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  • Better Workstation Solutions

    The workstation solutions offered today are so much more flexible and adaptable than the desks of previous decades. Before computers became a staple of work environments, there was moving pen or pencil across paper to accomplish the tasks of the day. Now, though, it's hard to imagine what all we did at desks before our computers became the focal point. Today, workstations are built with computers in mind. Whether you work in an office where everything from data entry, processing and constant electronic correspondence to creating and sharing a multitude...


    KENNESAW, GEORGIA - February, 2013. As Sovella consistently strives to improve and strengthen their role as a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches and accessories, they have just launched a new line of magnetic tool holders, including versions for storing sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, and almost any other tool that is made with a steel hand. These new holders are made to include all of the 5S philosophies which are sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. The new Sovella magnetic tool holders are available in 14 different styles that...

  • Flow Cell Workstations for Lean Manufacturing

    A major goal in any manufacturing and warehouse storage facility is optimum efficiencies in productivity. From the order picking stage to the assembly line and finished product, an operation should be streamlined to eliminate any kind of waste in all processes and functions. This discipline is called Lean Manufacturing, and by utilizing flow cell workstations a manufacturer can apply Lean principles to its storage areas where parts picking and assembly happen. Unex Manufacturing is the leader in providing flow cell carton flow units that are ideal for line-side assembly, kitting...

  • The Man Cave: How Not to Organize Your Facility's Workstations

    by Marjorie Steele, Editor at IQS Walter's workstations would have never met OSHA's health and safety requirements. When my parents first moved onto 40 forest acres out in Mecosta County, far back in Steele family history, my mother made a firm (and wise) mandate: the house was her domain. No skillsaws in the basement, no vibratory bowls cleaning ammo in the living room, no lathes in the kitchen. Dad was free to pursue his messy hobbies, but he had to create his own space in which to do so. The...

  • Work Stations for Overall Workflow Efficiency

    My work station is an L-shaped office desk with enough space for two monitors, the central processing unit, computer speakers, a keyboard and mouse, multiline phone, desk light, filing system, etc. I have all the tools I need to do my job at my fingertips, further including writing utensils, paper clips, a stapler and supply of refill staples, and I have everything arranged for my most convenient workflow. I have plenty of flat surface space to spread out papers in the way that makes sense to me for the most...

  • Customizing Ergonomic Workstations for Industrial Workers

    An ergonomic workstation helps industry workers save time and stay healthy while on the job. A one-size-fits-all use of workstations will not work for everyone. Depending on the job that the person has, each industry job will require a customized workstation for their specific job. This will help workers feel better, work faster, and eliminate some of the injury risk commonly associated with industrial work. Try implementing some of these customized workstation ideas for different industry jobs: Assembly line workers: For assembly line workers, comfort and lighting is key. Work...

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Work Stations

Work stations create efficient spaces in which people can perform their specific tasks. Work stations are used in order to create a safe environment for the worker and to create an efficient place to carry out job duties. An effective work station allows for a worker to easily utilize, access, and organize the items necessary for the completion of his or her activities.

Work stations are typically used in many industries to help increase overall productivity by eliminating unnecessary movement or actions. Work stations are used by clean room workers, factory workers, assembly line workers, operators, office workers, air traffic controllers, and call center staff. Custom work stations such as industrial work stations, work benches, computer work stations, and command operation centers are used in almost every business and industry. It is important that work stations be ergonomic for the health and comfort of the worker. Ergonomic work stations are made to accommodate workers and to adapt to the workers' movements and job tasks. These work stations should be adjustable and modular so that they can be raised or lowered, or so that drawers, chairs and cabinets can be moved in order to suit specific needs of workers. Work stations are widely used because of their ability to prevent injuries, reduce stress from repetitious activities, and as a result increase overall productivity.

While workstations are important in factory, manufacturing, and office settings, because they cut down on worker stress and help to eliminate injuries, they are also utilized in various clean room and research industries as well. In addition, while industrial equipment manufacturers often refer to "workstations" and "workbenches" interchangeably, there is a small difference between the two terms. "Workstations", in industrial manufacturing, encompasses assembly tables, chairs, storage benches, racks, laminar flow benches, cleanroom work benches and office tables, and although "workbench" often refers to the same items, it more specifically refers to assembly tables, storage tables and lab work tables, focusing on work surface areas instead of entire units with furniture, shelving and storage. Additionally, workstations are sometimes used to refer to non-industrial computer systems or office furniture sets. This is the difference between "workstations" and "industrial workstations", which refers specifically to the types of workstations used in an industrial setting) in the broader commercial and manufacturing community generally refer to either a) office, IT, home or school workplace furniture and computer work stations, CPU holders and furniture or b) computers and computer systems which provide a software "work station" for IT administrators.

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