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  • Scarborough, ME

    As a world leader in industrial mixer manufacturing, KADY International offers high-performance industrial mixing machinery including top and bottom entry batch mixers, high shear mixers and chemical mixers. Featuring a worldwide network of representatives and agents, we outreach other industrial mixer companies in consumer reach and accessibility and offers excellent customer service.

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  • Carol Stream, IL

    Frain Industries is the world’s largest provider of high quality processing machinery! We offer a wide variety of mixers based on the product and volume our customers require. Frain Industries offers mixers made of stainless steel and carbon steel! We have a skilled team of engineers and technicians that are able to design mixing solutions around your unique applications. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about our mixers!

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  • Hauppauge, NY

    Ross is a manufacturer of industrial mixing, blending and dispersion equipment since 1842. We offer sanitary, standard and custom equipment designed to meet the varied mixing requirements of our customers from virtually all the process industries. Our plants in the United States, China and India are all fully equipped with advanced engineering and production tools. In the US alone, we operate five plants and maintain an 8000-sq.ft. Test & Development Center. Call us or visit our website today!

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  • Londonderry, NH

    Admix, Inc. manufactures stainless steel mixing technologies & assists with tough mixing issues for a variety of markets. Choose from products such as basic mixers, Rotomaxx™ high torque mixers, BenchMix™ programmable lab mixers and a multitude of other innovative designs from Admix for your mixing needs. Our equipment meets 3-A, USDA-Dairy, AMS and AG-Canada hygienic & safety standards.

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  • Chicago, IL

    PerMix has been manufacturing mixing and blending equipment since 1954 for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, food, and chemical industry. PerMix leads the industry in innovative, performance driven, Value Added Engineering mixing solutions of all types for all industries. With over 28 types of mixers, we lead the industry in mixing solutions when it comes to mixing powders, liquids, or pastes. The largest selection of mixers available of ANY brand in the industry.

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  • Marion, IA

    For more than 75 years, we have provided custom designed industrial mixing, drying, moving and controlling solutions for the food, plastics, minerals, chemicals, and biomass industries, manufactured to fit the specific requirements of one type of application- yours. It’s simple really, when you’re proud of your work, you sign your name to it. You’ll find it on everything we build. After all, it’s a Marion. Connect with us at or 800.397.6371.

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  • Carlstadt, NJ

    At ARDE Barinco, our goal is to help our clients mix, disperse, deagglomerate, grind and compound their high quality products in the shortest amount of time with the lowest operating and capital cost. Complete, up to date pricing for all standard mixers and spare parts is show on our website.

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Tank Mixers Industry Information

Tank Mixers

Tank mixers are used to blend products for chemical manufacturing, food processing, and wastewater treatment. Tank mixers are designed to agitate the contents of a tank, ensuring uniform mixture.

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Tank Mixer Components

Tank mixers consist of several key components that work together for effective mixing. The first component is the motor and power source connection, which provides the energy that drives the mixer. Connected to the motor is the shaft, which extends into the tank. The shaft is equipped with an impeller, the primary mixing element that creates fluid mixing motion. The impeller design can vary, including propellers, turbines, or paddles. Finally, a mounting and support structure ensures stability and proper positioning of the mixer within the tank.

While the support structure may indirectly support other components, such as the motor or the shaft, it is not directly attached to any specific component of the tank mixer. The motor is typically connected to the support structure through a mounting bracket or similar mechanism, while the shaft extends from the motor into the tank, carrying the impeller at its end. The support structure ensures that the weight of the mixer and the forces generated during operation are adequately distributed, preventing any unnecessary stress or movement that could affect the overall performance of the tank mixer.

Tank Mixer Variations

Tank mixers come in different variations to cater to specific requirements. One common variation is found between direct drive and gear drive mixers. Direct drive mixers have the motor directly connected to the impeller shaft for higher mixing speeds and simplicity. They are often used for smaller-scale applications. On the other hand, gear drive mixers use a gearbox to transmit power from the motor to the impeller shaft, offering increased torque and versatility for larger-scale industrial mixing tasks. Another important variation is between top-entry and side-entry mixers. Top-entry mixers are suitable for larger tanks and mixing large volumes. Side-entry mixers, however, are ideal for continuous mixing in tanks with limited headroom.

Features of Tank Mixers

While tank mixers provide significant benefits, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. Tank mixers should have proper sealing and containment to prevent leakage or contamination. Carefully evaluate if the mixer materials are compatible with the substances being mixed to avoid corrosion or unfortunate chemical reactions. Additionally, the design and positioning of the mixer components should be optimized to prevent dead zones or poor mixing in certain areas of the tank.

Manufacturing Tank Mixers

Manufacturers build tank mixers with robust sealing mechanisms, such as high-quality gaskets, seals, or mechanical seals, to prevent leakage and contamination. The careful selection of materials for mixer components ensures compatibility. Advancements in mixer technology include improved impeller designs and advanced control systems. New advancements continually enhance tank mixers' performance, reliability, and safety.

Benefits of Tank Mixers

Tank mixers offer several advantages in industrial applications. To begin with, they ensure consistent and uniform mixing, minimizing the risk of product inconsistencies or separation. Tank mixers can reduce mixing time, accelerate chemical reactions, and improve heat transfer. Furthermore, tank mixers can facilitate the dispersion of additives, such as dyes or stabilizers.

Applications of Tank Mixers

Tank mixers are used in many industries. In the chemical industry, for example, tank mixers blend raw materials, to ensure desired product characteristics. In food processing, tank mixers are used to blend ingredients sauces, beverages, or confectionery. The pharmaceutical industry also uses tank mixers for homogenizing and emulsifying ingredients for medications. Additionally, tank mixers are instrumental in wastewater treatment processes, dispersing solids for efficient treatment and purification.

The Future of Tank Mixers

The future of tank mixers looks promising due to new technological advancements. Manufacturers are actively exploring ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tank mixing processes. One area of focus is integrated advanced control systems and automation. This allows for precise monitoring. Smart sensors and real-time data analysis may enable proactive maintenance and optimize mixing performance. Moreover, advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques could open the door for the development of more durable and corrosion-resistant tank mixers. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and modeling techniques will create accurate predictions of mixing behavior. Engineers can use this info to optimize mixer designs. With these ongoing research and development efforts, the future of tank mixers is looking bright.

Selecting a Tank Mixer

Choosing the right tank mixer is essential to achieve optimal performance and desired outcomes. Several factors should be considered when selecting a tank mixer for a specific application. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, high-shear mixers are ideal for the emulsification and dispersion of ingredients while maintaining critical sanitary standards. Similarly, selecting a jet mixer based on flow rate, solids handling capability, and chemical resistance in wastewater treatment processes ensures efficient mixing and treatment. Additional factors to consider include required mixing capabilities, material compatibility, resistance to corrosion, and the ability to meet specific industry standards.

Choosing the Right Tank Mixer Company

To ensure you have the most beneficial result when purchasing tank mixers from a manufacturer, compare several companies using our directory of tank mixer companies. Each tank mixer company has a business profile page highlighting areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the company for more information or to request a quote. Review each company’s website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn each company’s specialty. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple tank mixer companies with the same form.