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  • Cary, NC 800-267-5585

    With 20+ years in the industry, Quality Air Management manufactures and supplies the newest, most revolutionary technology available. This includes a wide variety of quality dust collectors in standard and custom configurations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff boasts over 110 years of combined experience in design, applications and troubleshooting.

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  • Alsip, IL 708-597-7090

    Our mission is to provide dust collectors that are built to last. Our line of used dust collectors include baghouse dust collectors, bin vent dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, and more. Whether your desired dust collector is new or used, our staff of knowledgeable, experienced, and stable personnel are on hand to assist you with every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Raleigh, NC 800-635-0298

    At Controlled Air Design, we supply industrial vacuuming and dust collection to aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, agriculture, manufacturing, and countless others. Our custom designed and built systems are common, and our engineering team can help find the dust collection system that’s right for your application.

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  • Minneapolis, MN 952-887-3131

    Donaldson is a designer and manufacturer of quality industrial dust collector products. Our product offerings include dust collectors, bag houses, oil mist collectors, cyclones and other dust collecting systems.

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  • Cleveland, OH 216-502-3182

    Our team of experts at Cardinal Air Design is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions and dust collection products that they can depend on. We believe in not only meeting customer expectations, but surpassing them. That's why we work with you from the ground up in designing our dust collection equipment. We also design and install central vac systems, wet collectors, mist collectors, and ductwork.

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  • Hartland, WI 800-854-0030

    Our dust collecting systems are designed to eliminate respirable airborne contaminants from the work environment. We believe that eliminating airborne contamination in the workspace can lead to better employee performance and a lower rate of absenteeism. Therefore, we focus on excellence and customer satisfaction and will handle your unique dust collection challenge.

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Used Dust Collectors

As industrial manufacturers and users of heating and cooling systems continue to generate dust and pollution, one of the largest and most important industries today is air purification. To help keep our environment, work environments and employees healthy, engineers have developed systems to removing contaminants from the air. Among these are dust collectors; these popular and highly useful machines purify air by pulling it in, trapping contaminants in a filter and then allowing the clean air that remains to be released back into the environment. They serve their customers by improving air breathability, removing odors from the air, creating a cleaner environment and bettering the overall working conditions of employees present. Dust collectors are not to be confused with air cleaners, which remove dust using disposable filters. Dust collectors range in size and price, but many larger models can be quite expensive. For a less costly solution, consider used dust collectors. There are many reasons to look into used dust collectors, whether one is working within a small budget, looking for a deal or purchasing a secondary system. Used dust collectors are just as handy as their new counterparts, as reputable suppliers always make sure they are refurbished, restored and/or cleaned before resale. Often, they are in like-new condition, but, because they are pre-owned, they are sold at much lower prices.

Used dust collectors can remove as diverse a variety of particles from the air as un-used dust collectors. Such particles include not only dust, but also fumes, smoke and foreign airborne media like metal shavings and wood shaving. They are great assets to workplaces and facilities that use machines that stir up and dispense liberal amounts of contaminants and irritants. Such environments are found in industries including woodworking, building restoration (flood and fire), rubber and plastic processing, pharmaceutical production and industrial machining. Quite commonly, for example, dust and fumes are created during brazing, welding, grinding, cutting, high speed machining, tempering, laser marking and quenching.

Many types of used dust collectors are available for purchase, including dust booths, cartridge dust collectors, mist collectors, portable collectors, ceiling-hung collectors, high vacs, bin vent systems, wet scrubbers, wet collectors, air scrubbers, downdraft collectors, bag houses and fume collectors. Parts of a used dust collector that may be refurbished, restored or cleaned include motors, filters, suction arms, hoods, electric panels, exhaust ducts and more. Most dust collectors, regardless of their exact design, some with an electric motor, which may be powered by a cord plugged into an outlet or by a battery or batteries. All dust collectors, by virtue of their function, have a filter. Filters are not all the same, and, upon request, suppliers can outfit new and used dust collector models alike with a number of different specific filter types, such as HEPA (high efficiency particulate) filters or fabric filters. The type of filter that is installed in a dust collector plays directly into the way it collects particles as they are pulled in by the suction created by the motor.

Those shopping for used dust collectors may select from systems designed to focus on small areas or systems designed to tackle the air quality issues of an entire warehouse. Those interested in the purchase of a used dust collector are advised to discuss their needs at length with a knowledgeable supplier. Important factors to consider include the size of the space in need of air purification, the level of pollution to be addressed and accessibility. This will help the supplier determine if a system needs to be small or large, permanent or portable, outlet powered or battery-powered, and so on. In addition, the purchase of a dust collector, whether new or used, should always be based on the following factors: degree of dust collection required (quantified by the nature of the dust, the dust’s potential as public nuisance or health hazard, the dust’s salvage value, the plant location, the allowed emission rates, etc.), dust concentration and particle size, characteristics of dust (concentration level, texture, etc.), characteristics of airstream (level of condensation, temperature, chemical presence) and methods of disposal. Customers should also make sure that they have a full understanding of how to care for their collection system. They should, for example, know how often the filter or the collection bag needs to be changed, as well as how to assemble and reassemble the device. Finally, those planning to purchase a set of used dust collectors must make sure that the supplier they choose has, if needed, updated their systems so that they comply with current OSHA and EPA standards.

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