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  • Springfield, OH 937-525-5533

    We are your source for engine lifts! Konecranes provides the total package when it comes to excellent customer service and lasting product value. We have skilled technicians that will provide you with around the clock service in order to prevent any down time with your business. All of our products are meticulously tested before being shipped out to ensure the highest quality. To learn more about what we may do for you visit our website today!

  • Indianapolis, IN 800-632-4451

    Our engine lifts go unmatched by the competition! We have the know-how and the capabilities to manufacture the durable parts that you rely on. It is our goal to offer exactly what you need to get the job done. If we don’t carry what you are looking for, we have the resources to get the product that will fit your needs perfectly. Visit our website for more information or email our technicians today!

  • Fishers, NY 800-821-0086

    From engine lifts to overhead bridge cranes, we supply it all! Our value-added products are highly sought after and our engineers contentiously strive to create the latest innovations in our industry. We pay extra attention to the important details and our uncompromising engine lifts will last for many years to come. Please give one of our representatives a call today!

  • Stoney Creek, ON 866-949-3587

    Zelus distributes and services electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists, air hoists, manual hoists, chain trolley hoists, variable-speed air chain hoists and a variety of other chain hoist types; lever, hand, ratchet lever. We have the product to help you hoist it, move it or place it.

  • Rochester Hills, MI 248-652-8700

    For over 50 years, Crane Technologies Group, Inc. has provided our customers with the finest quality custom engineered hoisting systems available. Crane Technologies can also provide standard hoists to accommodate specific requirements along with complete parts availability and in-house service. Meeting the most demanding applications with great prices & unmatched service!

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Engine Lift

Engine lifts are hoists specifically designed to lift and transport large engines safely within a facility. Engine removal is very common in the agricultural, automotive, aerospace and marine industries while manufacturing, assembling, repairing or performing routine maintenance on powerful vehicles that are powered by a large, heavy engine.

Engine lifts are generally portable and able to quickly latch on or wrap around any size engine, lift it and move it into another area without any damage, if done correctly. Engine hoists are more likely to be hydraulically powered because of the required high weight capacity, but some are electric. They are usually of stand-alone construction and are composed of a metal frame, usually made of a steel grade. These hoists use either a metal chain or wire rope attached to a large, galvanized metal hook. Most engines require the use of a harness, called a hoist sling, in order to be safely balanced and lifted. The sling is usually made of chains and hooks and may be complicated to attach around an engine that is inside of a large vehicle or craft. Without the sling, however, the hook has nothing to attach itself to and the engine will not move.

The process of moving an engine is slow, careful and requires safety measures and patience. Moving directions quickly could result in the whole hoist to fall over—a very expensive mistake that could cost a new engine. The engine should also not be lifted more than absolutely necessary. If a certain height is reached, the hoist will become unstable and risk falling over. There are 7 main steps in effectively hoisting an engine and moving it to another location. First, the hoist must be positioned over the engine. The weight capacity must also be double checked to ensure the engine is not too heavy for the hoist to safely lift. The chains or wire rope must also be inspected each time. Sometimes, the engine itself will have anchor points that help determine where the hoist sling should be attached. After the sling is secure around the engine, the hoist hook is attached and the engine is lifted no more than a couple inches. Then, the engine is raised so that it clears any obstacles, including the vehicle or craft. It is then slowly and gently moved into the new positioned and lowered until it touches the ground. Stabilizers are usually placed under the engine so that it can stay upright and balanced.

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