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  • St. Louis Park, MN 952-345-0012

    Since 1992, Flextech has delivered innovative, custom engineered foam solutions. We combine our engineering and design services with our unique foam lamination, fabrication, and thermoforming capabilities, to provide quality foam components to a diverse customer base. Our customers include OEM’s in the medical, industrial, military, aerospace and consumer products markets. We invite you to connect and collaborate with our sales and engineering team. Let us show you the Flextech advantage!

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  • Pennsauken, NJ 856-486-0006

    Deluxe Packaging works hard to always create cost-effective solutions and services for our clients better than anyone else. We offer a full array of high quality products, including polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, and polyethylene foam. Our products are customizable to match a product’s fragility and size. Deluxe Packaging is your complete packaging solution provider for all of your packaging needs.

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  • Newton Falls, OH 330-872-0995

    Luxaire Cushion Company is your leading source for high-quality filter foam and other materials. Our foam is available in rigid, semi-rigid, outdoor, or open cell form. With over 70 years of experience in our industry, we have earned a reputation for high quality and integrity, and you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Call us today or visit our website for more information on all our products and services.

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  • Evansville, IN 800-467-6730

    A world-class supplier of foam products, Thrust Industries has the filter foam solutions you need. We provide diverse manufacturing services, including die cutting, laser cutting, and fabrication to help you create a foam product to fit your applications. With superior technical knowledge and customer service, we supply higher quality products that provide improved performance. Contact us today!

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Filter Foam Industry Information

Filter Foam

Filter foam, also known as reticulated foam, is a type of foam product used to remove unwanted contaminants from liquids and gases. This type of foam is typically a low-density, open-celled polyurethane, polyether, polyester, or ceramic foam. The open cell structure and porosity of reticulated foam allow liquids and gases to pass through while still catching larger particles and contaminants, making it ideal for use as a filter material.

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Applications of Filter Foam

While many other types of filters operate by catching particles on their surface, filter foams are depth-loading filters. This means that contaminants are captured within the body of the foam instead of just the outer surface. Depth-loading is an ideal feature for filters used in applications for fluids with a higher concentration of particles. As it catches the higher volume of contaminants, the filter foam has more room within its structure to hold the contaminants without becoming clogged. This structure and filtering process also helps improve the quality of the filter. Particles larger than the pore size of the filter get caught on the exterior of the foam, and they start to build up, forming what is called the cake layer. The cake layer serves as a secondary filter, catching even smaller particles. Only the smallest particles are able to breach this outer layer, but once they enter into the foam structure, they are captured within the pockets, or cells, of the foam. Thus, filter foams are an incredibly useful filtration option.

Characteristics of Filter Foam

Manufacturers create many different kinds of filter foam. Filters can be manufactured from polyurethane, polyester, polyether, ceramic, and even metal. Polyether foams are often used in liquid filtration applications, polyester foams are used in gas filtration, and polyurethane foams can be used in many filtration applications, including vehicle air filters. In addition to the material composition of the foam, other foam properties can also be manipulated to enhance and specialize filters. The size, shape, and distribution of the cells within the foam can be tailored to meet the porosity needs of different applications.

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