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  • Cary, NC

    What is the difference between our portable dust collectors and products manufactured by other companies? The answer is quality. Our professional staff’s combined 115 years of experience in the industry, our willingness to solve air pollutant problems no other companies will attempt, and our ability to handle orders and projects of all sizes uniquely positions us to meet your company’s needs.

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  • Alsip, IL

    Scientific Dust Collectors is on the cutting edge of Dust Collection Equipment – with their ‘Patented’ cleaning system, guarantee particle emissions to be less than 0.007 grains/ft³ of air or 99.99% collection efficiency down to one (1) micron, and a filter ‘life’ guarantee. SDC offers complete in-house engineering and fabrication! Expertise with combustible dust issues, OSHA Silica Standard, and dust testing services available.

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  • Las Vegas, NV is the single source for industrial duct collectors, filter replacement services and related equipment. Products include custom baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, baghouse filters and accessories (gauges, leak testing supplies, etc.). Services include complete system engineering, turn-key installations, efficiency consulting services and preventative maintenance programs.

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  • Statesville, NC

    Since 1963, Bruning & Federle has been producing top-quality industrial dust collecting systems for the chemical, food, furniture, paper, plastics and wood products industries. We also produce fans and airlocks. Additional services include installation as well as emergency services. Contact Bruning & Federle today to get started with us!

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  • Hartland, WI

    Our dust collecting systems are designed to eliminate respirable airborne contaminants from the work environment. We believe that eliminating airborne contamination in the workspace can lead to better employee performance and a lower rate of absenteeism. Therefore, we focus on excellence and customer satisfaction and will handle your unique dust collection challenge.

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  • Langhorne, PA

    With more than 60 years as a leader in air-blast equipment, Empire produces an extensive line of dust collectors including baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, room ventilation systems, media reclaimers, and vacuum recovery systems. Suitable for tough environments, our systems efficiently clear the air of dust and debris from your work environment.

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Portable Dust Collectors: Vacuum Cleaners for the Air

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner for my little studio apartment, I knew I needed a small, yet powerful one. A space-saving design was a must, and it also needed the strength to pick up cat litter and hair over and over again. Much like my household vacuum cleaner, a portable dust collector needs to be easy to maneuver yet powerful enough to suck the dust right out of the air. Portable dust collectors are self-contained units consisting of a dust receptacle (usually on wheels), an inner air filtration system,... Read More

A Dust Collector For All Sizes

Efficient and safe dust collecting starts at the source. The best dust collector is one that collects the most dust near the product that is producing the dust. Sometimes you are faced with an environment or situation that does not allow an industrial size dust collector. In order to still protect your employees from harmful dust particles, it is essential that you find a solution. The answer to these problems is the convenient portable dust collector. The benefits to a portable dust collector are numerous, and are a popular choice... Read More

Portable Dust Collectors Equal Safe Air Quality

Air quality is essential for health and well-being. Airborne particles and dust can pose harmful health threats along with short and long term health problems. In addition to personal health, combustible dust is also worrisome. Dust particles in many shops, warehouses and factories are often times flammable posing a potentially fatal danger. To help avoid and prevent these risks dust collecting systems are a necessity and certain standards are in place as a safeguard from tragic accidents. There are a variety of dust collectors available for all factory, warehouse and... Read More

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Portable Dust Collectors

In the world today, maintaining good air quality is one of the most important responsibilities of any business, not only for the health of the earth itself, but the health of their employees and the people in the surrounding area. To that end, portable dust collectors are air filtration machines that assist in this endeavor; they essential to the wellbeing of any business that kicks up dust. They maintain the air quality of a variety of commercial and industrial facilities, such as those that conduct manufacturing processes like carbon machining and woodworking, by capturing contaminated air then filtering it. Other environments that benefit from their presence include those involved in metal grinding, concrete grinding, blasting, composite manufacturing, welding and pharmaceuticals. Still other applications they serve are in post-flood/fire/disaster building restoration. Among the most common portable dust collector types are wet scrubbers, air scrubbers, unit collectors, bag houses, electrostatic precipitators and inertial separators.

While dust collectors are always available in permanent models, portable models offer many advantages that traditional ones do not. Most notably, they are highly versatile and maneuverable. Easily moved from one station to another, they switch from collecting contaminates to removing fumes seamlessly. Currently averaging 52” by 52” or smaller, they tend to take up less space, are easily stored and allow for more flexibility and layout changes within a workspace. Permanent models, on the other hand, cannot be moved to accommodate workspace reorganization, nor can they be moved into another area when they are not needed. In addition, portable dust collectors are more affordable and more cost-effective than permanent dust collectors.

Portable dust collectors, or source collectors, minimize air particle contamination in workshops, plants and manufacturing facilities by gathering in air at the source of the contamination and filtering it. Typically small in size, portable dust collectors have an air filtration system that is self-contained within the unit, adding both mobility and maneuverability.

Portable dust collection equipment is available in a variety of different styles and configurations. Some, for example, are equipped with multiple suction arms, allowing them to collect dust from multiple stations simultaneously. Others may be equipped with high efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters. Standard portable dust collectors, however, consist of a single filtration system, an attached suction arm, a hood, an exhaust duct system, an air diverter, an electrical panel and an electric motor. Typically, the suction arm, which collects dust, is supported by adjustable support mechanisms and handles attached to the hood. These allow the arm to be moved without difficulty. The purpose of the hood is to gather contaminated air and send it into the exhaust duct system. Inside the exhaust system, the air is sent through an air diverter, which contributes a higher face velocity, which leads to a more uniform air flow. In its entirety, the portable dust collection system is energized by the electrical panel, which usually consists of a filter gauge and an on/off switch. Powering the electrical panel is an electric motor, found inside the collection unit, where it generates the suction required to pull the dirty air into the system. Power is lent to the motor either by a connection to an electrical outlet or via a battery. Portable dust collectors are made mobile either by castors attached at the bottom of the base or handles or straps by which they can be carried.

Of all the dust collection systems available to customers today, portable dust collectors prove themselves to be the most efficient and workable. They are of particularly superior usefulness in isolated locations, temporary workspaces, modular shops and areas that require especially strict adherence to environmental regulations. They also work very well paired with other portable equipment. Even manufacturers or workshops owners that already own larger, permanent dust collectors can benefit from portable ones, as they provide excellent backup assistance during permanent system maintenance and repairs. In addition to all of this, portable dust collectors are relatively inexpensive. Customers should note that not all portable dust collectors are created equal. Different models vary greatly in terms of air speed variables, size, power source, range of movement, customizability, automation levels, filter type and, sometimes, speciality. Some portable dust collectors, for example are made especially to collect and filter ground concrete. Others are made specifically to extract fumes from the air. To determine the exact nature of the portable dust collector they require and to find a model that fits those requirements, interested parties would be wise to consult with a knowledgeable dust collector professional. Good dust collector manufacturers, such as those found in this directory, will also make sure that whatever they sell you complies with regulations set forth by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as any standards set forth by their industry or region.

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