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  • Louisville, KY

    Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Incorporated is a leader in vibratory process solutions that can impact your business and keep your profits flowing! Learn more about Carrier’s premium services and solutions by browsing their comprehensive website or giving their friendly team of professionals a call. Carrier has the quality, affordable freeze dryer you need!

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  • Aston, PA

    Maguire Products serves the plastic industry by providing the necessary equipment. Our manufactured products include purging recovery systems, sweeping systems, dryers, feeders, pumps, granulators and more. We also have a variety of models among our blenders, of which the most popular and worldwide famous are the Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders. Visit our website and learn more!

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  • Pennsauken, NJ

    We have the latest hardware that allows for our engineers to create freeze dryers with proficiency and accuracy. Our teams pay extra attention to the important details when creating our drying solutions. We have the background to successfully manufacture a wide variety of freeze dryers and we offer quick turnaround for all of our orders. If you have any questions then please give one of our representatives a call today!

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  • New Columbia, PA

    Through its Gruenberg and Blue M brands, TPS offers a range of standard and custom industrial drying ovens. Delivering durability, innovation, and superior performance, Gruenberg ovens accommodate temperatures up to 1200F and are available in a number of configurations, including cabinet, truck in, and top loading models. Known for rugged reliability and value pricing, Blue M ovens are available in bench top, stacked, and cabinet models to accommodate a variety of capabilities and footprints.

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  • De Pere, WI

    Dürr MEGTEC provides drying systems to the printing, coating and laminating industries for paper, film, foil and other advanced web-based materials processing. We design, engineer and manufacture convection air flotation dryers, infrared and hybrid dryers such as combination infrared/convection air dryers. We are the innovators in high efficiency drying, with our air bar/air nozzle designs for efficient drying and web handling. Contact us to discuss your drying and curing needs.

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Freeze Drying is Out of This World

When I was in middle school, we went to a space center that allowed us to experience how it felt to be an astronaut. We wore space suits, participated in a space shuttle mission simulation and even got to try space food. The highlight of my trip was when I got to try the astronaut ice cream. It wasn't the tastiest treat, but for some reason just the idea of eating something that astronauts really ate was so amazing that it didn't matter if it tasted like chalk and got... Read More

How Freeze Drying Feeds Astronauts

I love space. Well, having written that out, it sounds kind of stupid. Let me rephrase that: I love to learn and think about manned space travel. It's exciting and romantic in addition to the fact that it contributes to the advancement of human knowledge and does so in the spirit of international cooperation. I've never been a good math or science student, so the odds against me becoming involved in the space program, let alone becoming an astronaut, are, bluntly, astronomical. That's okay I don't think I would have... Read More

Many Uses of Freeze Dryers

Freeze drying used to be a kind of rarity, and seen only in space and the pharmacy, but now freeze drying is used for all sorts of things and spans across many different industries. Some of the uses may actually surprise you. Probably the most known about use for freeze drying is in the medical field. In the pharmaceutical industry, freeze drying is used to preserve the shelf life of certain medicines. Pharmaceuticals are very easily deteriorated by exposure to excess air and water and when they are freeze dried... Read More

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Freeze Dryers

Freeze dryers lower the temperature of a substance to the point that sublimation and dehydration occur. This process is typically used to preserve a perishable item or material and make it more convenient for transport. When performed in a laboratory setting, freeze drying is done in a flask; for large or industrial scale freeze drying, a machine is used.

There are three main kinds of freeze dryers: rotary, manifold and tray freeze dryers. Rotary freeze dryers are generally used when working with liquids. Small amounts of material are frozen by manifold dryers, and tray freeze dryers produce the driest product ready for long-term storage. Freeze dryers are used by the pharmaceutical industry for increasing the shelf life of vaccines, for preserving certain strains of bacteria and for ease of storing and shipping certain products. Freeze drying removes water and bulk while maintaining flavors and nutritional content and is subsequently used with food and beverages like instant coffee, fruit and herbs. Freeze drying is also useful in chemistry and biotechnology because it can make products easier to dissolve in water and remove impurities. Some museums or conservation agencies use freeze dryers to dry and preserve artifacts, manuscripts and animal or floral specimens.

The three kinds of freeze dryers - rotary, manifold and tray - vary in size and material. The industrial machines are typically tray freeze dryers and can be hundreds of feet long, either vertically or horizontally oriented. Stainless steel is most commonly used because it is sanitary and can be temperature controlled very effectively. Products are held on trays on shelves in large boxes or carried on a conveyor belt if the dryer is continous. Freeze drying is a three step process. During the initial freezing, the material inside the dryer is cooled below its triple point, which is the lowest temperature at which the solid and liquid phases of the material can exist at the same time. The temperature is usually between -50° and -80°C, and this is the most important step of the process. After the material is frozen it enters the primary drying phase. The pressure is lowered and enough heat is provided that sublimation occurs. Adding a vacuum to the dryer helps control and maintain pressure, and a cold condenser plate or chamber gives the water vapor a surface to freeze onto after it leaves the material. The last step removes any unfrozen water molecules. In the secondary drying phase the pressure is lowered again and the temperature is raised, sometimes above the freezing point of 0°C. Any residual water evaporates from the substance, and the final water content is less than 5%.

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