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  • Louisville, KY

    We manufacture fluid bed dryers that are designed with various features. These systems are easy to maintain and the cleaning process is simple. It utilizes a re-circulated gas and closed loop process that improves the efficiency of the dry. Our machines were created from USDA 3A construction process which means these items are guaranteed to be sanitary. These fluid bed dryers are great for processes involving sticky materials, temperature sensitive materials and more!

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  • Aston, PA

    Maguire Products serves the plastic industry by providing the necessary equipment. Our manufactured products include purging recovery systems, sweeping systems, dryers, feeders, pumps, granulators and more. We also have a variety of models among our blenders, of which the most popular and worldwide famous are the Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders. Visit our website and learn more!

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  • Pennsauken, NJ

    All of our professionals are eager to manufacture fluid bed dryers for your facility. Our dryers are excellent at processing materials such as: calcium stearite, casein, cellulose, pvc, rubber, soap, spinach, wax and much more. Our premier systems are designed to save you in operation costs and these items require low maintenance. Give us a call today to learn more information! We look forward to speaking with your business!

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  • New Columbia, PA

    Through its Gruenberg and Blue M brands, TPS offers a range of standard and custom industrial drying ovens. Delivering durability, innovation, and superior performance, Gruenberg ovens accommodate temperatures up to 1200F and are available in a number of configurations, including cabinet, truck in, and top loading models. Known for rugged reliability and value pricing, Blue M ovens are available in bench top, stacked, and cabinet models to accommodate a variety of capabilities and footprints.

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  • De Pere, WI

    Dürr MEGTEC provides drying systems to the printing, coating and laminating industries for paper, film, foil and other advanced web-based materials processing. We design, engineer and manufacture convection air flotation dryers, infrared and hybrid dryers such as combination infrared/convection air dryers. We are the innovators in high efficiency drying, with our air bar/air nozzle designs for efficient drying and web handling. Contact us to discuss your drying and curing needs.

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Pros and Cons of Fluidized Beds

The purpose of a fluid bed dryer is to make a solid behave as a fluid. This is usually accomplished by introducing pressurized fluid through particulate medium. After this, the medium will have many similar characteristics and properties as fluids, such as the ability to free flow under gravity. One of the several applications fluidized beds are utilized for is chemical reactors. Some advantages of using a fluidized bed include uniform particle mixing and temperature gradients. Unlike pack beds which have poor mixing, fluidized normally allows for a more uniform... Read More

Don't Take Drying Equipment (Or Any Industrial Equipment) For Granted

Several weeks ago, I was driving home from work when the blower motor in my car dropped dead. It sputtered for a bit, struggled to remain running and then ceased to be. I live in a climate that becomes very cold during the winter, and it happens that the seal on my windshield is very poor. This means that the condensation that accumulated on the inside of the windshield freezes overnight, turning the glass into a concave skating rink. This is a frustration even when I can sit for a... Read More

Fluid Bed Dryers and Air Hockey Tables

Have you ever played air hockey? As is the case for me with most other indoor games that don't involve a board and playing pieces, I was never any good at air hockey. I think I was too afraid that the puck was going to smack into my fingers. Despite not being any good at it, I appreciate the concept of air hockey for its brilliance. Air hockey is an invention by the leisure class for the leisure class. It is the quintessential infrastructure-intensive two-person competitive pastime. Fluid bed dryers... Read More

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Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid bed dryers force heated gas through a permeable surface where it comes into direct contact with a bed of solid materials, causing the moisture inside them to evaporate. The wet material rests on the surface of a perforated plate and hot gas - usually air – rises up through the holes. Fluidization is achieved when the solid materials display fluid-like behaviors, such as the ability to flow. As the temperature and pressure rises, evaporation occurs and moisture inside the materials becomes a gas and diffuses with the air. Dehydration can also occur if the materials are dried long enough.

Fluid bed dryers are used for small particles or materials that are sticky, temperature sensitive or fragile because fluidization can be reached at temperatures lower than the boiling point and is relatively gentle. The material should be relatively uniform in size, shape and moisture content to ensure that all particles are properly and completely dried. Utilized in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and chemical industries for powders and agglomerates, fluid bed dryers are used with pesticides, detergents, pigments, milk powder, yeast, powdered flavorings and more. Depending on the application, the permeable plate can vibrate to achieve fluidization for certain materials while a circulating bed causes the particles to become suspended. Fluid bed dryers are generally used for industrial-sized batches, and standard capacities contain loads from 30 to 25,000 pounds and range from 24 to 72 inches in diameter.

Fluid bed dryers are made from stainless steel and can be horizontally or vertically oriented depending on the space available. A large rounded tank or rectangular box with multiple intake and output valves contains the permeable surface and holds the materials. The supply hose for the gas is connected at the base of the tank because gas will rise once heated. Pipes are fitted to transport the product into and out of the tank, and there may be multiple internal chambers in the tank. Once the material has entered the tank, the heated air is released. Heating panels or tubes immersed in the material can also contribute to the rising temperatures. The velocity of the air increases to a point where it exceeds the velocity of gravity of the particles and fluidization occurs. The particles display fluid-like behavior and every piece of the material shakes and moves, allowing direct contact between the air and the complete outer surface of the material. This prevents clusters from forming and allows each particle to reach the same moisture content and level of dryness. Once fluidization is reached, the product is able to flow through the bed and exit the tank. Continuous fluid bed dryers allow a constant stream of material to enter the tank as the dried product is removed. This process is much faster than drying material in batches, and some models of fluid bed dryers reach up 99% efficiency.

Fluid Bed Dryers
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