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  • Scarborough, ME

    Our agitators offer the highest dispersion speeds on the market. These mills are capable of reducing substances to their ultimate particle size. These high quality products are in several models and are able to process 3 to 500 gallons per minute based on the particular system. Our units operate on the principal of attrition utilizing a slotted rotor inside a slotted stator. These systems can quickly achieve the desired mixture ratios. Give us a call or visit our website for more information!

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  • Carol Stream, IL

    Frain Industries offers various types of agitators for a variety of mixing needs. From paddles and impellers to single and multiple blades, we offer mixers for every application. Our machines are used in a wide variety of industries like food, beverage, diary, pharmaceutical, and many more! We offer complete line integration, in-house testing, and on-site installations! Call us today to learn more about our various types of agitators!

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  • Hauppauge, NY

    Ross is a manufacturer of industrial mixing, blending and dispersion equipment since 1842. We offer sanitary, standard and custom equipment designed to meet the varied mixing requirements of our customers from virtually all the process industries. Our plants in the United States, China and India are all fully equipped with advanced engineering and production tools. In the US alone, we operate five plants and maintain an 8000-sq.ft. Test & Development Center. Call us or visit our website today!

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  • Londonderry, NH

    Our low-shear agitator, the RotoMAXX II, is designed with a right angle helical bevel gearbox and can handle volumes up to 60,000 gallons. The Rotomixx is a portable/tote agitator with a 316 SS gearbox and bearing frame that provide superior corrosion resistance. Both units are 3-A compliant and can withstand the most stringent CIP, washdown, pressure washing, and steam cleaning environments. See or

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  • Aston, PA

    Maguire Products serves the plastic industry by providing the necessary equipment. Our manufactured products include purging recovery systems, sweeping systems, dryers, feeders, pumps, granulators and more. We also have a variety of models among our blenders, of which the most popular and worldwide famous are the Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders. Visit our website and learn more!

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  • Carlstadt, NJ

    ARDE Barinco Inc offers complete systems for wet grinding, dispersion and mixing applications. Our agitators are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Our unique designs are engineered for versatile use and we offer free lifetime technical support. These remarkably efficient agitators provide higher recirculation rates and can handle a variety of viscosity levels. You can trust our products for all of your applications whether it is chemical, food, pharmaceutical or more.

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  • New Prague, MN

    Scott Equipment Company is an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom processing equipment, and has served a multitude of industries since our inception in 1966. Markets such as food, agricultural, and waste reduction have benefited from our state-of-the-art equipment. Our line of products include batch mixers, rotary drum mixers, industrial blenders, and more. Contact Scott Equipment today!

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Agitation Is Key

Do you know what the trick is for homemade ice cream? Agitation. Sure there are hundreds of recipes out there that claim to have superior ingredient combinations but to make true ice cream there is a quintessential process for the mixture to have a cream-like texture. Stirring or shaking in any form is fundamental to allow the ingredients to become thoroughly mixed and smooth. Most ice creams have basic requirements such as cream, sweetener and milk. However if you were to put all the components of even the best ice... Read More

Tricks of the Mixing Trade

Mixer agitator manufacturers have had to come up with a few tricks to manage all of the complications that can arise during industrial mixing operations. Companies that require access to mixing products in their operations have realized that the use of a mixing agitator alone doesn't always thoroughly mix products. In some cases, simply submerging a spinning agitator can result in a partial mixture; these partial mixtures often don't qualify as mixtures at all. Agitator manufacturers have come up with a few different ways to manage this problem. One of... Read More

Agitators Should be Called "Harmonizers"

Agitator is kind of an ironic name for a thing that actually is used to induce harmony amongst many different materials. I'll think of the easiest example I can in order to prove my point. And bear this assurance in mind: I promise this will relate to industry's uses for agitators. I love guacamole, and I've found that the process is the least time-consuming and labor-intensive when I use my food processor. When I lay all of the ingredients out on the counter, there's chaos there. Unpeeled avocados, un-skinned onions,... Read More

Agitators Applications

An agitator is a type of mixer used for substances with low viscosities in low-shear applications. A washing machine is a good example of an agitator. The machine wiggles and displaces clothes until they line the perimeters of the machine like cotton candy. When I overload the machine at my parent's house it starts shaking and moving side to side as if it were in a cartoon. Some one then has to run down to the laundry room and stop the machine to rearrange everything inside. Washing machines are the... Read More

