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  • Fume Hood Options for Lab Benches

    Labs of all kinds, whether they are in industrial manufacturing plants, commercial businesses, or even school facilities, are designed to develop and explore the chemistry and science behind organisms and materials. The problem with many labs is that mixing chemicals and other materials often creates toxic fumes that can harm the workers or people inside the lab. Many labs are unable to complete certain processes due to improper ventilation in the lab. One way that many labs around the world have overcome this issue is to install fume hoods over...

  • Helping Shift Workers Feel at Home

    In most factories, workers work in shifts around the clock. This means that multiple employees must share the same workspaces. This can make it difficult for workers to get a sense of belonging and identity in their stations and jobs. However, there are steps that a factory can implement that can help workers feel like their industrial workstations belong to them completely during their shifts. Try implementing some of these tactics to help employees feel more at home during their individual shifts: Allow personalization: Allow employees to place a few...

  • Industrial Workstations for Increased Productivity

    I would say the majority of industrial workstations are vertically oriented, in that the worker is in a standing position and, while of course, the work surface is horizontal, everything they might require for the task is stored within arm's length on the vertical axis above or below them. One does not want to be leaving his workstation every time he needs something that could very well be stored on hooks, rods, racks or shelves in front of him. Think about all the various materials necessary for shipping, receiving, packaging...

  • Sovella Dual Intensity LED Lights

    LED Lights Boast Greater Efficiency and Adaptability for Workstations CANTON, GEORGIA - January, 2015. In their continuing efforts to improve and expand an already impressive product range, Sovella is announcing their new Dual Intensity LED light fixtures. These high efficiency LED integrated light fixtures can easily be attached to light balancer rails, shelves, and other surfaces. A new feature of these LED lights is a new High/Low/Off switch that allows the user to control the amount of light used. As with the single intensity LED...


    CANTON, GEORGIA – March, 2014. Well-chosen accessories optimize a workstation’s functionality and can greatly increase usability. When a workstation is well-organized and well-equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in place. Sovella workstations, configured with our range of accessories, meet these needs and offer a wide range of applications. The purpose of a workstation determines its basic requirements and accessories. Sovella workstations use a basic slotted upright element for accessorizing the table. With the help of these uprights, Sovella benches are...


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sovella, Inc. 1910C Cobb International Blvd. Kennesaw, GA 30152 770.424.0004 KENNESAW, GEORGIA - April, 2013. Sovella has expanded on the Perfo-Stor™ line of tool storage systems to offer a broad range of practical and versatile solutions for tool storage. The Perfo-Stor™ product line includes perforated panels, which can be attached to our slotted uprights or directly to a wall, as well as industrial screening, and over 75 varieties of hooks and tool holders. ...

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Industrial Workstations

Industrial workstations are used to create efficient spaces in which people can perform a set of specific duties. They create safe environments for the workers and offer productive places for carrying out job tasks. For an industrial workstation to be effective, it should be easy to organize, access, and utilize all the items necessary for the job at hand, and it should be adjustable to the specific needs of individual workers. Many industries and different sectors within industries use industrial workstations in order to take physical stress off workers, thereby increasing productivity.

Custom industrial work stations can be portable stations made from lightweight materials, or they may be permanent workstations fabricated from steel or wood, depending on the needs of the industrial job site or garage workshop it is made for. Suitable for use in areas with water, dust, vibrations and wide temperatures are apart of the environment, industrial workstations can be used as clean room tables, light tables, drafting tables, packaging tables, laboratory tables, and more. They can be built for rugged durability and harsh work environments and can be made to fit packing, process control, shipping, factory automation or laboratory requirements. 

Industrial workstations can be constructed from a variety of materials, yet they must all be able to meet certain standards of strength, durability and corrosion-resistance. In addition, various components of the workstations are fabricated from differing materials. For instance, the work surface is typically made from a high-density plastic such as polyethylene or an industrial-grade laminate. The work surface then undergoes coating, generally powder coating, for enhances chemical and impact resistance. The undercarriage and legs that support the work surface, however, are often made from metals such as stainless steel due to its extremely high corrosion-resistance. In addition to varying materials, there are multiple types of industrial workstation designs. Ergonomic industrial workstations, for example, are necessary for the safety and health of workers. Aspects such as height, drawer placement, chair height, and cabinet arrangement should be able to adapt to each individual worker so that no extra stress is put on him or her. Customized industrial workstations are widely used to keep workers healthy, injury-free, and productive. They can prevent injury and increase productivity by being adjustable and moveable. Other types of industrial workstations include modular workstations and portable workstations.

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