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  • Santa Fe Springs, CA 888-833-9000

    Our manufacturing policy since our founding over 30 years ago is to build on our proven designs with industrial grade components and easy-to-find parts. This philosophy enables us to provide high quality solutions at rock bottom prices. We pass on the savings to you, the customer! Contact us online or give us a call today to learn more about our company!

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  • Edmond, OK 800-245-1869

    A family-based business since 1978 with an emphasis on products made in the USA, Temco has an underlying goal of Simplicity and Reliability with all its products. We carry a large inventory of machines and parts. We also carry Temco detergents that are specially blended for fast and rigorous cleaning. With our customer support and exceptional manufacturing abilities, Temco is focused on building the best parts washers on the market to facilitate a quick customer ROI.

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  • Mentor, OH 440-259-2500

    At Niagara Systems, our parts washer systems guarantee thorough cleaning of your components, full automation that will reduce labor costs, and easy maintenance and operation. Since our founding in 1934, we have served a broad range of industries and delivered our products globally to countries such as China, Australia, and Ecuador. Additional services include on-site performance testing and inspection. Contact us today and make us your next go-to parts washer source!

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  • Fond du Lac, WI 800-969-7960

    Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aqueous parts washers and parts cleaning systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed a full line of aqueous parts cleaning systems, including belt, chain, monorail, front/top loading cabinet, indexing, return-to-operator, compact cell, rotary drum, oil removal, and custom systems. Our machines are designed to meet the production and cleanliness requirements of our customers.

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  • Cincinnati, OH 800-248-9274

    Our drum washers are designed with the end user in mind. We take our extensive knowledge about parts washing and put it to good use in the manufacturing of all our parts. No matter what you are looking for or need, we can design it and build it just for you! Contact us today to learn more or you can visit our website for more info.

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Stoelting Offers the Ultimate Cleaning Experience

June 1, 2012 Kiel, Wis.— For lean, effective cleaning solutions, look no further than Stoelting’s Cleaning Equipment Division. Stoelting provides products for the ultimate cleaning experience including rotary drum, spray, ultrasonic, and agitation cleaning machines for dip tank, belt conveyor, monorail, and individual work cell uses. Leading the way in new cleaning technology is the company’s newest offering, the RotaForce Rotary Drum Series. This series combines spray and immersion cleaning technology for the best clean yet with a high level of energy-efficiency and cost- effectiveness. For more information about Stoelting... Read More

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Drum Washers

Drum washers are a type of industrial cleaning system made specifically to clean the interior and exterior of drums. Industrial drums are used to store and ship many different substances, including chemicals, paint, ink, grease, adhesives, dies, foods and even hard-to-remove residue like cured resins and dry paint. They come in many different sizes, but most are 55 gallons, cylindrical in shape and made of plastic, fiber or metals like stainless steel.

To prevent contamination or mixing of substances, drums are thoroughly cleaned every time they are emptied. Therefore, many facilities that regularly use drums also own a drum washer. They are able to clean smaller containers like barrels, pails, buckets, overpaks, jars and lids. The petroleum, chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste, waste water treatment and agriculture industries use drum washers on a regular basis to maintain safe and sanitary conditions. Drum washers are often rotary washers, which move drums in a circular motion, and are equipped with high pressure water nozzles to spray and clean the inside and exterior of a drum.

The combination of hot water, high water pressure, cleaning solution and a rotating motion effectively cleans and sanitizes even the dirtiest industrial drums. After cleaning, they are used over again within the facility. When a drum is old and no longer useful, it is crushed down and recycled into another metal or plastic product. Before the recycling process, every drum must be completely cleaned of any chemicals or substances to eliminate the risk of contamination. Every drum washer is equipped with a filtration system, which keeps the tank clean and removes debris and grime from the water or aqueous cleaning solution. The spray nozzles are powered by corrosion resistant, high pressure pumps made of stainless steel and are angled at the drum's interior to ensure it is adequately cleaned. All drum washers have wash-rinse or wash-rinse-dry cycles that dry the containers via a heating system or air guns. The water and cleaning solution, which is either a solvent or detergent, is heated by electricity or gas to about 120º F. It takes about five to 15 minutes to clean a single drum.

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