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  • Cary, NC

    What does it take to manufacture quality dust collecting systems? We have been providing a definitive answer to that question for more than two decades. We’re staffed by the most knowledgeable experts in the business – our professionals have over 110 years of combined experience. Visit our website or call us to learn how we can solve your contaminant and debris management problems.

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  • Alsip, IL

    Scientific Dust Collectors is on the cutting edge of Dust Collection Equipment – with their ‘Patented’ cleaning system, guarantee particle emissions to be less than 0.007 grains/ft³ of air or 99.99% collection efficiency down to one (1) micron, and a filter ‘life’ guarantee. SDC offers complete in-house engineering and fabrication! Expertise with combustible dust issues, OSHA Silica Standard, and dust testing services available.

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  • Las Vegas, NV is the single source for industrial duct collectors, filter replacement services and related equipment. Products include custom baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, baghouse filters and accessories (gauges, leak testing supplies, etc.). Services include complete system engineering, turn-key installations, efficiency consulting services and preventative maintenance programs.

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  • Hartland, WI

    Our dust collecting systems are designed to eliminate respirable airborne contaminants from the work environment. We believe that eliminating airborne contamination in the workspace can lead to better employee performance and a lower rate of absenteeism. Therefore, we focus on excellence and customer satisfaction and will handle your unique dust collection challenge.

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  • Langhorne, PA

    With more than 60 years as a leader in air-blast equipment, Empire produces an extensive line of dust collectors including baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, room ventilation systems, media reclaimers, and vacuum recovery systems. Suitable for tough environments, our systems efficiently clear the air of dust and debris from your work environment.

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Dust Collectors on the Gun Range

Action Target has been working with Carey's Heating and Cooling to bring dust collecting systems equipments technology to the gun range. The goal is to bring ventilation systems that will improve the safety of gun ranges around the nation. Supposedly, every time a bullet collides with a steel bullet trap little amounts of bullet fragments or dust is generated from the impact. The dust collection system is needed to clear the air that is brought into the chamber with the bullet. When I hear dust collection systems, I think off... Read More

Cartridge Dust Collectors Make Air Cleaner

A cartridge dust collector is any dust collector that uses cartridge filters, not bag filters, to clean air of heavy smoke, powders and dust in industrial work areas. Besides a cloudy, irritating atmosphere, cartridge air cleaners help prevent harmful, long-term and even fatal health issues that could arise from a job involving woodworking, grain, plastics and rubber, metal grinding, welding fumes, media blasting, powder coating, foundries, battery plants, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical and certain food processing, etc. Industrial cartridge collectors feature multiple cylindrical-shaped air filters enclosed in a housing, attached to... Read More

Choosing a Custom Manufacturer of Dust Collecting Systems to be up to Code

Custom manufacturers of dust collecting systems provide products that help clean the air in small workshops or large industrial facilities. Many say they are full-service designers and manufacturers, specializing in custom designs, so you just have to make sure that they are specialized in your particular area of concern. Many companies offer complete industrial dust collection systems for virtually every industry, and combine solutions for product recovery and air pollution control as well to meet emission standards, as managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For a small workshop, a... Read More

Dust Collectors: Collecting all Kinds

We should all know by now how harmful inhaling dust can be, and this can be multiplied if you work in construction, mining or with industrial machinery. Dust comes from a wide range of sources and in a variety of forms, including flour, grain, wood, coal, metal and cotton. The effects of dust can be irritating, poisonous, explosive and deadly. It can cause allergic reactions, make it hard to see and breathe, cause lung disease over time and with enough exposure, and a dense cloud of organic, coal, metal or... Read More

What do Dust Collecting Systems Companies Offer?

Dust collecting systems companies are all about providing products and services that ensure a safe and maintained industrial environment, offering complete systems for dust collection, ventilation and air pollution control. With product lines that include bag houses, jet dust collectors, cyclone separators, portable dust collectors, downdraft tables and industrial fans and filters, these companies are invaluable to a wide assortment of industries: mining, food processing, agriculture, wood, energy resources, paper, foundry, grain, ceramics, metal working, pneumatic conveying, etc. From versatile portable air cleaning units to complete facility systems with integrated... Read More

VAC-U-MAX Introduces the Aero-Flex Rigid IBC Discharge Station

by Doan Pendleton, VAC-U-MAX The rigid Intermediate Bulk Container, IBC, is lifted on the top of the heavy duty support frame where the discharge valve on the IBC comes in contact with the spring loaded seal for a dust free system. Once in place the operator will manually open a discharge valve allowing the powder to gravity flow through a rare earth magnet into the pick up adaptor for the VAC-U-0MAX Aero-Flex Flexible Screw Conveyor. The material is then conveyed to the process. The Aero-Flex is equipped is designed for... Read More

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Dust Collecting Systems

Dust collecting systems are coordinated sets of equipment that work together to minimize dust particle contamination in workshops, plants and manufacturing facilities. Nearly every fabrication industry has processes that release millions of particles into the air, from wood dust or metal dust to very fine, respirable chemicals and smoke particles. Dust particles released during manufacturing processes are hazardous to both worker and equipment health, quickly leading to a number of problems if particles are not captured and filtered from facility air.

Dust collecting systems address this problem by drawing air away and trapping harmful particles, and in some cases releasing clean air back onto the work floor. Dust collecting systems are used in various applications such as dust capturing, separating and filtering explosive media, metalworking, woodworking, toxic media, product recovery, scrap metal recycling, chemical processing and steel sintering. Industries that utilize dust collecting systems include coal handling, cement fabrication, metal manufacturing, mining, chemical processing, furniture, recycling and agricultural industries, among many others. Although dust collecting systems can take up a lot space and are not easy to reconfigure once designed, the benefits of employing effective, efficient dust collecting systems can improve equipment longevity and worker health.

Many dust collecting systems involve an assembly of dust collection equipment such as overhead ductwork, capture arms and suction hoods which hang over the workspaces where dust is formed, and a central suction unit which pulls the air into one or more dust collectors. A single dust collecting system may employ just one type of dust collector or multiple different types of dust collectors, such as bag houses, jet dust collectors, settling chambers, baffle chambers and cyclone dust collectors. As the most common dust collector design and often the most efficient, baghouses draw dirty air in through ducts to a hopper-shaped baghouse containing fabric filters. The air is pulled through the fabric bags by a vacuum-creating fan, leaving behind dust, smoke and particles; clean air exits through the fan at the outlet, while dust particles settle into an airlock at the bottom of the hopper. Jet dust collectors are a specific type of baghouse which use jets of reversed air to shake the dust-caked fabric bag filters free of dirt. Cyclone dust collectors are inertial separators which use centrifugal, or cyclonic, air movement within a hopper-shaped chamber to separate particles from the air; the particles, being heavier than air molecules, are thrown against the outer wall of the hopper and fall to the bottom, where they are collected. Other dust collecting systems involve the strategic use of either portable or permanent cartridge collectors for localized dust collection. Downdraft tables are normally self-contained dust collection systems that operate as an independent work area, though they can in some cases be tied into the duct work of larger dust collecting systems.

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