts into water and cleaning solutions. The small parts are contained in baskets made of metal mesh or porous plastic material. This system is better for cleaning more delicate parts because they do not come into contact with the tank walls. Instead of spray nozzles, immersion tanks use propellers that provide cavitation to clean away dirt and grime. Both systems are equipped with a filtration system to maintain a clean water tank and collect waste and debris. If the parts washer is not part of an inline conveyor, it often works in conjunction with load and exit conveyors to cut down on the need for manual labor.

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