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  • Springfield, OH 937-525-5533

    We do electrical hoists unlike anyone else! Our electrical hoists offer a variety of quality features including a solid state starting switch, a panel plate that provides easy access to controls, as well as gearing and transmission that won't quit! We have over 80 years of experience in order to provide you answers to your questions when you need them answered most. To learn more get in touch with our staff via telephone or email today!

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  • Indianapolis, IN 800-632-4451

    For high-quality and affordable electrical hoists, turn to Brehob Corporation, an employee owned company consisting of three divisions at seven locations. Brehob is a quality service company with the Indianapolis location ISO 9001-2000 certification and is ready to meet your needs with its quality sales support team. Please call Brehob Corporation today!

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  • Fishers, NY 844-268-7055

    Gorbel®, Inc. is an innovator and leader in producing bridge cranes for the industry. Gorbel® provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from fifty pounds up to forty tons. Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best product for your unique application. Call or visit our website for additional information.

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  • Vienna, OH 877-586-3353

    Kundel designs electric hoists with the best features, heaviest capacities, and an industry leading 10:1 Safety Factor. With every project, we require disciplined, productive crafts – designing, building, distribution and service. Whether you are looking for a monorail, jib crane, workstation crane, overhead crane or intelligent lifting device, Kundel is the industry’s trusted source for today’s lifting solutions.

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  • Salem, OH 330-332-3300

    At Simmers, we handle electric hoist projects from start to a turnkey finish. We will supply all equipment through our network of vendors and fabricate the crane at one of our facilities. We also offer field installation after the crane is built. Our highly qualified and trained staff will design a crane that meets your needs and CMAA design standards. For more information on how Simmers crane can help you with your next project, contact Simmers today!

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Konecranes Supplies 125 Units to Sino Iron Project

Konecranes has supplied a total of 125 units of CXT wire rope hoists and SM winches to the Sino Iron project. The project is Australia’s largest magnetite mining and processing operation located at Cape Preston, 100km south west of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The SM winches, in 75t and 125t options, are generally used for process related tasks in the ball mills, aggregate mills and magnetic separators, such as loading new balls into the mill. The CXT monorail hoists handle the comparatively lighter loads and are generally... Read More

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Electrical Hoist

An electrical hoist is a mechanism similar to a crane used to lower, raise and relocate objects and machinery too heavy for manual lifting. While some are powered by hydraulics, or for lighter loads, are hand cranked, most hoists are electrically powered for a wide range of lifting applications.

Electrical hoists are both a genre of hoists with many subcategories as well as a specific type of hoist itself. Electric hoists are the most common hoist because they are able to lift thousands of pounds but are still considered cost effective in comparison to hydraulic hoists. They are sometimes mounted to the ceiling, but are most often of stand-alone construction and composed of a metal rails, a long metal chain or wire rope that is employed for the actual lifting, one or more electric motors and a gear box where the controls are located. Within the hoist family are engine hoists, car hoists, chain hoists and cable hoists just to name a few. Electrical hoists have many different uses within the industrial sector, and are commonly found in factories, manufacturing facilities, construction zones and plants. The automotive, aerospace, construction, engineering, mechanics, agricultural, medical and manufacturing industries, to name a few, all use lifting hoists of some kind to safely move heavy vehicle and aircraft engines, building parts and supplies, injured or elderly patients in a hospital or nursing home who are not able to move themselves, agricultural equipment and vehicles, cars that need work done to their underbodies, and anything else that is too heavy to be manually relocated.

The most important specification when lifting objects with an electrical hoist is the maximum weight capacity—the object being raised must not exceed the weight requirements to ensure that worker safety is not compromised and the hoist will not drop the load or tumble over on its side. The actual lifting is done with either a metal chain or wire rope, which is composed of several metal wires wound around a rubber core. These components are attached to a large hook. Often, the load being lifted must have a hoist sling attached around it in order to be lifted in a balanced manor. There are several different types of electric hoists, each of which are designed to lift specific objects and weights. Overhead hoists are attached to a ceiling beam or a linear track and are able to move back and fourth. Portable hoists are free standing and composed of a metal frame. They often have wheels, are lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another. Some hoists are designed to lift whole vehicles, usually for car maintenance and mechanics. They consist of 4 bars, each with a wheel platform. Since automobiles weigh multiple tons, these car hoists must have a great lift capacity, especially since employees work underneath the raised car. Depending on how high the load must be lifted, hoists all have chains and cables of different length. They are wound around a spool by a mechanical lifting device called a winch.

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