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  • Santa Fe Springs, CA 888-833-9000

    Here at EMC, we are committed to building the highest quality metal parts washers available anywhere. Our philosophy in manufacturing is to take our proven design and build production style equipment, using only heavy duty industrial grade components which are easily obtainable “off the shelf” items. This savings is then passed onto you, the customer! Visit our website to view our lineups of WATER EATER, POWERJET, and JETSINK parts cleaning systems!

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  • Oklahoma City, OK 800-245-1869

    Here at TEMCO, we keep the parts washing process simple- our products are easy to use and easy to maintain and repair. All our our models and custom designs are fabricated using high quality stainless steel. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry- if you have any questions or washing needs please give us a call today!

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  • Mentor, OH 440-259-2500

    At Niagara Systems, our machines are built from the ground up with quality and the customers at the forefront. Each parts washer is constructed from stainless steel and advanced polymer to ensure that your machine will last. No matter what your application or industry, our team of expert designer and engineers guarantee uniformity and user-friendliness with every machine. Contact Niagara Systems today to get started!

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  • Fond du Lac, WI 800-969-7960

    Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aqueous parts washers and parts cleaning systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed a full line of aqueous parts cleaning systems, including belt, chain, monorail, front/top loading cabinet, indexing, return-to-operator, compact cell, rotary drum, oil removal, and custom systems. Our machines are designed to meet the production and cleanliness requirements of our customers.

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  • Milwaukee, WI 877-683-6797

    International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial parts washers for a wide variety of industries. Our TruClean parts washer line includes conveyor belt washers, cabinet washers, monorail washers, rotary drum washers, case washers and pallet washers. ITS offers both standard sized and custom engineered equipment. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction by thoroughly testing our equipment and providing the most efficiently designed aqueous parts washer for your application.

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  • Cincinnati, OH 800-248-9274

    Cleaning Technologies Group is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies for metal parts washers available today. Serving the medical, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, automotive, off-road, and many other industrial markets our team has process knowledge and capability to meet your specific needs and the experience required to help you make an educated cleaning equipment purchase.

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Metal Parts Washers

Parts washers, specifically metal parts washers, are used to efficiently clean metal parts in a way that would otherwise be unachievable with traditional methods. These are especially common in the manufacturing world as these metal parts can become coated in grease, oil, and other manufacturing related grime that is close to impossible to effectively clean by hand. Metal parts washers provide a streamlined and easy way to clean these parts which not only provides a more aesthetically pleasing work environment, but also extends the life of the metal part as well as the machine that it plays a part in. In short, metal parts washers add a massive amount of value to just about any manufacturing application that utilizes metal part machinery.

These products can be found in a wide range of applications and industries from large industrial facilities to residential garages. The first way to filter out potential metal parts washer manufacturers is to look at their previous work and the scale of metal parts washers that they offer and compare that to what you are looking for. Metal parts washers themselves utilize a number of different operating methods in order to achieve the goals of different application requirements and needs. Typically, solvent-based parts washers offer the most effective cleaning solution, but they can also be potentially hazardous in certain applications depending on what type of material and solvent you utilize. To counter this, water-based metal parts washers are available, and while they do offer the protection of your material as well as environmental benefits, water-based metal parts washers are not able to eliminate every type of grime. To solve this issue, many manufacturers have begun to offer bio-remediation parts washers which utilize bacteria instead of water or just solvents, these bacteria eliminate most solvents before the need for disposal which reduces the strain on the environment of solvent based metal parts washers.

Whatever your application requires, if you’re environmentally conscious or not, there is a solution out there that will meet all the needs and requirements in the form of a well thought out metal parts washer. Again, reach out to an experienced metal parts washer manufacturer in order to ensure that the product you receive adds the most value to your operation, both on an environmental level as well as cleanliness and cost perspective.

Large Automatic Metal Parts Washer with Three Turntables Extra Height Powerjet Parts Washers
Large Automatic Metal Parts Washer - EMC/Equipment Manufacturing Corporation Extra Height Powerjet Parts Washers - EMC/Equipment Manufacturing Corporation

How to Test and Reduce the Toxicity of Parts Washer Waste

The significance of parts cleaning systems is undeniable for industries, especially manufacturing, recycling and automotive industries. Using these technological advancements, manufacturers and recycling plants ensure high quality in their products. Using parts cleaning equipment, manufacturers can clean and maintain their machinery and machine parts, which eventually adds to the quality of the final product. However, these cleaning appliances generate a large amount of waste that needs to be managed and regulated in order control the supply of pollutants directly into the environment. Waste production also affects cost containment within a production environment.

Parts washers employ a variety of cleaning solutions, which after being used, turn into toxic waste. This toxic wastewater, which is technically defined as industrial process waste, is quite hazardous, as it carries a large number of contaminants and chemicals captured during the cleaning cycle. Some states, including Illinois, have declared the process waste as “Special Waste”, which should be given special treatment before being released into the environment. If your manufacturing process releases some sort of wastewater, how do you determine whether your release is a “special “industrial process waste?

Two types of solutions are used in industrial automatic parts washers – waster-based and chemical-rich solvents. Although water-based or aqueous-based cleaning is pronounced safe and non-ignitable, the waste of this process may contain traces of toxins, harmful chemical, cutting fluids, contaminants, oil, grease, etc. The presence of all these pollutants makes the wastewater an inflammable and dangerous liquid. Sometimes, these pollutants can be more than the accepted quantity. Therefore, the wastewater should be strategically treated and filtered at the manufacturing plant. Manufacturers should ideally work to control the production of waste by deploying intelligent techniques for parts cleaning.

The following sections suggest a few techniques that will help you estimate the toxicity and reduce the release of toxins from your facility.

Test for ignitability – You can simply take a small sample for testing the flammability of the waste. However, this should be done very carefully and under expert supervision only. Wastewater rich in oily, greasy toxins catches fire easily. You could also to hire a team of professionals to perform these tests for you.

Test for pH level – The pH level of the solution that you are going to use, or of the wastewater freed by your parts cleaning equipment, can also be taken into consideration for assessing the noxiousness. Search for and leverage testing devices to test out the pH level of a solution or solvent.

Test for toxic metals, gases, and chemicals – Process waste is a probable source of toxic metal chips and gaseous elements. While most of these elements can be removed using an advanced filtration system, the outliers should be identified and removed from the waste before the discharge.

Also, check if your industrial process waste produces traces of toxic organisms and biodegradable elements. Further, you can compare the identified elements in your wastewater with the list of lab-tested toxic elements. Once identified, these toxins can be treated and reduced accordingly.

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