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  • Springfield, OH 937-525-5533

    Our portable hoists all come with quick delivery and competitive pricing that our customers have learned to rely on over our 80 year history. Our talented team of designers and engineers are committed to providing the best hoists possible to keep you coming back to us for all of your overhead material handling needs. We will provide you with fast quotes and high quality products. To learn more visit our website or email our customer service representatives today!

  • Indianapolis, IN 800-632-4451

    Brehob Corporation services their quality portable hoists on your site or theirs. As well as providing 24 Hour Service, Brehob can work around your production schedule to keep your business running smooth. In those rare occasions that the repair can’t be made on site, Brehob’s inside repair shop can repair or refurbish your existing product to factory specifications saving you money.

  • Fishers, NY 800-821-0086

    Our portable hoists are ideal for a growing number of industries and we offer a full range of secondary services with our products including OSHA inspections. These reliable products are precision-made and designed for longevity. If you are looking for cutting edge portable hoists then turn to Gorbel Inc.

  • Stoney Creek, ON 866-949-3587

    Zelus distributes and services electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists, air hoists, manual hoists, chain trolley hoists, variable-speed air chain hoists and a variety of other chain hoist types; lever, hand, ratchet lever. We have the product to help you hoist it, move it or place it.

  • Rochester Hills, MI 248-652-8700

    For over 50 years, Crane Technologies Group, Inc. has provided our customers with the finest quality custom engineered hoisting systems available. Crane Technologies can also provide standard hoists to accommodate specific requirements along with complete parts availability and in-house service. Meeting the most demanding applications with great prices & unmatched service!

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Portable Hoist

Portable hoists are lifting and carrying mechanisms that are designed for lighter weight applications and are able to move around a facility as needed. These hoists are a more affordable option compared to permanent lifting systems, which are either electrically or hydraulically powered. Portable hoists are lighter in weight and therefore easy to relocate and transport.

Portable hoists are either battery powered or merely cranked by hand, requiring a decent amount of work from an employee. Because of their wide application range, portable hoists are used in many different industries, including forestry, medical, automotive, aerospace, construction, marine and agricultural. The most common use for portable hoists is moving engines and internal components to and from a large vehicle like a tractor or an airplane. They also do heavy lifting applications outdoors, such as pulling vehicles out of mud and ditches, pulling boats to shore and moving fallen trees from the road. In hospitals and nursing homes, portable hoists are sometimes employed to transport the elderly or injured individuals from bed to bed. Compared to permanent or mounted hoists, portable hoists are lighter in weight meaning they are simple to transport and handle. It is always very important to be aware of and conform to the hoist’s weight capacity to ensure safety as well as maintain a properly working hoist.

Portable hoists are available in two different configurations. The first is composed of a metal frame with one or two posts and a set of pneumatic wheels. This type is usually for larger weight capacities and is considered self standing. It does not require any type of mounting. Another type is composed of wire rope and a large galvanized hook that is housed in a mounting frame. They must be mounted to the facility wall or ceiling in order to operate, but are not for permanent mounting applications. Instead of being tightly bolted to the ceiling or wall, most portable hoists are hung from a ceiling beam by another hook located on the top of their housing. They are used for their ease of use and flexibility when compared to their stationary counterparts. Many industrial employees keep a portable hoist in their vehicles for on-site hoisting needs or emergencies. They are able to fit into tighter spaces and can hoist in situations where forklifts and cranes are unable to travel.

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Portable Hoist - Brehob Corporation
Portable Hoist - Brehob Corporation