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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of foam cutting companies and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top foam cutting companies with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any foam cutting company can design, engineer, and provide foam cutting services to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach foam cutting companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of foam cubes, bulk foam, and hotwire foam cutters.

  • Arlington, TX

    The applications for foam manufacturing are only limited by one's imagination; that is the slogan at American Excelsior Company, a leading foam cutting manufacturer offering a variety of products and services for many industries. Let American Excelsior take your concept and turn it to reality. Call any time of the day with your questions or check out their helpful website.

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  • Painesville, OH

    We offer foam cutting tools that provide the best in technology and innovation. We use the latest techniques and tricks to get our products to suit any customer's needs. We know that customization is important to you, which is why we allow customers to dictate their needs to us. Whatever you need, we can make it for you! We will strive to fulfill your orders in no time and have your produced shipped to you fast!

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  • Madison, WI

    Wisconsin Foam is a foam cutting manufacturer that serves a multitude of applications & industries with highly targeted, cost-effective precision flexible foam solutions— no matter the size or complexity. Impressive in-house capabilities & expansive inventory of standard & specialty foam ensures best quality, price & delivery for all your foam needs! Please call Wisconsin Foam today.

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  • Garland, TX

    The Heubach Corporation offers high quality, top of the line foam cutting services to all our customers. We have been providing these services for over 24 years. We are proud to say that we have excellent customer service. Our foam cutting capabilities range from 3-D CNC cutting, die cutting, skiving, and splitting. We can provide a foam solution for virtually any need.

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    Flextech has delivered innovative, custom engineered foam solutions to the medical, military, personal safety, and the industrial industry since 1992. One of the many services that we offer to our customers is die cutting. We have high speed, tight tolerances, large-platen four post, traveling head machines, and clicker presses. Flextech's die cutting machines are highly accurate and can cut through various materials. To learn more about our extensive foam cutting services call Flextech today!

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  • Wadsworth, OH

    Remington Products is a custom molder and fabricator of cushioning products. Technologies include compression molding, skiving & contouring, molded / poured urethane foams and elastomers, thermoforming, die cutting, laminating, decorating, packaging and distribution. ISO certified.

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  • Bolingbrook, IL

    Specializing in many industries, Clark Foam Products offers custom foam products using the latest technologies. Polyurethanes, crosslinks, filter foams, extrusions & more. Offering cost efficiency, quality & environmentalism with computer-designed products & innovative environmental technology.

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  • Evansville, IN

    Here at Thrust Industries we provide die cut foam that comes in a variety of shapes and configurations. We die cut foam from a number of materials including: urethane, PVC, polyester, neoprene, ether, cellular, volara, and much more. If you would like customized die cut foam then please give us a call today!

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    Our foam cutting products are the best in the industry. We work with our customers step by step to create the ultimate designs and products just for you. No matter the size of your order, we are happy to create a customized solution for your problems and products. We work hard with the latest technology and programs to help you find the solutions you need. Contact us for more info!

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Basic Tools for Cutting Foam

A large part of working with foam is cutting it into the desired shape. Not all foam types work well with all foam cutting tools. Harder foams require different cutting and shaping tools than soft foams. The key to shaping foam properly is to use the correct tool for the job. From hot cutting tools to basic scissors, there are a wide variety of cutting tools that you can use to shape and cut foam. Below is a list of some of the most common tools used for foam cutting:... Read More

TMP Technologies, Inc. Provides Superior Foam Products

Foam Fabricating TMP Technologies has over 60 years of manufacturing experience and our company has become an industry leader across the globe as well as a frontrunner of foam innovations. We are a specialty contract designer creating foam, rubber, plastic and metal solutions for a number of industries including: aerospace, aircraft, automotive, medical, clean room, electronics, government, office products and consumer products. Read More...... Read More

Cutting Styles of Foam Fabricators

Foam fabricators have a variety of tools in their arsenals to help create unique foam pieces for any use. Foam fabricators can work with reticulated polyurethane foam, closed-cell foams, open-cell foam, foam sheets, foam caps, and any other kind of foam imaginable. Depending on whether the company wants a foam display, foam package, foam strips, foam sheets, foam gaskets, or any other kind of foam product, a foam fabricator may use one of the following tooling methods to create the perfect shape and design for the job: CNC cutting: These... Read More

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Foam Cutting

Foam cutting includes several different processes that foam cutters use for cutting foam into various shapes and forms. Foam cutting is an important process for many industrial and commercial operations, and the products generated by foam cutting are used in all kinds of contexts.

Foam cutting is the most common method of foam fabrication. In stock form, foam is most commonly stored and transported in buns, sheets and rolls which then require secondary processing in order to meet the desired shapes and sizes of its intended use. Foam is a variable, polymer-based material which is used in a broad range of applications in industries as carried as construction, aerospace, medical and marine. While a thermoset and molding process can also be used to fabricate some specifically shaped foam parts, most products are constructed from cutting foam in desired shapes, or into parts of shapes that are then joined by adhesive into the final product. Foam is used for a number of insulation and structuring purposes, as well as in signage, architectural modeling and props, aerospace applications, medical applications, foam cushioning for sports and recreational equipment, air and liquid filtration, packaging and energy absorption. It is a material that is able to be used in an almost limitless range of applications due to the ways in which it can differ and be adapted in terms of shape, size, softness and density. Specific applications require different types of foam such as polyurethane or polyethylene, and in the same way, different types of foam cutting. All these factors should be carefully considered when determining the best type of foam and method of fabrication.

The process of foam cutting can be achieved by contour cutting, die cutting, hot wire cutting, laser or water jet cutting. Contour cutting uses a specialized saw that cuts into a foam block in the desired pattern or shape. Foam die cutting uses a process similar to stamping to produce parts from a solid piece of foam. For long duration runs, this is a consistent and efficient method of parts cutting. Another common and precise foam cutting method is hot wire cutting. This process uses a taut metal wire instead of a saw blade. The wire is heated through electrical resistance until it is hot enough to melt, or vaporize, the foam. It passes through the material at the desired location and vaporizes the foam before it comes into contact with it. The speed of the process has to be carefully considered so as not to drag the wire and damage the foam if too fast, or create an unnecessarily wide cut if pulled through too slow. The depth of the cut is limited only by the length of the cutting wire and this is restricted by wire’s tendency to sag under the force of gravity.

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