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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of milling machine guarding manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top milling machine guarding manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any milling machine guarding company can design, engineer, and manufacture milling machine guardings to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach milling machine guarding companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of polycarbonate milling machine enclosure, vertical turret milling machine guards or milling machine spindle guardings.

  • Mystic, CT 800-723-7015

    When it comes to milling machine guards we are the experts! We have made it our primary goal to see that each and every one of our customers is treated like number one in order to better serve you! All of our products go through a wide range of tests before even leaving our facility in order to ensure that we are bringing you the best products possible. Get in touch with us via telephone or email to learn more!

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  • Wolcottville, IN 844-520-7233

    Our team at PowerSafe Automation works to make working environments safer for our customers by providing superior turnkey machine guarding methods. Our line of products include machine enclosures, perimeter guards, power transmission safety covers, hazardous containment enclosures, and more. For details on how we can help your workplace, contact a PowerSafe Automation representative today!

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  • Saukville, WI 800-521-8272

    Using machine safety items to prevent hazardous contact between humans, machinery, product and buildings is very important to us. The machine guarding products we manufacture include bollard, column, door, pipe and rack guards; safety barriers and rails; stair systems and safety rails.

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  • Litchfield, MI 800-455-0019

    Jesco® Industries, Inc. since 1932 a Michigan business, family owned third generation and a Woman Owned Small Business WBE Certified. A leading manufacturer of material handling equipment (wire containment panels for palletgards, self-dumping hoppers, industrial guard rails) wire mesh lockers, machine guarding, and wire mesh partitions. An active member of the Woven Wire Products Association. Specials, no problem. "From the simplest to the complex, Jesco does it best!"

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  • Louisville, KY 800-924-9473

    Established in 1967, WireCrafters has grown to become the nation's leading producer of wire partition products. Some of our featured items are server cages, handrails, bicycle storage units and rack enclosures. We also have products needed for machine perimeter guarding, such as industrial safety guards and lift enclosures. Visit our website to see all product categories or give us a call today!

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Milling Machine Guards

Milling machine guards are two or three-sided enclosures that surround milling machinery, which contains dangerous cutters. They also protect machinists and operators from flying swarf, coolant, pieces of the material that have detached and tool breakages. Milling machine guards also keep the working environment cleaner and workers safer without compromising productivity.

Milling machine guards are a system of panels in a steel tubing or aluminum frame and are always composed of transparent panels so workers are able to see the fabrication process. Milling machines are tools used to form and alter solid materials, including wood, plastic and a variety of metals. Their operations include slot and keyway cutting, planning, drilling, rebating, routing and cutting away material by feeding the workpiece past multiple rotating tooth cutters. They are used mostly in manufacturing facilities, but are also found in school shop classes as well as workshops. When the milling machinery is in operation, all machine guards are locked and secure, no matter what their design; be it static, which is non-moving or traversing, which is able to move without being detached. Milling machine guards are either custom made to exact design specifications or pre-engineered to different sizes. Their size depends on the dimensions of the milling machinery, but is usually larger than other machine guarding pieces.

There are two main types of milling machine guards; those that slide, and those that are stationary. Both are always locked into place while the milling machine is in operation in order to protect workers, but some are able to slide back and fourth along a cross-slide, while others must be detached but can be swung out of place in order to get to the machining area. All milling machine guard panels are transparent and fabricated out of a strong, resistant and shatter proof plastic material called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate provides the same clarity as glass, but is safer to use and longer lasting. Some of the transparent panels are able to slide up and down, giving workers and operators easy access to the machining area without detaching the guard from the machinery. The frame must be very strong and able to handle continuous high impact from materials flying at high speeds. Guards that encase milling machinery are either horizontal or vertical in orientation, depending on the dimensions of the machinery. Horizontal guards slide back and fourth in a linear movement, while vertical guards are taller and might only need partial paneling on the top portion.