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  • Milpitas, CA

    Our workbenches come in a variety of styles including ergonomic height adjustable, chemical resistant, ball transfer surface, computer stations, laminar flow stations and more. We have been manufacturing workbenches for over 30 years and we wish to continuously bring you products that will help the efficiency of your business. It is our goal to provide quality, service, and timing. Contact us for more information!

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  • Haverhill, MA

    As a workstation manufacturer, Pro-Line offers industrial furnishing that increases employee productivity through creating an improved employee work environment. Pro-Line manufactures modular work benches, with modular accessories as well as color options. Applications include production assembly and diagnostic repair. Pro-Line offers a Quick Ship Program and varied workstations per customer needs.

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  • Livonia, MI

    Geolean USA is your go-to partner for redefining workstations and elevating your workspace experience. Join hands with us to unlock the full potential of your work environment, where every workstation is a catalyst for productivity and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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  • Santa Ana, CA

    This progressive workstation manufacturer creates flexible, ergonomic solutions for a variety of work environments. ESD, clean room & lab benches, ball transfer assembly workstations, material handling flow rack stations, quick ship modular work benches & great accessories. With everything in-house, we ensure quality workmanship, great lead times & competitive prices for even custom bench designs.

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  • Round Rock, TX

    SteelSentry is a leader in industrial workstations and furniture. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer the best warranty available. Our products are built for strength and durability and we manufacture a wide range of products from workbenches to computer stations to lab carts to clean room furniture and more. Customization is always an option and we will build to your exact specs.

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Modular Workstations Industry Information

Modular Workstations

Modular workstations, also often referred to as cubicles, are workstations that can be adjusted and moved in various configurations to adapt to a specific worker’s needs. They contain components that can be rearranged, such as modular shelves, drawers, and cabinets. These components can be configured to the needs of different workers.

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Applications of Modular Workstations

Modular workstations are beneficial because they are adaptable, have large work surfaces and wraparound comfort, and meet ergonomic requirements. Efficient modular workstations help to organize and utilize all items necessary to carry out specific job duties. They are used in many different industry areas to help increase worker productivity. They can also be customized to fit particular environments. Customized modular workstations can help to optimize work areas, making sure all space and compartments are being used efficiently by workers. Modular workstations are particularly beneficial for laboratory applications (for use in computer workstations for research applications), office applications (for use in designing cubicles for various departments), industrial applications (for use in process control), and factory automation applications.

Modular Workstation Design and Customization

Modular workstations fulfill the function of providing an area for which operators can perform work. Modular workstations are able to fulfill this function through providing a work surface and various attachments suited to the needs of the application. There are many types of modular workstations, both standard and custom made. Computer workstations, desks, command operation centers, workbenches, and industrial workstations are some of the most common modular workstations. They are used in almost every industry and by a variety of people including call center staff, factory workers, assembly line workers, air traffic controllers, office workers, and cleanroom workers. The benefits of reducing worker injuries and stress outweigh the costs of modular workstations, making modular workstations a necessity in many areas. Some of the various components used in modular workstations include shelving, hutches, file drawers, CPU cubbies, monitor shelves, and keyboard drawers. In addition, various possible design styles of modular workstations include corner units, condensed units, and U-shaped units.

Benefits of Using Modular Workstations

Increase Team Productivity
Office spaces that look well-managed ensure productivity and general comfort for employees. These spaces are designed based on the sciences of ergonomics and psychology. Modular workstations are designed in ways that influence an individual to work, while keeping away several factors that cause distraction.
Exhibit Your Work Culture
Modular furniture comes enclosed with superior styling elements. When you install it in your office, you get a chance to show up your work culture and standards to internal and external visitors. According to a number of entrepreneurs, unique office furniture combined with a pleasing office ambiance communicates a positive brand perception. It is an effective marketing strategy that can translate client meetings into years of business.
Convey Innovation
Although office furniture has been designed by an original manufacturer, once you install it in your own environment, it becomes your asset to showcase. The furniture displays your commitment to innovation and forward-thinking business principles.
Avoid Maintenance Surcharges
Most renowned office furniture brands deploy first-rate material that comes with a promise of strength and stability. Branded modular office supplies do not need frequent and dedicated upkeep. These factors spare your company from unnecessary headaches and downtime.
Ensure Flexibility
Sometimes businesses need to expand their work space. Other times, they have to shift their seating arrangements to create more space in their office. These brilliantly-designed pieces of furniture come with many customization options. Systems can be set up as per the available space in your cabins and work areas. Additionally, changing and customizing does not take much of your time.

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CANTON, GEORGIA – February, 2014. As a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches and accessories, Sovella continually seeks to improve and perfect our wide range of products, and provide solutions that best meet the needs of our users. With those needs in mind, Sovella's Concept workstation was developed. Concept workstations, which are available in manual, hand crank, and motorized height adjustment options, are designed for the needs of the high-tech, electronics, and laboratory business sectors, where ergonomic qualities are an important requirement. There are many possible adjustments, all components fit together... Read More About This