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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of urethane foam manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top urethane foam manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any urethane foam company can design, engineer, and manufacture urethane foam to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach urethane foam companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of spray foam insulation, rigid foam, and acoustic foam.

  • Arlington, TX

    AEC's facilities are equipped with the latest technology to guarantee quality production of urethane foam & many more specialty products. AEC’s high caliber logistics team assures timely delivery & distribution operations to meet customer needs & maximize efficiency, while a dedicated sales force remains focused on defining & delivering solutions to a broad range of customers worldwide.

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  • Painesville, OH

    AFP’s foams encompass a variety of properties & applications to better meet customers’ needs. Their urethane foam is manufactured with the understanding that their customers won’t accept anything but the best for their respective businesses. Call AFP today & engineers will design the package you are looking for— from the most elaborate custom display cases to your everyday shipping needs.

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  • Madison, WI

    Wisconsin Foam’s experienced & knowledgeable team has amassed an impressive reputation as the industry’s leading urethane foam expert. After carefully analyzing the most cost-effective approach for your project, Wisconsin Foam’s experienced professionals will also complete partial or full assembly processes to efficiently satisfy all stages of production. Choose Wisconsin Foam today.

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  • Garland, TX

    Our business is you, and we work hard to manufacture the products that will make you happy and meet all your foam fabricating needs. We provide our customers with the highest quality urethane foam products, and we can fulfill orders of any size, from a single sample piece to millions of foam pieces in one order.

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    Since 1992, Flextech has delivered innovative, custom engineered foam solutions to our customers the medical, industrial, military, aerospace and consumer products markets. Urethane foam can be a rigid or flexible foam, which makes it ideal for the medical and personal safety industries. Flextech manufactures wheelchair seating, braces (knee, ankle, back, and neck support), and padding for helmets, goggles/eye wear and backpacks. For more information about the Flextech Advantage call us today!

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  • Wadsworth, OH

    Remington Products is a custom molder and fabricator of cushioning products. Technologies include compression molding, skiving & contouring, molded / poured urethane foams and elastomers, thermoforming, die cutting, laminating, decorating, packaging and distribution. ISO certified.

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  • Bolingbrook, IL

    Specializing in many industries, Clark Foam Products offers custom foam products using the latest technologies. Polyurethanes, crosslinks, filter foams, extrusions & more. Offering cost efficiency, quality & environmentalism with computer-designed products & innovative environmental technology.

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  • Evansville, IN

    Here at Thrust Industries we provide die cut foam that comes in a variety of shapes and configurations. We die cut foam from a number of materials including: urethane, PVC, polyester, neoprene, ether, cellular, volara, and much more. If you would like customized die cut foam then please give us a call today!

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    We provide our customers with samples, long and short productions, prototypes, and whatever else you need! We specialize in urethane foam products, and we can manufacture nearly any foam product imaginable for use in any industry. We supply products for the automotive, medical, computer, and furniture industries. Contact us today to learn more!

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Rempac Foam Corporation: Coated Foam Products

Urethane Foam Introducing the Rempac Foam Group celebrating 50 years as a Made in America manufacturer with offices and manufacturing facilities in Rochelle Park, N.J. & Lumberton, N.C. With ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certifications, we offer our customers a broad range of open and closed cell foamed plastic and sponge rubber materials, unique conversion processes and a corporate commitment to excellent customer service and thorough quality assurance. Our unique expertise in the coating of grains - both abrasive and non-abrasive - directly onto flexible urethane foams is what sets... Read More

Applications for Urethane Foam

Urethane foam is a type of spongy, plastic-based foam that is used in a variety of industries. If you have anything with a foamy texture or cushioning base, it is probably made from urethane foam. This kind of foam is made from a mixture of polyol, diisocyanate, and other chemical additives to create the spongy texture of the foam. This foam is so useful, that it is used in more industries than you may at first realize. The use of the foam varies depending on the density and absorption rate... Read More

Matresses and Other Urethane Foam Uses

We can find urethane foam all over! In hospitals, it is used for equipment such as surgical scrubbers or x-ray positioning pads. In the automobile industry, they can be used for interior padding. Other options include sound insulation, thermal insulation and packaging materials. However, the most common and best known use for urethane foam is in bedding and mattress bedding. And, considering how napping and sleeping are amongst my favorite personal hobbies, this makes urethane foam incredibly important to me and an everyday use for all of us. Photo Courtesy... Read More

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Urethane Foam

Urethane foam is the most common type of foam and is resilient, low density, closed cell and is available in many different flexibilities and firmnesses. It biodegrades when exposed to UV light, and can be flexible, rigid, semi-flexible, high resilient and anti-static.

Urethane foam is a versatile and widely used type of foam material. Commonly used to refer to a material made from polyurethane, urethane foam can be both rigid and flexible and in a broad range of industries such as construction, furniture, automotive and medical. Hospital equipment such as surgical scrubbers or x-ray positioning pads, sound and thermal insulation, packaging materials and interior padding for automobiles are examples of common uses for urethane foam. As with other foam materials, urethane foam is extremely versatile in its range of uses and can be adjusted in terms of thickness, density, cell form, size and shape. Foams are most often described as either open cell foam or closed cell foam according to the layout of the individual material cells. Open cell foam cells are interconnected and produce a highly absorbent and soft material. Closed cell foam tends to be more resistant to pressure and absorption, but provides a rigid structural support. Foam is typically stored and transported in stock sizes of blocks, rolls or buns which are then cut and fabricated into final products. Through the process of foam cutting using hot wire, laser, water jet or CNC machines, bulk blocks of foam can be cut into precise and uniform shapes. These shapes can also be joined together with adhesives to create a final product. For more complex shapes, urethane foam can be molded to produce furniture upholstery and seat cushioning.

Bedding and mattress padding is the best known use of urethane foam. As foam is an artificially manufactured material, it can be formed to a specific densities and flexibilities which are particularly useful for mattress and bedding manufacturers who can then market different comfort levels of mattress to their customers. Flexible urethane foam is a popular alternative to steel springs and polyester fiber for foam padding. It is quieter, does not require further padding and recovers quickly from compression. Other common uses include insulation in attic roofing, walls and other parts of construction. Urethane foam can be manufactured in a spray form which is commonly used in place of other insulation materials as it expands to fit precisely into an area. Using spray insulation removes the possibility for gaps and ensures that a barrier is its most effective. Urethane foam is an ideal insulation material as the open cells of the foam hold air which has low thermal conductivity, preventing unnecessary loss of interior temperature or air condition.

Urethane Foam
Urethane Foam
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Urethane Foam - Rempac Foam Corporation