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  • Vertical Agitating Parts Washers: Gravity Works

    Keeping your parts clean is a crucial element of keeping your machines in proper working order. You can clean the parts yourself; soap, water, and a little elbow grease is a great way to do it. But sometimes manual labor just is not enough to get into the tiny crevices machine parts often have. It is for this reason that many people prefer to use a parts washer to keep their tools and metal bits clean. Parts washers can clean more parts at a faster rate of speed than a...

  • Parts Washers and the Environment

    Environmental safety has been a focus of the industrial sector for many years now. Many companies are developing new technologies to make production more efficient and less environmentally toxic. And while some of these measures to keep the planet cleaner involve inventing never before imagined uses of fuels or other natural resources, some in the industrial arena have turned to water to clean things up. Of course industry is a huge, umbrella term, so let's look at an example: parts washers. The development of the parts washer is of course...

  • Conveyor Washers: The Tunnel Washer Model

    There are specific types of parts washers that are distinguishable from all other models. The drum washer, which is designed to clean gallon sized drums and drums alone is one such model. The agitating parts washer, which submerges the parts in vibrating water that cleans the parts with a combination of solvents and bubbles, is another example. However, there are some styles of parts cleaning systems that may be applied to a number of different models of cleaning, such as the conveyor washer. Generally it is any type of parts...

  • Agitating Parts Washer: Total Immersion

    Making things clean is important in our hyper-sensitive to germs society. On an individual level an obsession with cleanliness can even become a disorder, driving a person to devote huge chunks of their day to ensure the hygienic nature of themselves and their surroundings. However, on an industrial level concern with the cleanliness of machines and their parts is just good business sense. One level of this sanitation process to ensure a long working life for machines comes directly after the parts have been manufactured but before they are treated...

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Agitating Parts Washers

Agitating parts washers are immersion cleaning systems that submerge parts in an aqueous solution and use mechanical energy to create a vibrating and mixing action that cleanses their surfaces. Impellers or paddles create a vibrating action that causes cavitation, the formation and implosion of tiny bubbles in a liquid cleaning medium. These bubbles and the cleaning solution serve as cleaning agents to small contaminating particles that coat the surface and crevices of parts and products.

Chips, oil, coolant, dirt and grease, among other substances, are effectively removed from parts by means of the agitating parts washer, which moves them up and down and sometimes in and out of the cleaning solution to increase cavitation effectiveness and reduce cleaning time. Parts for the manufacturing, automotive, electronics, aerospace and medical industries all use agitating parts washers because they effectively clean grime from hard to reach areas without using any sort of equipment that comes in contact with the parts that could scratch or damage their surface. The motion from the propellers is accompanied by high pressure spray blasts of water for parts that contain blind holes and intricate passages. Agitating parts washers are alternatives to spray washers and rotary washers.

Since agitating parts washers fully immerse the parts in an aqueous cleaning solution, they usually have large holding tanks, especially when they are designed to clean large objects. Their casing is made of steel or stainless steel and some models are equipped with a dryer system powered by gas, electricity or steam heat. They may be manual, semi-automated or fully automated machines with adjustable settings for agitation, speed, cycle time and water temperature. Agitation washers are powered by air cylinders and high pressure pumps. More energy used per wash means faster cleaning time. They are sometimes combined with ultrasonic technology to increase mechanical energy for complex shapes with hard to clean surfaces. Most agitating parts washers are loaded in batches at the top of the machine, which has a removable lid. To prevent splashing, there are separate speed controls on the initial descent into the solution. The paddles create an oscillating effect, which can be increased by adjusting the stroke speed. For best results, both the parts and solution should be agitated simultaneously.

Agitating Parts Washers
Agitating Parts Washers
Agitating Parts Washers - Alliance Manufacturing, Inc.
Agitating Parts Washers - Alliance Manufacturing, Inc.

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