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  • Milpitas, CA

    Our workbenches come in a variety of styles including ergonomic height adjustable, chemical resistant, ball transfer surface, computer stations, laminar flow stations and more. We have been manufacturing workbenches for over 30 years and we wish to continuously bring you products that will help the efficiency of your business. It is our goal to provide quality, service, and timing. Contact us for more information!

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  • Haverhill, MA

    As a workstation manufacturer, Pro-Line offers industrial furnishing that increases employee productivity through creating an improved employee work environment. Pro-Line manufactures basic work benches, with accessory options as well as color options. Applications include production assembly and diagnostic repair. Pro-Line offers a Quick Ship Program and varied workstations per customer needs.

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  • Livonia, MI

    Geolean USA is your go-to partner for redefining workstations and elevating your workspace experience. Join hands with us to unlock the full potential of your work environment, where every workstation is a catalyst for productivity and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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  • Santa Ana, CA

    This progressive workstation manufacturer creates flexible, ergonomic solutions for a variety of work environments. ESD, clean room & lab benches, ball transfer assembly workstations, material handling flow rack stations, quick ship modular work benches & great accessories. With everything in-house, we ensure quality workmanship, great lead times & competitive prices for even custom bench designs.

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  • Round Rock, TX

    SteelSentry is a leader in industrial workstations and furniture. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer the best warranty available. Our products are built for strength and durability and we manufacture a wide range of products from workbenches to computer stations to lab carts to clean room furniture and more. Customization is always an option and we will build to your exact specs.

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CPU Holder Industry Information

CPU Holder

A CPU holder is a workstation that is specifically designed for computers. CPU holders, or computer workbenches, are one of the most commonly used workstations. Used extensively in many settings, computer workstations are frequently used in offices, homes and on the shop floor to house delicate computer equipment safely, ergonomically and conveniently.

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Benefits of CPU Holders

Consider the following five benefits of employing CPU holders within your own office space.

Space Saving CPUs
CPUs take up a lot of space in your office. It is an inconvenience for your employees to relax when there is a CPU box placed below their work stations. Employees also tend to store their personal bags, lunch boxes, and other belongings directly on top of a CPU to save space. By strategically designing and placing CPU holders in employee workstations, you can maximize available office space and remove clutter. Instead, install drawers or other organization utilities to accommodate personal items.
Ensure CPU Mobility
Some CPU designs include wheels—meaning you can move them from one place to another easily and safely.
Improve CPU Performance
CPUs are undoubtedly some of the most essential equipment items in your office. Your business critical data is stored on these machines. CPU holders can work as a protective layer for your machines, keeping them safe from dust, mishandling, and office accidents.
Reduce Equipment Cleaning Time
By installing CPU holders, housekeeping staff no longer have to work in tiny spaces to clean machines. CPU holders reduce the overall risk involved in cleaning tasks and keep equipment closer to the floor where maintenance is most convenient.

CPU Holder Designs

CPU holders are workstation accessories which are often primary components of computer workstations, keeping valuable central processing units up off the floor, away from dust, dirt and damage and providing easy, ergonomic access to workers and technicians. Desk attachment CPU hangers and under desk CPU holders have swivel brackets and slide rails which allow the unit to be rotated, pulled forward and pushed back out of the way. Other types of CPU holders include free-standing CPU mounts on wheels, desktop computer holders, CPU stands and PC carts. LAN server stations and other types of multiple computer carts often come equipped with multiple CPU mounts, and computer carts use CPU holders to secure computer equipment as the cart is wheeled from place to place. CPU stands and laptop stands are used for clean, convenient floor or desk storage.

Applications of CPU Holders

CPU holders are utilized in a wide range of industries and applications. For instance, offices, schools, universities, warehouses, cleanrooms and manufacturing design departments use CPU holders for a variety of reasons pertaining to both worker and equipment safety. Instead of storing CPUs on the ground, on a desktop or on a cart without being properly secured, keeping CPUs within convenient reaching distance with under desk CPU hangers prevents stress-related injuries and may reduce time spent on maintenance. Elevating CPUs off the floor with CPU stands, carts, mounts and hangers also reduces risk of equipment damage by floor dirt, dust, bumping, spills or minor flooding. Not least among the benefits of using CPU holders is the efficient optimization of workspace; desktops free from bulky, immovable CPUs can allow for more organization, and therefore more productivity. CPU holders have a variety of design options, including storing the CPU in either a vertical or a horizontal position under the surface of a desk. Additional features include wheels or sliding tracks and retractable and swivel options. Also, dual CPU holders are available for the storage of two CPUs in one space.

CPU Holders in Office Environments

In today’s world, facility managers and other internally-focused office resources place importance on maintaining the interiors of the offices they manage. This focus on interior design serves two primary purposes: boosting the loyalty and motivation of employees and communicating an overall company culture.

To ensure a well-appointed workplace, forward-looking businesses of today invest in modular office furniture. In addition, there are many world-famous office furniture brands that are contributing to shifting trends in the market. They create aesthetically pleasing yet functional office supplies with an aim to adorn and uplift the look of a simple-looking office. One such office utility is the central processing unit (CPU) holder.

As the name suggests, this specific gear holds the central processing unit of an office computer. Large CPU boxes can typically be found under most workstations in an office. Not only do CPUs look unsightly, but they also consume an undue amount of space. Often, corners or below-desk areas are left unclean for weeks due to various technical and housekeeping reasons. These are the issues solved by CPU holders.

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