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  • Workstations Are Linked To Performance

    Have you ever been excited about upgrading a piece of technology? Maybe you purchased a new smart phone recently? Perhaps you have tossed out an old tube T.V. in the past year and bought a LED T.V? My newest technological endeavor has been to build a new PC. Building a PC is a similar concept to building a car. You look into all the specs to ensure the machine will run at optimum performance. You double and triple check that the components are compatible. I suggest that one of the...

  • Mobile Workstations for a Flexible Work Area

    If your job requires that you move around to different areas a lot, while bringing the essential tools to complete your duties, then you are probably familiar with mobile workstations of some kind. The first job that comes to mind when I think of a mobile workstation is a janitor, probably because my brother was a dedicated janitor for a while. I remember visiting him at work sometimes and seeing his cart equipped with a large trash receptacle and shelves and compartments that held all the cleaning solutions he needed,...

  • Portable Workbenches: Not for Sitting Around

    Designs for workbenches are as varied as the types of tasks for which they are used, but three general attributes are shared across the board: a comfortable height with provisions for seated or standing work; a way to affix the workpiece so both hands are free to work with it; accommodations for mounting, storing and accessing tools efficiently. Made of metal, wood, stone, and composites depending on the requirements of the job, workbenches range from solid and stationary to light and collapsible. Portable workbenches are non-stationary, task driven workspaces designed...

  • Motor Table Suited for Lighter Loads

    Sovella’s LMT is a light-duty motorized ergonomic multi-purpose worktable, which can be equipped for a range of environments. The unit is well suited for industrial, laboratory, light assembly, quality control, packaging and technical offices. The worktable is designed to meet ergonomics standards for users in both seated and standing positions. The table frame is adjustable by using an integrated linear actuator system, providing height adjustment from 25.39 to 45.08”. A 1”-thick worktop is included in non-ESD or ESD options. A range of accessories is available using the company’s upright modules...


    KENNESAW, GEORGIA - August, 2013. Work is not always confined to a single workstation and tools must be moved around accordingly. Each task is different and requires dedicated tools. Sovella trolleys and carts are ideal for this situation and significantly increase productivity up to 30%. Sovella offers a wide range of trolleys and carts, designed for many different uses and work requirements. Light-duty trolleys provide an additional ergonomic workspace and mobile storage option for lighter loads, while heavy-duty trolleys can withstand weights up to 1320 lbs! All trolleys can be...

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Portable Workbenches

Portable workbenches are non-stationary, task driven workspaces designed to provide efficient and mobile units in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential environments. The term workbench can be misleading as these constructs often consist of a flat table-like work surface and the attached components, such as drawers and shelving, needed to improve organization and productivity by creating easy access to all tools and supplies required for the completion of a task.

While stationary workstations are often formatted to one specific job, portable options must remain more fluid in their configuration as they may be used for multiple tasks. For this reason many of these units are not only portable, but modular workstations as well with the ability to be adjusted in several manners such as height, storage capabilities and power supply in the case of electronics. Length, width, load capacity and surface type are additional features that may be adjustable on some models. Also referred to as multi-purpose workbenches, these workstations are used in virtually every industry including medical, electronics, food and chemical processing, woodworking and metalworking. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, assembly lines, clean rooms and hospitals make use of these often compact pieces of equipment for tasks ranging from electronics repair to simply sharing a computer between workspaces.

There are two main types of portable workbenches, those with casters or wheels and those that fold or collapse. Casters and wheels attached to the base or legs of a mobile workstation allows that station to be easily slid from one area to the next without disrupting the state of the work in progress on the desk or the order of equipment. Rolling benches, however, cannot be easily transported over rough terrain or stairs. Folding or collapsible workbenches are built with hinges and removable apparatus that allow the sturdy structure to be slightly disassembled in order to move it. While these can be transferred across any surface since they are carried, the tools and supplies must be carefully stowed to avoid damage. Additionally, these folded workstations must be made of light materials as heavy stations would be very difficult to move. Though some steel, hardwood or aluminum may be used as support or framing, common materials needed for portability include polymers, plastics, plywood and melamine. Rolling workbenches are often made of these same light-weight materials, though they have the option of heavier elements as they need not be lifted. Metal and plastic components are formed through extrusion, die-cutting, injection molding and other such processes while wooden elements are sawed and sanded. The many components are nailed, bolted, screwed, and welded together with hinges and casters carefully placed to ensure the ease of transport.

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