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BenchPro, Inc. - ESD Tables

BenchPro™ manufactures complete line of America's finest workbench; everything from economy to premium designs for military, aerospace,cleanroom laboratory, universities, and electronic assembly. Select from ESD / Static Control, Stainless Steel, Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin, Butcher Block, Class 1 - 100 Cleanroom ESD workbenches & Custom Cart. GE, Apple, SpaceX, Motorola, Intel, D.O.D., U.S. Army, and 1000s more buy our workbench direct. WE MANUFACTURE AND SELL DIRECT. | Email This Company | Phone: 888-700-9888 | 23949 Tecate Mission Road Tecate, CA 91980

Featured Company

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ESD Tables are ideal in situations where you limit and control the amount of electrostatic electricity in a particular area. ESD stands for electrostatic discharge and is the result of static buildup between two objects. Typically, electrostatic charge build-up occurs when two different types of materials rub together. One object will become positively charge while the other is negatively charged which will then inevitably lead to an ESD event if the object is not properly grounded.

This is where ESD equipment are extremely important for preventing ESD events as these events can cause damage to electronic components. The ESD solution will have a laminate that will provide the static control feature and some equipment can also be engineered to be chemical & scratch resistant. Common ESD equipment includes ESD tables, chairs, footwear, wrist straps, carts, workstations, mats, and more.

Normally an ESD surface will have a high resistance typically between 1.0 x 109 and 1.0 x 106 ohms. This will not only prevent rapid discharge of electrostatic which could harm electronic devices but also will protect the user from being harmed. Generally, in industrial testing applications the device may use a very high voltage which can be incredibly dangerous if an ESD event were to happen.

ESD Tables are the most universal and commonly used ESD protection items. The tables can be equipped with various additional features such as drawers, CPU holders, storage containers, light fixtures, and much more. These units will typically have an ergonomic design with a modular format for effective productivity. 

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