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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of workstation furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top workstation furniture manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any workstation furniture company can design, engineer, and manufacture workstation furniture to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach workstation furniture companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of work bench furniture, work benches with drawers, and workstation chairs.

  • Brea, CA

    IAC makes 100% of their products in their own facility where all processes meet or exceed industry specifications. Their key design, manufacturing & customer service management represents 70+ years of experience in the industry. The majority of their production employees have been with the company for 15+ years & all bring a craftsman's pride to the manufacture of their workstation furniture.

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  • Milpitas, CA

    Here at RDM Industrial Products Inc we have a history of successfully manufacturing workstation furniture and other work area solutions. We specialize in delivering top quality products to all locations across the nation. Our clean and safe products are guaranteed to not only organize your work zones but also improve worker efficiency. From adjustable lift tables to laminar flow stations we provide the best workstation furniture. To learn more please give us a call today!

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  • Haverhill, MA

    It would be hard to imagine a workbench accessory not available from Pro-Line. Check out their website for the right workstation furniture for your company. If you can’t find it, let the talented people at Pro-Line custom design and manufacture it for you. Start by calling or faxing a freehand sketch and we’ll return your idea as a drawing and with a quotation. Pro-Line is on your side!

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  • Tecate, CA

    BenchPro, Inc.™ manufactures complete line of America's finest workbench; everything from economy to premium designs for military, aerospace,cleanroom laboratory, universities, and electronic assembly. Select from ESD / Static Control, Stainless Steel, Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin, Butcher Block, Class 1 – 100 Cleanroom ESD workbenches & Custom Cart. GE, Apple, SpaceX, Motorola, Intel, D.O.D., U.S. Army, and 1000s more buy our workbench direct. WE MANUFACTURE AND SELL DIRECT.

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  • Maspeth, NY

    Providing ergonomic computer work stations and versatile components to suit most needs, Hergo® Ergonomic Support Systems has an entire line of ergonomically engineered modular enclosures, furniture, desks and racking systems. We serve a variety of industries.

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  • Barrington, IL

    Dehnco™ Equipment & Supplies provides companies with a CPU holder that is uniquely designed & configured to solve customer issues, be cost effective and that improves on employee productivity & efficiency. We manufacture & design CPU holders, CPU stands, computer holders, CPU hangers, CPU mounts, under desk CPU holders, over conveyor CRT stands and other workstation & workbench accessories.

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RDM Industrial Products: Quality Work Station Manufacturers

Workstation Furniture Since 1977, RDM Industrial Products has manufactured and supplied industrial and laboratory furniture. From the very beginning, our company's goals have been quality, service, and timing. We are committed to delivering quality work stations and work station furniture on schedule and on budget. Read More...... Read More

Sovella Introduces New LED Lighting Options

Sovella has always been a company that is dedicated to keeping their product lines up to date in order to meet their customers ever changing needs. Providing LED lighting is the newest way that Sovella is working to improve and expand upon their already extraordinary product line. These new LED lights have significantly greater efficiency than other lighting options. They come in a variety of lengths, and power input connectors are located at each end of the fixture as well as on the top. This allows multiple lights to be... Read More

Lab Furniture in Physics Class

After spending a month in Germany with a host family through my German program the previous summer, the roles have finally changed. Vera, my exchange partner, is in America at my house getting ready for her first day at an American school. However, today is not a normal school day. It's the Star Wars themed Physics Olympics and I am wearing a scout trooper costume I made out of poster board with the help of my dad. The purpose is to earn a few extra points and show support for... Read More

Accessorizing with Workstation Products?

How many people like to accessorize their workstation, and I'm not talking about bringing in pictures of loved ones and posting inspirational or funny quotes. I'm talking about shopping for things like office equipment, filing cabinets, ergonomic chairs and footrests, CPU holders, cable management devices, and other workstation products. Keeping your workstation up-to-date is important, and looking at all the new and different types of workstation furniture could get the interior designer going in you, wondering how you could spruce up your own office or industrial workstation. My co-workers and... Read More

Workstation Furniture for Functionality and Comfort

Workstation furniture ranges from laptop stands and PC carts to clusters of cubicles to spacious desks and sophisticated credenzas. If you're lucky, your job may involve a desk in your own personal office. It may be in a room with other desks. Your office building may have rows of cubicles inline and facing each other, or more modernly arranged around an axis in a more pleasing curved or even abstract design. From the starkest desk and chair combination to the most ornate piece of work furniture, or fanciest office layout,... Read More


Sovella's NEW Cornerstone-WS Workstation Replaces Basic Workstation, Redesign Brings Greater Strength and Stability KENNESAW, GEORGIA - September, 2012. As a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches and accessories, Sovella continually seeks to improve and perfect our wide range of products, and provide solutions that best meet the needs of our users. With those needs in mind, Sovella has introduced a new line of standard workstations to replace the previous "Basic" table product line. The new Cornerstone-WS workstation has an increased max load capacity of 1500lbs (previously 660 lbs with the Basic... Read More

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Workstation Furniture

Workstation furniture is a broad category that includes all furnishings, such as seating, tables and cabinets, needed and implemented in a given work area to promote organization, safety and productivity in industrial, commercial and domestic occupational environments. The goal of any given work station is to create an efficient space in which a worker may easily utilize, access and organize all tools and supplies required to complete a specified task.

Practical, reliable and efficient workstation furniture is found in nearly every office building, warehouse, manufacturing plant, clean room, hospital and assembly line in such diverse fields as automotive, metalworking, woodworking, electronics, medical, and food and chemical processing. Depending on the task at hand, most of these work stations involve a large flat desk-like surface on which to operate machines, assemble products and write and review documents. Drawers, shelves, cabinets and cubbies are common workstation furnishings. Though some workstations are made for standing operations and have no seating, most employ a chair, stool or bench. While work benches and stations must promote increased productivity, worker safety has become an ever increasing concern leading to the use of ergonomic workstation furniture in many industrial settings. This type of furniture is designed to suit the needs of the employee in order to reduce the risk of injuries related to repetitive or strenuous activity. In addition to protecting the worker, many workstations offer some degree of protection for the tools, equipment and all other paraphernalia by creating a safe and secure housing structure for often delicate instrumentation.

The variability of workstation furniture means that several different materials and manufacturing processes are needed to create each unique or uniform piece. Common materials include epoxy resins, phenol resins, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, wood, marble, slate, laminate and melamine all of which may be used to create the entirety of a piece of furniture, or in conjunction with components fabricated from other materials. Material selection is directly related to the intended use of a work area as, for example, applications using or producing harsh chemicals or sensitive materials must be constructed of nonreactive materials such as titanium and stainless steel. Metal and plastic apparatus are formed through extrusion, die-cutting, injection molding and other such processes while wooden elements are sawed and sanded. The many elements are then nailed, bolted, screwed and welded together with hinges and casters carefully placed as needed for portable workbenches. Workstation furniture and equipment is often modular and adjustable to suit the needs of changing workers and tasks. Modular workstations allow workers to configure the furniture in a manner specific to the needs of a particular job, as well as their own comfort and safety. Height, storage capabilities and power supply in the case of electronics as well as length, width, load capacity and surface type are some of the features that may be adjustable on modular furnishings. Often suppliers offer both custom work station furnishings and standardized configurations.

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