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  • Louisville, KY

    Established in 1950, Carrier is internationally known for its pioneering work in the field of vibratory technology and specializes in the manufacture of flash dryers among other related equipment, such as vibrating conveyors, feeders, screeners, fluid bed coolers, vibrating spiral elevators, quality corona treaters, in addition to many more. Please call Carrier today for a quote!

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  • Aston, PA

    Maguire Products serves the plastic industry by providing the necessary equipment. Our manufactured products include purging recovery systems, sweeping systems, dryers, feeders, pumps, granulators and more. We also have a variety of models among our blenders, of which the most popular and worldwide famous are the Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders. Visit our website and learn more!

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  • Pennsauken, NJ

    We are a proven company that will honor all of your requests. We manufacture superb flash dryers and our teams can tailor-make any machine to match your application. Our company is your one-stop-shop for all your flash dryer needs. All of these items are beyond compare! There are number advantages when you select us as your dryer manufacturer. Give us a call today to learn more information!

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  • New Columbia, PA

    Through its Gruenberg and Blue M brands, TPS offers a range of standard and custom industrial drying ovens. Delivering durability, innovation, and superior performance, Gruenberg ovens accommodate temperatures up to 1200F and are available in a number of configurations, including cabinet, truck in, and top loading models. Known for rugged reliability and value pricing, Blue M ovens are available in bench top, stacked, and cabinet models to accommodate a variety of capabilities and footprints.

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  • De Pere, WI

    Dürr MEGTEC provides drying systems to the printing, coating and laminating industries for paper, film, foil and other advanced web-based materials processing. We design, engineer and manufacture convection air flotation dryers, infrared and hybrid dryers such as combination infrared/convection air dryers. We are the innovators in high efficiency drying, with our air bar/air nozzle designs for efficient drying and web handling. Contact us to discuss your drying and curing needs.

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An Infrared Savings

Who does not like being more hygienic and saving money? These two terms may not be two we typically see in the same sentence, but many businesses have already jumped on the infrared dryer bandwagon. Hand dryers are usually found in public restrooms or places where cleanliness is important in order to operate, such as the food industry. Modern hand dryers almost exclusively use infrared technology in order to heat their infrared dryers. The way that dryers are more hygienic, is the fact that paper towels are not used and... Read More

The Importance of Flash Dryers

Industrial drying is an important process. There are many different contexts in which access to industrial drying equipment is necessary. There is a particularly large need within industry for drying equipment that can be used to dry large quantities of free flowing materials. Such materials include fibers, agricultural products, industrial chemicals and a wide variety of other materials. Flash dryers can be thought of as cousins of pneumatic conveyors and rotary dryers. They are like pneumatic conveyors in that they use pressurized streams of gas to move free flowing materials... Read More

Flash Dryers: Drying Solids in the Blink of an Eye

Flash dryers combine mechanical agitation, forced air and hot gases to dry and resize caked and paste-like solid materials. Not to be confused with the flash dryers utilized by many high school clubs and sports teams to make the most suggestive screen print shirts they can get away with. A flash dryer is actually a large industrial dryer that can separate moisture from solid materials in 3 seconds or less. The process is inexpensive and can generate temperatures ranging between 200 and 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The process is a single... Read More

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Flash Dryers

Flash dryers are industrial dryers that are used to dry and resize caked or paste-like solid materials; they combine mechanical agitation, hot gasses and forced air to separate moisture from solid materials. Flash drying is characterized mainly by the short duration of drying time. This quality makes flash drying ideal for the drying of products that are sensitive to heat.

A flash dryer takes a collection of materials and suspends it in a chamber, where it is exposed to high heat for a short time and then sent to a collection chamber once dried completely. The process takes only a few seconds. Flash dryers are used in the food processing industries to separate moisture from granulated food products that would be too sensitive for processes like spray drying or rotary drying. In mineral processing operations, flash dryers are used to dry and heat minerals that may be sensitive to heat exposure; flash dryers are ideal for the processing of these materials because they expose materials to heat for no more than a few seconds. Caked materials, flakes, pastels, slurries, gels and other materials of similar consistencies can all be treated easily and effectively by flash dryers.

Some of the largest dryer designs are flash dryers. Some models are capable of water evaporation in excess of 20 tons per hour. Depending on a given flash dryer’s configuration, a flash dryer can generate drying enclosure temperatures anywhere between 200° and 1400°F. A flash dryer’s most important component is its drying chamber; it is in this chamber where product is separated from moisture and evacuated into a collection area. Drying chambers usually feature inlets for product and air as well as outlets for air and dried product. The air inlet supplies a controllable stream of air that suspends the product in the drying chamber, exposing it fully to the heat before it is evacuated from the chamber. This method allows for even drying and produces an evenly shaped and evenly distributed dried product. Many flash dryers can be made to recycle used air, which increases drying and heat generation efficiency and reduces energy costs. Different flash dryers are equipped to handle different materials. For example, a heated air flash drying system would not be suitable for the drying of combustible materials, as air and heat are two ingredients in combustion reactions. In those cases, inert gasses like nitrogen would be used in the place of air. Similar considerations make careful flash dryer selection important to successful drying operations.

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