Custom Design Process Vessels - Charles Ross & Son Company

Offering over 175 years of experience in designing and building process equipment, Ross is uniquely equipped to accept a wide range of custom fabrication projects – from simple jacketed vessels and agitated tanks to pressurized reactors and large tank farms.   Pictured is a 300-gallon vessel designed for 5 psi internal pressure at 300°F. Product wetted surfaces are stainless steel type 304L polished to 240-grit finish. The vessel is agitated by a special disperser blade driven to 1,150 rpm by a 75HP explosion-proof motor. The agitator shaft utilizes a mechanical... Read More

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The process of agitation differs from mixing, in that agitation involves the designed and specific movement of a liquid, while in mixing, the movement is random and non-specific. Agitation keeps an already mixed solution in a state that is necessary for the final product. An agitator is a type of mixer that deals with low-viscosity substances in low-shear applications. They can range in size from small agitators used in laboratories, to large agitators used in industrial settings that are capable of holding up to 10,000 gallons. Their primary functions are ensuring substance uniformity and producing flow within a vessel. Therefore, the functions of agitators are secondary and they serve as an aid to the mixing process.

The component that powers an agitator is known as the impeller. The impeller is the component that adds force to the material being mixed. Examples of impellers include paddles, anchors, gates, turbines, propellers, and the blade located in the center of a washing machine. Impellers fall under two categories: axial flow impellers, and radial flow impellers. Radial flow impellers apply a horizontal flow to the mixing process, and are typically selected for elongated vessels and low-level mixing processes. Unlike their axial counterparts, radial flow impellers do not have a high turnover flow.

  • Axial flow impellers implement an axial—or up and down—flow pattern. Common examples of axial impellers include:
  • Hydrofoils – this impeller works with liquids of viscosities up to 3,000 cps. One advantage of this type of impeller is the implementation of laminar flow – or the movement of the fluid particles in parallel layers – in order to reduce turbulence
  • Pitch Blade – the most versatile of impellers, and are ideal for blending two or more liquids, and are capable of mixing liquids with viscosities up to 50,000 cps

Marine-type Propellers – these impellers are often used on marine vessels. Benefits include cost and energy efficiency. However, they are not recommended for larger applications due to their price and weight. Marine-type propellers are ideal for mixing liquids with viscosities up to 5,000 cps

For high-viscosity products such as polymers, adhesives, and grease lubricants, mixers with multiple agitators are used. These mixers contain several agitators that operate independently from one another, and a flexible controls systems that allows for it to switch gears. This controls system enables the machine and its operator to work with a fast-changing multitude of products, making it a recommended machine for companies that require a fast turnover time for products of different materials.

Technological advances are constantly being made in developing new mixing machines. The primary focus of this research has been toward the heat transfer, controls, power and liquid induction, and the overall design of the agitator. The newer designs of mixers allow for up to three different agitators to operate within one vessel during the processes of charging, mixing, and discharging the vessel’s ingredients. Each agitator can be independently powered and controlled by an electronic variable-speed drive. When a third agitator is added, the mixer’s functionality greatly increases. Two challenges that are commonly found in mixing are stratification (separation of liquids that are incapable of being mixed), and solid suspension (state of a solid of which its particles are capable of separation). Fortunately, the velocity of the mixer can be calculated in order to achieve the desired level of mixing.

Agitators are primarily used in liquids, as they do not work well with thicker, more viscous materials. Agitators in food mixing and industrial products can have similar configurations. Alternatively, they are available as removable rods that can be placed in a substance long enough to agitate it. Agitators can be used in conjunction with other mixing devices within a vessel. Outside of maintaining consistency, promoting heat transfer, and producing flow, agitators do not have as much of a practical use. A variety of agitators are available, such as paddle agitators, gate agitators, anchor agitators, radial propeller agitators, propeller agitators, turbine agitators, and helical agitators. All of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, some types require more power, and others work well with only certain types of substances. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration gravity, viscosity, and properties of the desired material, as well as the application for which the agitator will be used. Common substances that agitators are used for include grease lubricants, adhesives, varnishes, inks, and paints. Agitators can be found in applications such as the creation of household, commercial, and industrial products such as liquid detergents and heating compounds.

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