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Leading Companies:

  • Springfield, OH 937-525-5533

    KCI Konecranes, since 1910, has provided products, services and industry applications worldwide. KCI Konecrane has a worldwide network for maintenance services to cover all our customers' needs. We also have chain hoists, engine hoists and overhead hoists for the automotive industry. For more information call us today or explore our website to see all our products and services.

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  • Indianapolis, IN 800-632-4451

    If you have been seeking an engine hoist at a low competitive price, stop your search now! We offer the twenty four hour expert advice that you can count on for all of your questions. We have been providing excellent customer service and high product value for over fifty years. It is one of our main goals to ensure that all of our customers are receiving 100% full customer satisfaction with every transaction we make. Call us today to learn more!

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  • Fishers, NY 844-268-7055

    Gorbel®, Inc. is an innovator and leader in producing bridge cranes for the industry. Gorbel® provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from fifty pounds up to forty tons. Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best product for your unique application. Call or visit our website for additional information.

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  • Monee, IL 800-255-8594

    Whiting Corporation is known as a trusted leader in the electric hoist industry. We supply our consumers with a wide range of hoists including car hoists and body hoists. Whiting Corporation is dedicated to providing the best service with the highest quality products. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Contact us today for any of your hoist needs.

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  • York, PA 800-967-7333

    As an industry leader in material handling solutions for over 100 years, Acco® continues to provide overhead crane & hoist innovations. Serving various capacity needs up to our Heavy-Rated™ that supports up to 70 tons. We offer patented track designs for cranes, monorail crane & hoist systems & stackers. Full line includes below-the-hook grabs & lifters and crane & hoist components.

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Engine Hoist Industry Information

Engine Hoists

Engine hoists are used to lift and remove the engines of airplanes, boats, and automobiles. They work similarly to other hoists, wrapping a cable around a drum wheel in order to lift vertically, but they have a specific design to aid in their task.

Quick links to Engine Hoists Information

How Engine Hoists Work

Engine hoists generally sit on two legs on the ground that are attached to a vertical boom. These legs reach out underneath the undercarriage of the vehicle. A long arm reaches out from the top of the boom, over the hood of the car; this is where the fastening hook hangs. Most engine hoists use a metal chain line rather than rope or wire. Used by both professionals and amateur hot rod builders, engine hoists are sometimes called floor cranes.

Benefits of Using Engine Hoists

Engine hoists are usually capable of being folded to conserve space and have wheels for increased mobility. Some models also have telescoping booms for versatility.