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  • Prolonged Sitting Might Increase Risk of Death

    Producers of work stations are moving towards providing more ergonomic work stations to market to a more health conscious consumer base. One of these solutions is the growth of standing work stations. Switching to standing desks might mix up the monotony of sitting all day at work and perhaps keep employees more focused, awake and active. I'm not sure if I would enjoy standing my whole work day, but I already have to take breaks from sitting to stretch my legs every once in a while. Standing at work may...

  • Stand and Deliver: The Benefits of Standing Computer Workbenches

    Choosing office furniture is serious business, and the selection of what kind of chair you need for your desk can be overwhelming. But before you even get to the chair choosing, you must first find the desk that will accompany your chair. Or, if you are interested in a different way of doing your office work, you may want to consider a standing computer workbench. The standing computer workbench is not a new invention. In fact, people have used versions of what we see now as the more modern standing...


    KENNESAW, GEORGIA - June, 2013. Sovella constantly seeks to improve out vast range of products and create solutions to best meet the needs of our users. With those needs in mind, Sovella’s, TL Advantage workstation was developed. TL Advantage workstations are well made for many applications, including: test, lab, burn-in, assembly, repair, and many light manufacturing applications. These workstations utilize an industry-exclusive standard ESD semi-conductive paint (propriety process) and can be outfitted with a plethora of standard accessories. The TL Advantage workstation is the most cost effective ergonomic workstation solution...

  • The Computer Workbench Combo

    There was a time, I think, when the idea of a workbench for your computer was slightly silly. And I'm not thinking of before there were computers, or even when computers were simply mainframes that took up entire rooms. Instead, I think people just figured buying a desk or having a table at which you could use your computer was sufficient. But as our society has become increasingly computer dependent, and as more and more people work from home using their computers, the demand for an adequate workspace has increased....

  • The Ideal Computer Workbench

    For people who perform the same work actions over and over, such as factory workers and cubicle workers, an ergonomic work station is essential for preventing damaging health problems, such as back alignment issues, carpel tunnel syndrome, eye strain, and sore muscles. Providing workers with comfortable, ergonomic stations in which to work will help them feel better as they work, which will lead to higher productivity in the end. Building ergonomic computer workbenches is not difficult, and OSHA has some guidelines that companies can follow to ensure they provide the...

  • Computer Workstations in the Language Lab

    When I was in middle school we were given the choice to choose one of three languages to learn; French, Spanish or German. I picked German as my potential second language because my mother's good friend is German and the language program in high school has an exchange program with a German high school. Once I reached high school a new addition to my learning experience came into existence. The school had a language lab. In the lab all the students would sit in little cubbies equipped with a headset...

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Computer Workbenches

Computer workbenches encompass a wide range of products including equipment, furnishings and accessories used to create practical and efficient work spaces for industrial and personal computer use. The term workbench can be misleading as these constructs often consist of a large flat table-like surface and attached units, such as shelving and drawers, as needed to improve organization and productivity by creating easy access to all tools and supplies required for the completion of a specific task. As computers are used in an ever growing number of fields, computer workbenches are increasingly seen in offices, schools, universities, warehouses, clean rooms and design departments.

Visualization, CAD, surveillance, graphic design, data entry, document control and electronics repair and assembly industries have been built around the use and construction of computers and their corresponding workbenches. Workbenches not only organize, but also protect computers and electronic paraphernalia by creating safe and secure housing structures for these often delicate instruments. Modular workbenches allow easy adjustments in workbench construction to suit changing storage and spatial needs, such as additional or larger monitors, while continuing to create the ideal environment for computer components. Additionally, many employers wish to create the ideal environment for workers and therefore install ergonomic workstations to reduce the risk of employee injury. Computer workbenches are designed to balance ergonomics, organization and productivity, creating the safest and most efficient workstation possible. Standard and custom configurations are widely available with options such as compact or expansive and stationary or portable workbenches, further ensuring the best solution for computer work areas.

While workbenches are popular in a variety of industries, computer workbenches provide several features specific to electronic and processing equipment. Common features include display mounts, ergonomic keyboard trays, CPU holders, cable and cord management devices, power distributors, rack mounts, arm mounts, ESD protection, document trays, drawers and cabinets all designed to improve organization and productivity while creating optimal storage conditions for computer components. Though some of these features are simply added on to a seemingly plain workstation, others are built in. Cord management, for example, is often added during manufacturing by drilling holes into the desk-like surface of a workbench through which cables may be drawn. The work surface can be made of a number of different materials including wood, plastic polymers and many metals. Materials used for the support structure, the legs and shelving components of a workbench, are also variable but should be made of sturdy materials. Some supports must be able to handle several CPUs at once and are therefore designed to withstand up to 1250lbs of weight per leg. Die-cutting, extrusion, injection molding, stamping and several other processes are used to produce different elements of computer workbenches which then require either consumer or distributor assembly. It is important to consider spatial restraints as well as necessary weight bearing capabilities when selecting the proper computer workbench as it must be able to conform to a work area and support valuable equipment.

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